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Shadows After Sunset (Part One)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 3 (2 cut-scenes)

Part One: A Perilous Journey

The Story:

Twenty years before, a mysterious army of Demons rose from the shadows of an obscure Northern valley. It was just everyone's luck that they were met by the grim determination of Lord Dankarton who, against all the odds, banished them back to the depths from which they came before they could get up to strength. Unfortunately, he has since grown old, and now he has finally passed on, hopped the twig, crossed over and any other euphenism you feel suitable. After twenty long years the demons have at last gained another chance to conquer this mortal realm, and this time there is no one to stop them. As village after village falls beneath their hooves there is only one dim hope for the country, for, as all heroes do, Lord Dankarton has a son. Can he repeat the feats of his late father and save the land of Faralon from total destruction?

In Short:

This is a fairly long playable scenario with several different choices to take and a large map to explore. For the majority you will control only one unit, with some medium scale skirmishes later on.


Comments and reviews are welcome.



- Approximately 500 triggers
- A giant size map
- Five different routes to take
- Several sidequests and other optional things

Last updated on 20 December

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The Playability is great except for some gliches. But you already know all about those.

Balance: 4
Balance was fair i felt like i was missing something but otherwise it was good

Creativity: 5
The story is a you say cliche but the way you go about telling is great.

Map Design: 5
Great. I espiecally liked the the little surprises on the sides of the map

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good. I like the RPG style your on your own feel to it. I was never lost at any point. So i can't really think of anything bad about the instruction. MAybe some more hints.

Additional Comments:Great Campaign make part 2 because i know a lot of people will be waiting for it. However take your time No one wants it sloppy now do they.!
Jas the Mace1
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
This RPG style map can keep enthusiats busy for hours. My enjoyment was enhanced by the freedom to be able to wander aimlessly or to achieve objectives, in almost any order. The first portion (before being trapped on the other side)was signifigantly more fun because there was more to do and more interesting characters(see creativity). I didn't experience any lag but I did have one map crash(at Fort Drang) and I had to restart several times after I got my troops because I tried to explore to far back the way I came (perpetual clicking and unclicking'Danzin: This isn't the right way'), maybe just the roadblocks with no message. I did have several other bugs like: didn't kill Ghost wolf-get healed anyway, couldn't dig up gold at tree after sparing the thug(had spade), some other dug up or found items didn't do or add anything, couldn't get into Gold store (many attempts), Angry Tree Spirt(who is supposed to have 100 Hps) had 12,800 Hps twice (killed her once), and most importantly...when I completed the original objective arriving at King Daniel II's feet...nothing happened...Even played skipping all objectives so it would be the only objective and still couldn't get a victory. It get's a 4 because of how much fun the first half is.

Balance: 4
Playing on standard, moderate, or hard doesn't seem to make much of a difference on how challenging it is. This maps balance comes from the five 'Path' choices. The Grey Mountain Pass is the hardest (even on standard frost bite sets in to quick), the forest is next (my favorite), both satisfying the Craftsman and buying the transport are pretty easy, and crossing the ice is the easiest. It almost seems like there is too much choice early on, I couldn't help playing all five routes to the point of no return before chosing one. Maybe force the decision earlier so there are five completely 'separate' routes.

Creativity: 5
The author shows much creativity in many areas. I liked the werewolves-tree spirt-plauge-digging for items-road blocks-having five choices-the rain-many other things-and most of all being able to goof off in the game. One downfall of the many choices is that the player can 'stumble' on to the second half of a trigger..ruining it.

Map Design: 4
A very good map design. There is good use of a variety of eye candy. The blending and elevation adds to its appeal. I liked 'the rain' as well as the ruins. Some of the placement of people and/or bamboo obstructs Danzin's path in some villages. I think the map design would have been better if the player had to choose a path early on forcing a single path.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is certainly nothing new, but I never hold that against anyone. The instructions are clear, provided you get them before wandering into the maelstrom early. At Fort Drang, during the second wave, the objectives changed for me to leave and the forts troops changed back to Ally during the battle. I finished fighting anyway. It is kind of odd at the end, seems like there should be more dialouge with the King. It plays better if you follow one path to the end, all the instructions happen right then.

Additional Comments: I would demand you to download this map. It is very entertaining because of the great effort put in by the author...Good job!!

Jas the Mace1

[Edited on 04/22/06 @ 05:49 PM]

Map Design4.0
Shadows after Sunset is a good scenario to begin with the actual playable scenario has been one of the best I have played recently of this genre.

Playability: 5
To begin with there is an opening cut scene, here it was okay though the music seemed tacked on quickly the timing is not completely there. Also a minor point when you see the shadows crossing the devestated land perhaps kill the units there about a second earlier, Apart from that it was good and imfomative.

Part 1 is about Danzin and his journey towards the capital and is a long and dangerous route ahead. This is a v.good scenario with lots of interactive things to do overall I did about three of the paths, I personally didn't encounter any bugs as I believe that others have and those have been corrected.

Part 2 (teaser)
If anything I think this is the weakest of the two cut-scenes. Firstly improving the map design would help there, adding a few dead trees would help. Though the cut-scene was overall okay here I think it could be improved.

Balance: 4+
In Danzin's journey one of the balance points was the differing routes even the easy ones you then had to fight through loads of 'Groups'. Still the mountain pass I thought was quite hard while the forest path was alot easier.
The actual difficulty levels are good with differeing degrees of difficulty. Though still some bits are a just a bit too hard and some are a bit too easy.

Creativity: 5
Great story, and what went into this was quite good I did like how you could go into taverns etc though that is not nessacarily new, good.

Map Design: 4
The map design is good and I can see when a designer has not just pasted a large chunk of forest on the map they were actually placed. A good map overall though I thought a grave on a piece of Ice was quite odd.

Story/Instructions: 5
Great story even if it is rather 'cliche' are you going to add in a girl? Instructions were as clear as anything and overall good.

Additional Comments:
Firstly I had a read of what you said that it was a realsitc scenario and the cold would get to you, the highwaymen in the pass must of had their thermals on!
Secondly, keep the derogatory commments I like them.
Thirdly this if you finish it could be up there with the best and go on a hunt for music for the 1st scenario which i feel the music doesn't go.
Finaly I reccomend this for download and I do look foward to the next part.

[Edited on 05/02/06 @ 02:46 PM]

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Map Design4.3
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