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~The Battle For Troy~(Teaser)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This is a little cutscene teaser of my upcoming campaign 'The Battle For Troy'.The campaign is the sequel to last year's campaign 'The War of Troy' which was a greatly admired and loved by you all.The sequel will be released soon but till then here is a sneak preview of The Battle For Troy.

Download and Enjoy.
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newIdea Brilliant. Great job, as always, Sceley! :-)
*stamps newidea seal of approval*
oliver *squeeses in some free time in already tight schedule*
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I like these campaigns about the Trojan War, but WHY ARE YOU MAKING SO MANY OF THEM???
I'm not negative to it, just wondering

Edit: Forget it. I didn't know it was a series until i played this. Just, forget it.

[Edited on 04/11/06 @ 04:04 PM]

Dantares III Lord basse I want to tell you that I also wondered why so many levals there were.I know that there is Scelectar and Selectar2004.For Selectar 2004 I think Your levals are awful!!!!! :-( .I love Scelectar's levals and cannot wait for more!!!!! :-)
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
This teaser takes off from where Sceletar’s masterpiece, ‘The War of Troy’ ended. It is a teaser that shows us the Achaean forces setting anchor on the beach of Troy and building up a vast and bustling encampment after the battle for Troy’s beach shown in the campaign. We are taken through the very foundations of the feud between Achilles and Agamemnon itself to the family problems between Hektor and his young, dishonourable and cowardice brother, Paris. At over ten minutes, this teaser is a pure joy to watch.

Playability: (5.0)

~The Battle For Troy~(Teaser) is a thrilling watch and an epical one at that too. Questions from the prequel are answered and a new chapter is opened. Characters stories are brought out more as we get to know more about Achilles, Agamemnon, Odysseus, the fate of both Diomedes and Ajax to the very Trojan Hero, Hektor himself and his younger brother, Paris. The effective use of the music adds to a great atmosphere, demonstrating greatly the intended emotion in each scene, which adds to the viewer’s positive watch of this Teaser. The tricks are another thing, intriguing the viewer, holding his view single-handedly like a man's hand superglued to the table.

Balance: (5.0)

When rating this category, reviewers must take into account the author’s intentions and goals of the design. It is in the intention of the author that this scenario evolves plot and story, and to show a cut-scene whereby the player receives no units to control and no struggle to survive. As such there is no deduction from the overall score because there is no fighting for the player.

Creativity: (5.0)

Featuring a great bitmap, a good story and excellent use of dialogue, the music well chosen, the creativity doesn't get much better than that. We are taken through some eye charming scenes, which all ends off in a pleasing sit. There are some well made tricks shown in this teaser, such as removing a scene’s view completely from the minimap, a bustling camp full of patrolling soldiers, working villagers and the such, and the beach effect in which we see the waves rolling back and forth. In other words, creativity is used to exemplary effect.

Map Design: (5.0)

The Map design is overall excellent, with a realistic design of Northwestern Turkey that is the Troas region, where the city of Troy dwells. The city of Sparta, Ilion and the encampment of the Mycenaean army are all very pleasing, with terrain mixing and Gaia used to perfect detail. In addition map copying is used to exemplary effect, the structures of settlements are well placed and the correct civilisations used for the respective cultures. A job well done.

Story/ Instructions: (4.0)

Sceletar takes us through a pretty unique style of reciting to us the Trojan War. The story, being a mix of the Iliad, Homer’s epic poem and Troy, the movie, begins off with a young Greek boy called Anudorus who eagerly listens to the famous poet Homer as he talks about the Trojan War. Homer is the narrator of this story, and tells Anudorus, and us, the futile exploits of the war and tales of the glorious heroes caught in it, such as Hektor, breaker of horses and Achilleus, the swift footed. We are also scrolled through the details from when the Mycenaean navy of gigantic proportion swept across the ocean in its strong-benched ships, to when the great battle was fought for the Beach of Troy. This was a fantastic telling, but was exempt from a perfect 5.0 because the story was unfinished in the sense that we do not know the conclusion, awaiting a sequel, and the constant hammering of grammatical errors. Such, are some lack of capital letters; full stops, commas, the use of an exclamation mark instead of a question mark and spaces where needed. I also encountered the maid called Briseis, which you accidentally spelled Bressais. There is also some confusing dialogue, which could be clearer.

In a word - Riveting.

In conclusion - A must download!

[Edited on 07/02/08 @ 10:30 PM]

Killaw0rm whats wrong with wow?
Super_Cell_51 You sure are busy producing quality campaigns sceley...Great job, and keep it up...
If you ever need a playtester, just ask.

I am downloading it now.

[Edited on 04/18/06 @ 09:59 PM]

lancelotsoul whens the scenario coming cause i need this
MacBam Awesome, but how you made the dark area re-appear??
Froggle bum Brilliant job sceletar, do u know the EXACT date u might finish the battle for troy? i cant wait to play it :D lol
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Map Design5.0
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