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Story of Knights

Author File Description
Lord Suwanshree
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Hello there, well its been long since ive last posted a scenerio but it had a lot of bugs and was not liked by most and I hope this scenerio will be somewhat better than my last one i.e. 'From Slave to King', please comment on it and report upon any bugs you happen to find out and tips to how this can be improved.... Thank you..

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fuzzydude45 Exxelent! A GREAT improvment, only Suggestion, Mix the grasses they provide together instead of a plain grass1 terrain, Other then that GREAT! Ended a little sibtly but...You get the idea, Can't add much more to that but seeing this compared to your old one and i am amazed! Absolutle amazed! Great design, Great gameplay, semi-Great Story not much creativity there but ehh, Thats ok, You'd probley get a 4.2 for this (Absolutly great for second scenerio) You should make this into a campaign, it would be way better if you can get some good Eye candy tricks for it and get the hang of terrain blending, There are various utility's that might be able to help you with it or you could check out legendary campaigns here for some help.

[Edited on 04/26/08 @ 04:11 PM]

Fattybryce This is a good scenario i enjoyed very much.
Lord Suwanshree
File Author
Thank you guys for posting your comments here, Well I still don't have any idea what most of the triggers do but still I put every effort on understanding them and came out with this any way fuzzydude45, on my future maps I will try to mix up the terrain a little more and try to put in everything you suggested. Also Fattybryce its nice to hear that you liked this scenerio but if its not too much trouble you could.... you know tell me a little more about what you think about this map... okay.... Again thank you both for spending some time to comment here... My response was late because I don't have net at my home.. n the cyber cafe's here.. almost all are always closed (Except this one- I found 2day) due to the recent strikes.... okay....lookin forward to hearing from you again......
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
I found this scenario quite fun to play, but because of several trigger bugs (for example triggers that didn't fire when they were supposed to or triggers firing to early)I found in the scenario I lowered the score. Later on in the scenario it also lags, which is frustrating because you're fighting a battle at that moment.

Balance: 4
I played the scenario first on moderate and again on hard. Both times I played I had to reload a couple of times. Some battles I could only win by hit&run tactics. As I said under "playability" the bugs in this scenario hurt balance some times. For example, you had to destroy a camp while the soldiers guarding it just walked away so it was way to easy. This also made the scenario easier further on, because you had more soldiers.

Creativity: 3
It was a good point that your group of knights was varied. Not just knights, but also Cavalry Archers.
In this scenario, no tricks are used.
The names used in this scerio were original, altough they didn't seem French to me.

Map Design: 4
The map for this scenario was quite good. It wsa custom made, but the terrain could have been blenden more. Now there was very little variation in it. The map was also designed for the scenario to much.
Something that was a bit weird, was that villages had many military buildings.

Story/Instructions: 3
What really is a bad thing in this scenario, is that new objectives don't appear n the objectives screen.
In the dialogues there are grammar and spelling errors. For example most sentences didn't have any comma's when there should have been comma's. The dialogues also appeared with nine lines at a time, which looks a bit silly to me.
The story of this scenario is good; you take command of a group of French knights that is going to inspect the province and help the people there if needed.

Additional Comments: For a second scenario, this is good. Keep practicing with the triggers and mix up the terrain more.

NOTE: I'm from the Netherlands, so my English isn't very good I think. I'm sorry about any grammar and/or spelling errors.

[Edited on 04/23/06 @ 08:54 AM]

Lord Suwanshree
File Author
Come on fuzzydude respond...

[Edited on 04/23/06 @ 11:55 PM]

Lord Suwanshree
File Author
Thank you Hussarknight for the review but the improvements you suggested are a little too much for me. You see that is all I can do & well sorry that my response was a little late because there is a lot going on my country right now. I'm from Kathmandu,Nepal (BBC viewers will know about it)... I know the dialouge presentation was a little weird but I could'nt figure out any other idea how to present it. Well I think the Viking camp was left unguarded because they were put on standstill AI or something. Also well I really don't know french or any french names so I named the characters after whatever came to my mind first. And about the military buildings... hmmm.. well what other buildings can you possible place to fill up the space... I know I mentioned them as defenceless villages but anyhow they are not allowed to create any units... And I don't know why it is lagging at the last battle. It happenned a couple of times to me too while I was playtesting it. Anyway keep in touch Hussarknight and once again thank you for your review...bye for now.....AND FOR THE PEOPLE OUT THERE READING THE COMMENTS TO DECIDE WHETHER TO DOWNLOAD THIS OR NOT.......PLZ..... JUST DO IT...AND DON'T MIND THE RUSTY ENGLISH....
Fattybryce Well just after watching a movie on knights i had a suden urge to play as one or many on aokc and this was it. I thought teh story line was pretty good i havnt finished yet ill do that today. Where i got up to looking pretty good for diffulty almost lost a knight on the first english ambuse stupied hussar anyway pretty good scenario ill have to finish it today and tell you my final comments
SwinginBlade yep...

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