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Laser Tag

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Other
Number of players: 6
Laser Tag

On March 9th, 1142, Laser Tag was invented by Henry XII. Him and his royal fellows layed out suits of armor, bows, and hand cannons on opposite sides of a cliffed in arena. There they armed themselves, and had battles against each other. Henry XII's buddy, Calliery, invented the idea of a laser. Calliery also placed colored tags on each man of each team, to label who is who.
So they dubbed the game "Laser Tag".


In laser tag, its 3v3 on a 50x50 map (you don't use most of the map, though). Each player can spawn 1 unit at a time, and they choose between:

-Jannisary [17 Hit points, 17 Attack] (Can take only 1 hit, kills all units in 2 or 3 hits, long range)
-Archer [18 Hit points, 17 Attack] (Can take 2 hits from all but berserk, 1 hit kills jannisary, 3 hit kills berserk, short range.)
-Berserk [33 Hit points, 19 Attack] (Can take 3 hits from archer and jannisary, and 1 hit kills all, but is melee)

The first team to get 100 team kills win. Each 3 kills you get without dying gives your team a bonus kill. Each 5 kills, you get 1 gold for the shop, where you can choose from these:

-Trade 1 gold for 1 team kill
-Trade 3 gold for 4 team kills
-Trade 2 gold for a Conquistador
-Trade 2 gold for a Scythian Scout (60 HP)
-Trade 6 gold for a Ghengis Khan (100 HP)

I am using AOKTS's tribute kills for the whole kill system, even for a triple kill reward system, which saves me hundreds of triggers. Thanks to DephiantZephyr for the idea of using a flag system, and for the idea of killing spree.

View the mapshot at:
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Laser Tag is a 6 player game that allows you to choose a couple friends and challenge them to friendly game of 3 VS. 3 Laser Tag. Or at least I thought it was friendly, until I saw how competitive some people got. Although the game is relatively simple, the playability and balance is where it shines. Here's the breakdown:

Playability: 5

Surprisingly, Laser Tag is actually quite enjoyable to play. I say surprisingly, just because of the wide variety of poorly made, over rated laser tag and paintball games alike, floating around the Zone. There's practically no learning curve to this game. Right from the start, common sense can tell you to put you villager on the flag to spawn a unit in the Laser Tag Arena. There is, however, some fun techniques you can adapt fairly quick. My favorite is using the rocks to hide your unit. Since a rock doesn't make an outline for your unit, you can hide until and enemy comes close, then pounce on them. But do not be fooled by the game's seemingly simple appearance. Playing this online with your friends can prove quite challenging as your friends learn techniques, just as well as you do. There is also a sense that you have to use team work in the game. I've found that going off on your own will usually end in a kill for the other team. This sense of teamwork definitely helped in the playability category.

The playability is getting a good rating for the game's simplicity, teamwork, and fun challenges. 5

Balance: 5

The balance throughout Laser Tag carries on quite well. The best example of this is the units the design chose as spawn units. The three units chosen by the MeGaIdIoT are the Berserk, Archer, and Janissary. Each with their own attributes. The Berserk has a high attack and good defense, but it's slow, ergo, leaving it open to multiple attacks from the ranged units. The Janissary has a nice attack, and very long range, but it's very weak to enemy attacks. Janissaries can usually be taken down in one hit. Archers are more of an all around unit. They can usually take more hits than a Janissary, it has a decent defense, and can take multiple shots on slower units. If played right, someone could win with any unit. The balance is just right considering the game and size. 5

Creativity: 3

Considering all of the other Laser Tag and Paintball games out there, this one is definitely one of the best. Features such as the "Tribute Kill Counter" and the "Killing Spree" feature definitely show some creativity. Although this is one of the best paintball/laser tag games, it's still a paintball/laser tag game. I wouldn't feel right about giving this category a 5. The main reason, is that some of the ideas came from other games. If I remember correctly, I think the author said, he got the idea from another game like this. The store for buying units is even over-used. So even though this game does have some creative features and ideas, it's still has a lot of over-used ideas. And the main idea it's self has been used. 3

Map Design: 3

Laser Tag's map design consists of a 60x60 map, covered in cliffs, with a main pathway cut down the middle, and several small areas cut out for stores and flag systems. Considering how small the map is, the map design isn't that bad. In the middle, the author has shown some nice terrain mixing skills. It would have been nice to see a little bit of wildlife. Even though it's Laser Tag, which is usually played inside, it takes place outside. So some wildlife would have been nice. The cliffs around the arena would not be my first choice for cutting off access from players, but it seems to work fairly well. My main complaint is that author has not left too much room to show off any map design skills. To the author, I would suggest getting rid of all the surrounding cliffs. Although it keeps people out of that area, it still looks quite ugly. Maybe consider making one strip of "invisible" cliffs around the arena, then use the rest of the space to show some nice map design. Even though most people won't see it, it will show that you put effort into your project, and you care about what it looks like. So, even though what map design you have now is a good start, I really think it could be made better. 3

Story/Instructions: 4

Although the story lacks some basic information, I really have to give the designer credit for trying. This could very well be the first blood map I've seen that has any hint of a story or background. For that fact alone I commend the designer. I know how great the temptation is is to just slap it down and think nothing of the story.

As for the instructions. They're almost perfect. The game is quite simple, so there doesn't have to be a lot of instructions. Too many instructions can get annoying, but Laser Tag's are quite simple and get the job done. You should easily be able to understand these instructions. In fact, you could probably do just as well with the game, if you didn't read the instructions. But I suggest reading them, just in case. The author wrote them in the "Instructions Window" and he posted them at the beginning of the scenario, so you should have no trouble finding them. 4

Additional Comments:

Additionally, I would like to add, that this game is very fun. If you get all six people, you can play for hours. It's pretty hard to find fun multiplayer games anymore, but this scenario can keep you entertained for hours. Laser Tag is defiantly a must download for any multiplayer gamer. The basic idea may have been used before, but this map has some very nice features and brings a lot to the table. I've played this map many times, and I'm sure I'll keep playing it for a long time. I'd like to congratulate Mega, for making a fun and enjoyable multiplayer game.

- nI

[Edited upon update out of designer's wishes.]

[Edited on 08/14/06 @ 05:05 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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