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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » LotR Saruman: "The Treason of Isengard" Trial scenario 5: At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

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LotR Saruman: "The Treason of Isengard" Trial scenario 5: At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Tolkien's book tells of how Saruman betrays not only the Free Peoples but his ally Sauron in the hunt for the One Ring, seeking to recover it and claim it himself, then by studying it to forge his own ring, of greater power than Sauron's.

This looks set to be a huge 19 level campaign, or maybe a trilogy. This file is a single-scenario campaign, number 5, and the first one I finished. It is set just after Saruman is a bad guy, but not everyone knows it yet. Saruman sends Gríma Wormtongue north towards the Shire and Bree, to recruit ruffians to look out for Frodo Baggins and to buy pipe-weed (odd, but all in the book). The Black Riders are also searching for the Ringbearer.

It can be completed with hardly any fighting, but if you're itching for a battle it's easy to get one. It's meant to be a flexible level. This means there are probably loads of bugs I haven't found yet, so bear with me.

I had to submit it as a campaign, because for some reason it won't run as a scenario.

Enough of my rambling. Enjoy!
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File Author
I was hoping I'd catch this before anyone downloaded it, but I'm too late. I discovered afrer I'd sent it off that the file I sent up wasn't actually the most up-to-date one. There's still a bug in it which says Wormtongue's dead and causes defeat about half way through.

You can still play the rest if you like, but I'm sending the up-to-date version now, if you want to wait for it.

Sorry about that!
File Author
OK, it's updated to now.
The_Slayer90 Souunds good d/lin now
File Author
Speak to me, people! A review would be nice, but just say whether you enjoyed it or not. Please?
nenghis well uhm, does this scenario use the middle-earth mod? if it does ill happily download it
File Author
Sorry, it doesn't. I tried to make it as authentic as I could, but stuck to the normal AOK units. If you think the mod would help, I'll consider adapting the scenario to it.
SwinginBlade yeh, u should use the mid-earth'd be good, man!
Darkjedilarry well, i was a little confused, mabye you should show the name of a place a players in when he first gets to it, especially when youre in the prancing took me quite a while to figure out you had to garrison in the tower, then when i was "in" the inn, i didnt know exactly what just happened. otherwise, it was good, and i hope to see a very good campaign out of this.
File Author
To Darkjedilarry: You had to garrison in the tower? That's odd, you should have just had to walk up to the door. I'll look into that. I'll work on making the player's location clearer as well.

To nenghis and SwinginBlade: OK, here's what I have in mind. I'll tweak the scenario so it matches the Middle Earth mod. However, my campaign will be designed to work fine both with and without it (if that's possible).

Anyway, thanks a lot for the comments. I don't intend to upload it again until the first five or six scenarios are in place, so it might be a while yet.

I have a few ideas in store, mainly to do with EXP, special hero powers, and cause-and-effect between the scenarios. I couldn't integrate them with this scenario until a few scenarios are in place.

Feel free to continue leaving your comments on this one, though.

[Edited on 05/10/06 @ 05:48 AM]

BIHSting Dont use mods, for the love of god! Keep it all unmodded, trust me. Besides, its impossible to make it work for both, there will be too many differences. Keep it simple, no mod, just AOK units.
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