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Europa Imperial v5-8-9 (Spanish)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 2
I recommend that you play this scenario after playing "The Foundations of the Empire" and "A Spanish Italy ", since this is the continuation of it. Both in english.

A scenario by Zampi

updated 14-5-2006
IMPERIAL EUROPE v5.8.9(castillian version)

Hello everyone . Like some of you know, my Imperial Europe is a challenge for me since with the 3,500 triggers and more than 20,000 effects, I believe it is one of the longest that has been created in Castillian. ( It was
originally created in Spanish)

Personal Web

I ask your help with this , because it is impossible for me to find all the mistakes that are hidden in/with the triggers.

Finally, I have started to get back into the AoC editor and I assure you all that I've finally come out of the smoke. I am busy working on an introduction for my third Imperial Europe scenario. Someone asked me why the part about France was not used anywhere....well, the introduction that i am working on is actually about that. You will have to control a Spanish spy that is infiltrating France - a singe person against an empire- Will he leave there alive or in a wooden box?
In this introduction of the first scenario, "Imperial Europe" , you will pentrate France territory with a spy and find out the plans of Kin Francisco I.

You will have to complete one of two missions in order to pass onto the next scenario:

Mission 1
Recover the Bahriye ( a collection of Viking maps that show the first trips across the Atlantic) and don't let France explore the new continent.

Mission 2
Discover the wherabouts of the Holy Cloth and don't let it fall into hands of the infidels. The trail was lost in the French territory of Lirey in 1350.

You have very few resources, so you will have to steal some for yourself-work,steal, whatever is necessary to survive.

Like any good spy, you have an arsenal of disguises to keep them from recognizing you and in order to get into any place. In a cave you get 10 different disguises that will help you complete the mission.


This is why I need some people to playtest all of my scenario "Imperial Europe". I had 3,000 triggers until today when I realized that there were too many for one person to try. Needless to say, you have many ways of playing
the scenario, and for that reason I some people to make sure the game doesn't glitch in any part and to play around with it, because, unlike you, I know exactly what to do and that is why I couldn't find anything wrong.

The betaf version of "Imperial Europe" is already available (in spanish only). Also, one of the scenario's where you can
play as the spy is available.

If you open the scenario from the editor, you will see at the top left there is a list with all the triggers that there are in the scenario.
What I have done is numbered the whole list so it will be easier to translate , and to make them different with some letters before each trigger. So, the ones that start with the letter "t" for example means that in this trigger, there is a phrase needing to be translated. Then, I've put the letter "c" if it is a repeating trigger , and an "A" to know that this trigger is already activated at the start of the game.
To know which effect/s to translate, I have placed a small message in English where the objective messages are. With this, I
am showing that there are some phrases to be translated. This way, none of the effects are messed up when you move something that is not necessary to move. Also, I show with explanations marks the triggers that don't need to be messed with, because they are already activated upon opening them.The triggers that are objectives only have the letter "t", without having anything other warning that they need to be translated.

Thanks to all that read this.

The Foundations of The Empire (English version)
A Spanish Italy (English version)
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
File Author
Hello to all, I have just sent again the main scenario, since the version that had sent had some shortcomings that prevented to continue playing, in this version the 5.8.7 you will be able to finish the scenario. He waits for you a final battle worthy of a champion.
arad441 Saludos Zampi;

El campaigns está excelente pero al estar en español, a los jugadores de este site se les hace dificir, para que les interese tendrás que traducirlo; bueno que se acostumbren que en algunos años todos tendrán que hablar español.

This campaigns is very good, but the problem is that the players from this site prefer an English version; so you should traslate is you want them to interest it.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The game is to complex, and you play two different scenarios inside it. I think the first one was very hard and could help to somedody to quit before go to the second one, which is an art piece. In the second one you start between Brussels and Holland, your advises send you to find a treasure in the forest; from this you go to Brussels and the to Spain, later you comeback to Brussels and go to Nederland and then to Germany, later you go to England and pick up an army to Spain and fight the comuneros; after that the Italic war start and you change your main character; when the war in Italy end you came back to Spain with Carlos V and then the Ottoman invade Europe and you should go to Italy to prepare a big army to defend Europe. I mean, to many situations and each one with a different difficulty. Some of them are very hard like crossing the Sargazos Sea –I did not pass, so I invade the north section of France and fight my way into the Brittany Peninsula to search the south coast and send my army by sea to Spain (if you crossing all France to Spain the trigger to follow the story did not work)-. I think that the game is excellent but too many difficulties, and some of them to many hard put me to give you 4. Some time, if you don’t follow the instruction, or don’t find the entire thing that they request the follow trigger won’t start and the game could not finish. I saw two bug: the first is if you went to Alquistrán by the South the next trigger did not work, so you should try to find the “cala” when look for the witch if you want to enter Alquitrán by the river; and the second is with general Lennay, the French commander that change to the Spain side after the first attack to Pavia, he kept his position and is very difficult to move him to prevent that the French kill him.

Balance: 4
The balance is good, because you have the opportunity to win or lose according to the thing you do, but you should know what you look and that will be very difficult to the English speaker players because the game is in Spanish, a more complicated languages than English, and a word could have different mean. So, I did not take the factor of language to give my punctuation for this part. By other way, the balance in the first scenario is not similar that the second one, so I can not give more than 4. The problem with the first scenario is your feeling about be alone in enemy territory.

Creativity: 5
Is no ease to make a historical campaign, as historical movie, the creator should select just some topic to show and that is very difficult. I think that Zampi did the work very well. The best about this point is that Carlos V is the principal character, but is not in all the game; when the war start in Italy the main character are the different general that fought in name of the Holy Roman Emperor. Other good point is the amount of characters in the game: Carlos V, the Pope, the different Emperor's advisers, the King of France, the general in the Italic wars and many others.

Map Design: 5
Excellent, very accurate. You gat the critical places (cities, countries) to tell the history of Carlos V. As I said in other review the map setting is very important to show a historical campaign, and this one is very realistic because you can find places like Viena, the last frontline in the Ottoman invasion; the Italian cities: Rome, Pavia, Turin; the cities where the comuneros revolt happen in Spain and to many others cities. About the topographical setting this one is to realistic too because you can find the Pyrenees and the Alps.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is very important in this kind of campaign, and was very accurate, if any person have any doubt about the historical facts that happen in this games just make a search in the Internet a they will find to many web site that talk about Carlos V (the only thing is that the majority are in Spanish). Also, I like the conversations between the character, specialist in the part that the Spanish general tried to find a woman for the German Commander in Italy and he found a jealous husband. Other important point is that in all the game are different kind of conversation that help to understands the different thing that happen in the story, also, that conversation help you to follow the game.

Additional Comments:
I make this review without the factor that the campaign is in Spanish, and the majority of the hevengame players are English speaker and that will be a extra difficulty factor to them to play. I think, that this campaign is one of the best I saw (although I preferred the second scenario than the firsts), also is very accurate in it historical facts and I expect that in any moment the campaign will be translate to give the opportunity to all to enjoy this game.
File Author
I thank you your comments Arad441, you have a lot of reason, it is necessary to translate this campaign so that it is played by possible people's maximum. Unfortunately alone a person me this helping to prove it and nobody helps myself to create it. As you can see here we don't have the same participation and motivation that in the Heaven.

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