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Karl XII - Last Imperial King

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 7
Karl XII
Last Imperial King

Follow in the footprints of the great warrior king, Karl XII, in seven large battles and marshes.
Fight against the Danish in Scania, the Russians at the Finnish Bay and Poltava, the Polish in Gdynia and GdĂ nsk, the ottomans at Bender and the Norwegian at Fredrikshald


- Play Build and Destroy when it is as best: in great battles, long marshes and lengthy defendings
- Historically based
- 7 hard maps to achieve

The Scenarios:

1) The war against Denmark
Fight against the danish in Scania and the danish islands around

2)The second enemy
Challenge the Russians with your carolinean forces and destroy their wonder

3)Attacking Poland-Saxony
Defeat 3 great cities in order to win the norse war and defeat the Triple Allianse

4)The battle at Poltava
The first swedish loss in the wars with Karl XII. Invade Poltava and defeat the russians

5)Escaping to Turkey
Flee from the mighty russian armies who try to eliminate you, and get to Bender in Turkey to regroup

6)The kalabalics in Bender
The ottomans are tired of serving you and you have to escape through Europe back to Sweden

7)The battle at Fredrikshald
Karl XII's last battle. Fight the enourmous norwegian armies in order to win the Kings last battle


In 1697 Karls father, also named Karl (XI), died and his enemies saw an opportunity to defeat Sweden once and for all. The danish, polish and russians allied in a Tripple Allianse to defeat the swedes.
But 18 year old Karl XII stopped them and then continued to fight against them to expand the borders and make Sweden the greatest empire in Northern Europe.
He attacked Russia, but lost at Moscow and Poltava and had to flee to Turkey.
He there controlled Sweden from Bender in modern Moldavia. But after three years, the turks had become tired of serving him and chased him out of Bender. Karl had to escape again, this time throughout Europe and back to Stralsund and take the boat over to Sweden.
After so many years of war, people thought he wanted peace, but that was not what the king wanted. He immediately marshed against Norway with his newly formed army, but died at Castle Fredrikshald when he was inspecting some bunkers.


I hope everyone who downloads this campaign will like it as much I liked to make it. It took me more than one year to accomplish, upgarde and translate this campiagn, but I think it's worth it.

Thanks to:

- Me for creating this
- My history teachers Pirjo and Maria
- My brothers and friend for giving critics (both constructive and hard)

I hope yeou all enjoy!
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Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
This campaign is a whole seven scenarios about the military escapades of King Karl XII of Sweden (1697-1718). He proved to be very successful and, despite succeeding to the throne aged only 18, led Sweden to brief dominance in northern Europe, overcoming a number of rivals including Denmark, Norway, Poland and Russia. The author describes this as Build & Destroy-style but in my opinion it is more Fixed-Force or semi-FF. You don't always have a fixed number of troops (play and you'll see what I mean) but in none of the scenarios do you have any villagers.

This is a reasonably enjoying game which will probably keep you amused for an hour or two. There is some variation in gameplay. I like the way that in a few of the scenarios you have options on how to spend fixed resources, although it would be greatly improved if the player had more options and fewer resources. In the final scenario you have to defend rather than attack, so that element of variety is good. The ease of the campaign marred the playability, I didn't really have to try very hard on Hard and I think that's my major criticism. I encountered three bugs. Firstly, in the sixth scenario I couldn't find the Lord of Wien as he had wandered across the map to fight. It's not a major bug as you can still win the scenario. Secondly, in the same scenario the objective is to get Karl and at least five troops to Sweden but I won with only four (a mistake in a trigger condition?). Thirdly, I couldn't win the final scenario which was a pity as the orange troops never stopped coming (a trigger not being deactivated?).

I played on Hard and only on one scenario - the second - did I have to restart so overall it was too easy. It's OK for the other levels but on Hard at least it should be more challenging. In those where you are given resources perhaps on hard you could be given fewer. Or give the enemy more troops or player 1 fewer, and/or research techs etc. I think the Standard AI is used which has the advantage of the built-in difficulty level features but it is rather problematic as the AI can act rather oddly as we all know (and causes the first bug mentioned above). For example, it can send troops right past your army without attacking. Immobile AI might have been a better option or another custom AI. Or make your own. In the final scenario, after an interesting first 10-15 minutes the enemies wane and walk into castle-fire and it's a bit of a cakewalk. I ended up with 170+ troops and still more than 10K of each resource. Also, the fifth scenario is very easy, I just clicked on Karl and then the destination and sat back.

Aside from map design, the variation on standard fixed force whereby you choose how to spend limited resources is quite a good idea. The balance isn't quite right and it would be improved if you had more options but even so that adds a bit of interest. As does the final scenario in which you have to defend rather than attack. The prisoner sequence and the effect of travelling across the cold mountains were also creative touches.

The map design is OK but overall I don't think it's much better than a random map. Some bits are better than others, with elevation done well (e.g. the area outside Wien), but there are too many straight lines, flat expanses of a single terrain, square clumps of trees, and awkward changes in elevation and terrain. To get the maximum score in this category you really need to pay attention to every square of the map. I suggest the author looks at some of the best works at the Blacksmith or just experiments in the editor as there are many tools for making an interesting and attractive map.

The history is quite brief but there is some background story, instructions and hints. The objectives are clear. I have docked a point for the combination of quite a few spelling mistakes, a lack of history and a lack of bitmaps. But overall this category is fine.

Overall, this is quite a good campaign. The author has clearly mastered the basics of scenario design and with a bit more attention to detail he will no doubt become a name to watch out for in the future.
Wuzzex v1
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The campaign was no big thing, and definitely one of Basses' weakest creations(I don't think this is some negative thing considering the post date in comparison to your others from 2010 and forth). Some triggers to make stuff happen but no 'OH THAT WAS COOL' triggers, but again, there were triggers to make it go around

Balance: 3
I sometimes felt that.. I had to many units. Especially on the second final scenario when you must escape from Turkey. I could destroy them with the little army I had. And in the defence of Fredrikshald(Fredrikssten) I could send my armies from one gate to another to defend the fort and win easily

Creativity: 3
It was a historical campaign and that is taken in to consideration, but the objectives was not new. All these objectives for every scenario can one find in almost all campaigns. There were no twists! I would love to have some kind of fun twist or something that you always have in your scenarios basse! But again, considering this is one of your first submissions, this is not negative.

Map Design: 3
The Map design elevated with the scenarios. It got better and better, but much land was uncovered, much was rough and almost no GAIA objects and no eye-candy.

Story/Instructions: 5-
It's historical and correctly historical. A "-" for not making it clear that even today NO ONE knows who killed Karl XII. Since you are swedish I was hoping you would make this clear

Additional Comments:

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Map Design3.0
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