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True Kingdom Revealed-2- Preparation v 1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix


True Kingdom Revealed

2. Preparation v1.1

This is a playable scenario,

You need to download

"True Kingdom Revealed 1. Expansion"

This is only Act II and nothing will make sense if you only play this one.

It is time for war, you cannot expect anything less from Baha, mercy has been left behind, pain is a thing of the past, death is inevtable.

If you need inspirational writing from me to provoke you to raise arms and fight...Then you are already dead...

Where will you look when death closes in on you? Were will you find mery? provoking the enemy will only find death in you, seeking love with additional purposes in mind fights against your very nature. You cannot seek what do not have, you cannot find what was lost. But the Grand Lord always gives a helping hand.

You may not understand but your eyes will soon be opened.

Map contains

* Highly detailed charaters
* Rapid game play
* Assistance for newbie players
* Loaded with sound files
* Over 830 triggers
* New style of game play
* 8 different choices
* Detailed instructions
* Detailed map


Please post your comments,


The story starts in True Kingdom Revealed
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
This story starts from where ‘True Kingdom Revealed’ Part I ended. The Dekciw and Dlrow forces are on the gates of the Grand Lord’s capital in all their fierce, overwhelming might, and however, you must fend off their fanatical attempts of your land's subjugation...

Playability: (3.0)

True Kingdom revealed Part II is part cut-scene and part playable. It was fun, fast paced, interesting and challenging. After watching an intriguing cut-scene, you were able to get control of the Kingdom's defenders, under rule of the Grand Lord, and fend off the enemy waves of attack. I particularly liked the in-game story, which added to the same nod of approval one would most certainly give to the first in the series. On the downside, there was far too much bugs to give this category a higher score. There were the bugs that the author warned you of, and not to mention the many confusing moments when one did not know what to do, but instead, had to work it out for themselves. This really degraded the fun, because you had to kill all enemy captains and commanders before you could proceed, but we did not know this, as it was never an objective. Another problem was that there was never an objective regarding the fact that your Captain must stay alive, which if killed, you lost. One thing I'm confused by is the fact that I never got to make the 'choice', whatever it was. There was also unneeded and excessive lag. Too many units being spawned and being tasked to the one area can be fixed if this category's score is to improve. Also, since this scenario does not stand alone, I would advise the author to put both Part I and Part II of this series in the one file. Not only will this make either scenario stand up, but will save the visitor from having to find two files to play the one game.

Balance: (4.0)

The difficulty of this game was a bit too hard, but not impossible, that is, once you know what you’re doing. After deciphering the confusing moments, one, with the far too few soldiers supplied, is to overcome the enemy in all its hundreds, defeat its captains and then deliver the decisive blow on the enemy leaders. It is sure of a challenge, and one must rush, preserving all the fighting strength one can so that he may win the battle. But this was the author's intent and other than that, it was fun and possible to win.

Creativity: (5.0)

A stunningly awesome bitmap, which has been transmuted into highlighted whites and greys, adding to a ghostly, bright effect. All or most units on the map have been renamed. Some have simply been renamed; others have their thoughts written down instead of the unit name, which is a fantastic idea. There were some unique tricks too, like in the siege where you had 500 wood which acted as ammunition for your archers. Everytime you told the archers to fire, by clicking on a captain, the wood would drain by 5 each few seconds. You were able to order the archers to cease their fire by selecting an outpost. In the city, the author has used ‘gate ends’ with the flags over their head to substitute for parapets and adds to a nice effect. The music and sounds were also good. The siege was well implemented, and considering not many games feature sieges on its scale, this really adds to another creative aspect bringing the score to a well-deserved 5.

Map Design: (4.0)

I liked how the Dlrow/ Dekciw city looked just like the one from the previous version except this time it is much bigger. Reference to previous campaign’s always goes a long way to pleasing someone. The map design was certainly better than the previous version. There was some good terrain mixing implied, trees placed individually and encampments and cities alike were structured very well. I loved the details and designs put into the capital, the city you must defend and how it had some nice map copying effects and other little details. On the downside, the quality of terrain seemed to fluctuate. In some areas the terrain was really nice, in other areas it was really boring, the Gaia units overused and plain. Because of the terrain fluctuations, the category lost a perfect rating.

Story/ Instructions: (5.0) -

The story in history was great. It was like a poem, one describing in metaphors the lays of the land and Kingdom, describing the comings of war. The author certainly has a poetic voice, but more improvements could make it sound even better. There were alot of spelling mistakes and errors, such as the lack of commas where needed and many words were misspelled. The hints were plentiful and ordered. More improvements, final polishes and such and you will be set.


There are too many bugs. One, the outposts that are used to deactivate the archer volleys are destroyed by the enemy trebuchets. Two, there are far too many units being spawned making for a really hard scenario. Please don’t make the same mistake I did in TSKW and have a million units roaming around. You are spawning too many extra units into the battle when there are already many enemy units on the field. Try fix this up by setting up a trigger in which when there are about 200 enemy units or so on the field, the spawns will deactivate. When the enemy is down to about 100 men, reactivate the enemy spawns and keep this in a loop. This will drop down the lag and cut out any unneeded amounts of soldiers. With the confusion many players must experience when playing this siege, make sure you outline more on what one must do. For example, have the player know that he is to destroy all of the enemy captains (Perhaps here you state how many there are) and who of your men must survive. Perhaps when the player is down to so many men (About 30), then you can activate reinforcements by clicking on Haissem or someone. This is already implemented, but it is pointless because one can activate it before the battle is started thus giving you a few extra troops. Regarding map design, put more detail and effort into the terrain regardless where on the map it be, but only so long as the player can see it without having to use the map cheat. Be sure, also, to repeatedly go over your spelling. I encountered many spelling mistakes, and they can easily be fixed up.

In a word – Intriguing.

In closing – A must download!

- Mashek

[Edited on 11/06/06 @ 08:04 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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Size:2.98 MB