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Couple of Record Games

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

These are 4 games which I played my housemate on LAN.
The settings for all games are same:
Standard/Low resources, Black Forest, Small map (3), population 2, reveal map explored (game 1 is normal), age-victory stanard.

Geoff and I am housemates so we play AoK regularly now, although we used to play it a lot a year or so ago, and we were high intermediate level at that time, (Geoff played AoK only, not AoC, so he is new to AoC) Because Geoff hasn't played for a while, he forgot a few things and made critical mistakes which he learing in (painful) processes.

So please review;

1: Celts (Phoenix) vs Britons (Geoff).
Not much here really, I am only putting it up to show how much improvements Geoff has done, and generally how difficult the contest have been at the choke point. I managed to bypass that problem using siege onagars. And showing how effective the Light Cavalry are against Longbowmen, Seige weapons. It should be noted that the Light Cavarly are cheap units, and I usually "sacrifice" them, because to me the sole purpose of the Light Cavarly is to kill siege weapons such as onagars, trebs. As well they are very effective in devastating the opponent's economy. So I am prepared to fully sacrifice a band of light cavalry to destroy targets. This eventually cost the enemy more than me. (200 wood and gold compared to just 60?80? food) You may find out of this post that Hussars and Light Cavarly are my favourite units and I use them regularly.

Other tactics are involved as how i dealth with the range of the longbows. But I do admit this game is riddled with errors and laziness, and Geoff's lack of stragety with his military units and this seems true for all games I uploaded.

2: Mongols (Phoenix) vs Geoff (Franks). marathon game.

Geoff and I often play against a friend: Phee who is also an intermediate though we all are rusty now. Phee always play two favourite civ: Franks and Britons. A veteran in AoK, he was introduced to AoC only a year or two ago.

So he got some surprises as some AoK veteran should; He was playing Franks, and was expecting the Frankish Paladins to be superme and invicinsible, however it wasn't the case with my game against him with Chinese. I used loads of heavy scorpions and chinese unique technology rocketry. The technology proved to be the anti-Paladins, it was just a massacre.

Anyway, I am a huge fan of the Mongols and I truly believe they are the most powerful civilisation on AoC, however how powerful the Mongols is depends on the player and his tactics, as well how he managed the civilisation to his advantages. Mongols are powerful yes, but also perhaps one of the most difficult civ to master. I have yet to master the Mongols in Feudal and Castle age battles as I don't really use Cavarly Archers.

Now so far whenever I played Phee with the Mongols, he usually plays the Franks, and I always felt that the Franks are the only civ that the Mongols can't beat because of the Paladins. In my experience the only following civs were able to counter the Frankish Paladins well: Chinese with their rocketry scorpions, Vikings with strong pikemen and champions, Saracens with Zealotry Camels, Byzantine Camels (cheaper) and to some extend Britons Longbows (with right tactics).

When I play the mongols I always play Hussars and Seige weapons, and that tactic never seems to work against the paladins. The Hussars use only food and the siege gold and wood... a good combination for most game tactics.

So this game, I experimented using all avaliable units of the Mongols, and before I started the game, I never actually realised that I should be using Heavy Camels against the Frankish Paladins.
Thus you will see in this game how successful the Heavy Camels are.

I admit i had a bad economic start and was on the back track for most of the game. Geoff nearly defeated me for the first time for a long long time. I was using Seige Onagars, Heavy Scorpions, Siege Rams, Trebs(only had a few), Hussars, Heavy Camels, Pikemen and Champions.

It is worth looking at how desperate I wsa at the start in my defensive efforts to hold off Geoff's army, because of my economic start and I was unable to organise myself properly to create an offensive army. Particular how I clogged up the battlefield with buildings in ths south when I knew Geoff would attack there.

This is a marathon game (3 hours) where there was one chokepoint, then later developed into 3 chokepoint before I took control of the match and created a new passage to overrun Geoff.

Champions and Siege Rams proves to be an effective Mongolian weapon (espeically with drill; look at that racing car go!), along with Hussars, Siege Onagars and Heavy Scorpoins. Heavy Camels are also devastating against Cav-based civs.
The Hussars usually wreak havoc to the opponent's economy though not demonstrated so well in this game.

3: Mongols (Phoenix) vs Huns (Geoff). Rushed.

This game I must say I am proud of it despite few errors. It contains the record time of 10 minutes 43 seconds that I reached Feudal age with the Mongols and I could have done it few seconds earlier if I was more watchful. (My record is with chinese is 9:30)
My average is usually 12-14 mins.

And I used a different tactic to blocking the chokepoint. Instead of waiting to reach Feudal Age to be able to build a wall, I build a barrack at the perfect location.

This proved to be devastating for geoff and set me up a good rushing base. Using only spearmen and militas/swordman, I crippled his economy, while I advanced to Imperial age and able to upgrade to champions to finish off the job.

4: Mongols (Phoenix) vs Huns (Geoff)

Demanding a rematch, the primary purpose was for Geoff to find out which civ suits him, he feels he is ready with his economy booms plans, but his military tactics are lacking. He is trying the Huns out, after unable to master Britons, Franks that well. And rematch because he was unable to play the Huns well in previous game cos I rushed him.

The game is interesting, particular again I demonstrate the power of the Mongols with Heavy Camels, Hussars, Champions, Siege Rams and Seige Onagars.

Siege Onagars means the Mongols are in control of the game as you can decide where to attack without being limited to the chokepoint. Also in this game you would see how I ravaged Geoff's base through the backdoor, while letting most of his army attacking the chokepoint and wandering a bit into my terrority and economy area to meet its demolishment. My economy remains intact after this incursion of the Huns.

Hope you enjoy the game and learn a bit or two.
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