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The Aztec Legend

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
You start as Great Mayana of the Bynutian Tribe (you) and he tells the legend told inside the Pyramid of the Sun standing in front of him. The Mayans are a lost civilization and The Great Mayana has been curious since he fould the legend of the Tecanitcha Shrines. The lost site is hidden and no one has found it yet (including enemies).

But the Scenario players arn't just you, there are 3 other players and they are all your enemies. First is your Aztec rival, the Sunayaki Kadanu Tribe located west of the Frochaniva River. The Frochaniva River is a long river dividing up two lands (You are on the east side). Then we have the Aztec Nomads. They have a few camp sites but they travel everywhere. They are building markets so they can trade with the other player, the French Explorers. The French Explorers are all mostly on ships scouting. They don't really have a grudge on you but they allied with both the Aztec Nomads and the Sunayaki Kadanu Tribe for trading stone,metal, etc.
The few Aztec Nomad markets all have stone inside because they traded them off with their animal Furs. In where you start, there are very few stone mines and the best way to obtain stone is to destroy their markets.

So your objective is to "find" the lost Tecanitcha Shrines. Note that killing all the enemies is not necessary. Just attack enough until you find it. You lose when Great Mayana dies.

And also, please rate and comment, i'd like to hear improvments and goooood comments!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
I believe this is the same prayermedoo who did the fort valencia scenario I reviewed before? Well, this scenario is better, for sure.

Playability: 4
This was a pretty fun game. Sometimes triggers worked in the wrong order - for example, a "could the shrines be behind these mountains?" trigger was activated as I left the mountains. But on the whole, yes, good scenario. Not one you could play over and again though, I note, since you just find the shrines and win.

Balance: 2
Perhaps I'm just rubbish, but I found this scenario pretty difficult. And the gradient of difficulty level between easiest, standard, moderate, was too steep in my view.

One problem is that by the time you're strong enough to go and kill markets to get stone, you don't need the stone any more.

Creativity: 4
Not a bad idea for a scenario, with some renamed units here and there, the odd expected stone head lying about, and so on. Some good triggers here and there; the scenario opens well and means you don't have this bored period that scenarios often begin with.

Map Design: 4
Looks sort of like a basic random map, and I do wonder whether it should go down to three for being a south american oak forest...however, the map fits the scenario very well, and allows for lots of exploring; it would be all too easy to make a map for this scenario where you either found your objective very quickly indeed or you had to pass a ridiculous line of castles defending it. So, random map+improvements=4.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story and setting is explained in nice enough triggers. French explorers, whilst not historically accurate, are historically plausible. However. Neither intro history nor hints are given, scythian wild women remain oddly as scythian wild women, and throwing axemen seem out of place, and we never really understand why he wants to find these shrines. So 3 it is.

Additional Comments:
Quite a fun scenario if you play on a difficulty level which is possible to last more than 5 minutes on. I don't understand why there were Tarkans present. I think throwing axemen should have been banned (when is this set?). I think you should limit the naval capacity of everyone to galleys, because in one of my games ships assumed far too great an importance I feel. And I didn't think the French needed Janissaries myself.

I think, most of all, that you should make it a condition to bring your priest to the shrines, or indeed only allow him in (eg, when he approaches the trees blocking the path, then they are removed). You'd have to increase his HP, which I think should be done anyway; you could always have him start on foot and replace him with a mounted version, to save on the tedium of moving at monk-pace. But that would be a bit more showy, and would make the final mission riskier - once you're established before the big attacks, it can be one sided.

I'll look out for your next scenario! Hope that was helpful. Thanks for filling up some of my time so entertainingly :)

[Edited on 06/30/06 @ 04:34 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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