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Downloads Home » Best Files » The Second Kretharn War - The Night of Long Tears

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The Second Kretharn War - The Night of Long Tears

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c


~The Night of Long Tears~

'Old King Tyronis took to the lance and horse and sacrificed his life to save others. Old General Hamandis, overcome with grief, contemplates his death to come and the lives of many others!'

The last hours of Erertiya are in place! The few surviving, battered Erertiyans of Prethonia have made it to Argeron, and now, forty thousand warriors of Krethar march for the walls of the capital like thunder in the earth. The city, in which several hundred Erertiyan warriors defend. General Hamandis, a man feared and respected by allies and enemies alike, for the first time in his life feels so much anguish over a war that has gone for far too long. He fears the future of his people, and now contemplates his suicide as the last night of Erertiya draws over.

This is the cut-scene following The Feud between two Kingdoms, the cut-scene following the story of A Day of Hatred and Lost Memories. It is the last cut-scene before the Siege of Argeron, the second last installment of the series.

Make sure you read the story and hints. Enjoy!

Latest Update 1.1: Dialogue has been fixed. The Cavalry Charge scene has been fixed a bit and some minor grammatical errors have been fixed.

The story starts in The Second Kretharn War I - A Day of Hatred and Lost Memories, continues in The Second Kretharn War - The Feud between two Kingdoms and here.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The_Slayer90 Woohoo first to comment. Anyway I was on edge waiting for this. I expect to be in awe. I'll tell you what I think after I've played it.
Map Design5.0
The Second Krethárn War – The Night of Long Tears, like all other of Mashek’s projects, is awesome!!! The Second Krethárn War is a fictitious scenario set in the time after the First Krethárn War, between Krethár and Erertiya. It has everything you need in a scenario, Emotion, Action, Story, etc. It is worth downloading, even if the time is quite long, my advice is, DOWNLOAD!!!

Playability: 5
The story, like all other Krethárn War scenarios, is great. There was plenty of Music, and FX Sounds, the scenario uses the Fog of War trick, and others adding to a great watch.

Balance: 5
A cutscene is an Automatic 5.

Creativity: 5
I was looking forward to reviewing the creativity. Mashek used some interesting tricks in this scenario, If you look at the 'Keep' in the scenario you will notice its not just made form a Wonder, but by Castles and buildings from different civilizations. There was also a lot of renamed units, the LARGE Armies Trick and Mashek also used the fog of war trick, which can do some various things, such as; Creating a Darker atmosphere to the terrain, Using sounds then revealing the map. Very Well done Mashek!!!

Map Design: 5
The Map Design was great! It had a snowy atmosphere, the buildings were not just made out of a simple building, but by many, which were put together to look as if it were one, (The Keep is one of those buildings).

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is probably the best I've seen in AoKH, a war between a Dragon and a Bear, Erertiya and Krethár, a great story about Akxarix's vengeance on Erertiya, in the Second Krethárn War (I'll try not spoil it anymore). A beautiful story, would've took a while to make it, so don't go skipping the Instructions or History.

Additional Comments:
Keep up the great work Mashek, cant wait until the next Krethárn War scenario hits the Blacksmith ;)!
MeGaIdIoT One word: WOW. Great cutscene. I think ByZaN summed it up.
Danny_Phantom wow, this is big. From what I've heard, this is really good, and I'm downloading it now, and I'll see how good it really is.
Snaily It is really nice :D
prayermedoo68 This is really amazing! I never knew you could do crazy stuff like those cutscenes with triggers. You take triggers to da next level, man~!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thank you for the comments. I am really glad that you all enjoyed watching the cutscene.

[Edited on 07/27/20 @ 04:55 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I have some problems here
My computer closes down AoK when it reaches the dragon knights, or what they're called, after the first scene at the castle, so I haven't been able to watch the whole of it
Until this, however, this is an extraordinary cutscene
Well done! A well deserved 5.0!
Official Reviewer
File Author
-Lord Basse-
I'm not sure what the problem is, but I know that for some computers when playing some games it may quit at any given time. This may not happen for other people. Anyway I am really sorry about this, but I am glad you liked what you saw.

[Edited on 06/10/06 @ 05:38 PM]

The_Slayer90 Mashek,
This is very impressive! Never have I seen so much use of dramatic emphasis and use of emotion summed up in a single cutscene. I might be able to write a review up soon. (If you need one). I'm not the most skilled reviewer, but I'm decent. One word sums this all up. Captivating! Nice work Mashek, I think we're all looking forward to the next installment in TSKW series.
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Map Design5.0
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