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The Great Corenthian War - Introduction Scenario

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The Great Corenthian War
Created by Thunder77

There once was a great land called Corenthia
Where two cities lay
In this land called Corenthia
A great battle rages

Astepealiea to the south
Favored honor and peace
While Khalimdoria to the west
Favored greed and war

But in this great land called Corenthia
Two kingdoms such as this cannot co-exist
As ying and yang; black and white
Cannot mix into gray

So thus,
The Great War of Corenthia commenced
And the color of scarlet
Spreads across the land

And the once ever so peacefull green disappeared

*This campaign is in no way related to anything nonfictional, whatsoever.*

This is the introduction to my current project. The thread page can be found here. This is roughly 8 minutes long, and is 100% cutscene. The file is about 7MB, and contains manditory sound files.
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
I really enjoyed this cutscene, good timing, music and everything. You also seem to have followed my advice with more soldiers at the hidden camp. That's good, because it looks more real now Also, Sabastian is a very good name ;-)

Balance: 5
As this is a cutscene, balance is as it should be, perfect.

Creativity: 4
Creativity was good in this cutscene. There where several nice tricks, and the music was awesome and really perfect for this cutscene! You must use this music in the campaign too!
One of the best parts was the field part in the beginning who turned into a battlefield later in the story. Great idea

Map Design: 4
The map is very good, improved from the original version too. The Kings castles are much better in this version. The battlefield, as I told you before, is a great part when the battle starts.
But it wasn't totally perfect. Even more small details would make it better.
But its not bad. Its really well done!

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was good and interesting. The addition of the music made it all much better, added a great feeling and emotion to the game. Without the music, or with other music, I dont think it would be as good as it really was This is quality!

Additional Comments:
This is a pretty good cutscene, even better now with improvements. Summary, this is a good start for this campaign. And really, you just must have the music from this in the campaign, especially the second song in the end

Good luck with the campaign!

[Edited on 06/15/06 @ 07:21 AM]

Rangar @ Lord Basse For cut-scene's you have to award an automatic 5 for Balance.
File Author
Exaclty. It has nothing to do with the storyline. Read the review tutorial, if it's a straight cutscene, the balance is an automatic 5. Am I right?

Also: about the map design, do the marco polo cheat. The camp was plentily detailed, you just could not see it. Perhaps I'll spruce up the castles, and then make more of the camp visible. Would this get me a better score?


No Marco and Polo cheat when reviewing please, neither for the better nor for the worse; we only rate what we see during game play. If you have a blank grass 1 part, invisible while playing we do not deduct either.

For your question, make the parts visible you want the player to see without cheats.


[Edited on 06/15/06 @ 06:57 AM]

Official Reviewer
Thunder, I am downloading now!

By the way Lord Basse, Playability is usually the quality of scenario. Like how well you enjoyed it etc.

EDIT: Thunder, I enjoyed this cutscene, will review it soon ;).

[Edited on 06/10/06 @ 08:38 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
'The Great Corenthian War' is a short cut-scene describing the war between the opposing Kingdoms, Astepaliea, a just Kingdom that fights for justice, honour and peace, and Khalimdoria, a seemingly totalitarian Kingdom that fights under the cloud of greed, wealth and power. The Khalimdorians, after many months of annexing the global wealth of the ravaged, hapless land of Corenthia, such as its towns and cities, and after murdering her helpless inhabitants by the many, find opposition to their cause for gain and for power. It is the Astepalieans, and they arrive in all their throngs to halt the covetous King Khalor’s army, because after all, the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Battle after battle seesaws back and forth across this great land of Corenthia until, as it seems, the Khalimdorians under their ruthless King Khalor have gained favour and seem to be pushing the Astepalieans back, disallowing them to gain a foothold in any square kilometre of land.

Playability: (4.0)

I really enjoyed watching this cut-scene, a quality watch delivered by the author, Thunder77 who denotes this quite striking story to the glowing screens of our computer monitors. The cut-scene deals with the futility, stubbornness and mindless bloodshed shown on both borders and a great land caught in it all under a sea of scarlet limbs and puddles. The cut-scene is enjoyable as well as good to watch, and surely speaks of the scenario to come. The scenes were very well orchestrated and I really enjoyed the battle-scenes, which were carried out stupendously. There is a nice rhythm of suspense built up, and helps to capture the audience. The music is used very nicely really adding colour and a sense of fantasy to the cut-scene, and all in all, adding to a pleasing watch. On the side-hand, there is a good use of tricks, one being the ‘Invisibility Cloak’, excellent visual enhancements and a relatively good atmosphere offering excellent re-playability.

However, one may have a feeling that perhaps this lovely cut-scene did not meet up to what one could come to expect. Underneath this pleasing watch, is a seemingly rough effort of the scenario’s main contributions to enjoyment, which is what this category is for; enjoyment. The scenario lacked in effort, final polishes and was constantly under the hail and barrage of 'design abrasions'. I would have liked to have seen more detail so one would know more of the outlines for the war and more of what happened during it, because I felt we were not told enough. I felt that there was not enough ‘emphasis’ placed upon it. The effort would have shown with just a bit more. More on this continued in ‘Suggestions’.

Balance: (5.0)

When rating this category, reviewers must take into account the author’s intentions and goals of the design. It is in the intention of the author that this scenario evolves plot and story, and to show a cut-scene whereby the player receives no units to control and no struggle to survive. As such there is no deduction from the overall score because there is no fighting for the player.

Creativity: (5.0)

Creativity in this scenario is excellent. A smart use of story, and the concoction of a plan known as the ‘Diversion’ plan; a plan used to trick the enemy into attacking a false camp while the ‘real’ camp is built elsewhere so that the army may get a foothold in the given region. The author uses a good variety of music that adds depth, quality and story to the cut-scene nicely working with the given scenes, and has plenty of renamed units that have fairly to really creative names. There has been a good use of tricks, like as said before, the ‘Invisibility Cloak’ whereby a unit appears from the respective area renamed. There is the ‘Story-Instructions’ trick whereby dialogue appears on the edge of each sentence emphasizing suspense and contributes to the poetic flow of the story. The map design, I felt, was also creative and suited the scenario perfectly and the scenes were orchestrated to match the suspense throughout the cut-scene. With a good use of tricks, development of a fantastical atmosphere and creative names, the author achieves a perfect rating!

Map Design: (4.0)

The map design was very good in this cut-scene. The author certainly has a handle of terrain mixing, and knows how to use Gaia objects and organise the structures of settlements effectively and efficiently. The author has made good presentation of the lands of Corenthia as a fertile, spring seasoned land with the flowers in full bloom and the deep green setting along the meadows and fields with joy and strength. The road stretching into the camp is very nicely mixed with terrain to give a very seasoned feel and the fields’ array with rocks and ruins giving a sense of history. We then have a great use of plants and beautiful placement of trees along the hills and flats, ordaining a very natural feel. However, as good as the terrain was, because it was good, I felt the two cities in which both the opposing leaders dwell, lack individualism and characterization. Two cities were nicely conveyed, but I saw room for map copying, a bit more terrain mixing and some indications of a civilization, such would be a statue or two, or perhaps even some use of flags with the respective country’s colours on them. But there needed to be more than just plenty of flowers, something more to draw the eye across it. The terrain also, though very good, needed some refining and terrain mixing in some areas. It was rather unrealistic, too having wild boar and deer on the battlefields. In truth, the animals would have long run away with the sight of danger.

Story/ Instructions: (4.0)

The story was relatively good, although unoriginal in the aspect that it is the typical story of two warring kingdoms, the author finds a way to twist and turn it making for an interesting and particularly ‘new’ plot. I enjoyed the idea of a great land conquered by one army, then having to deal with another great war raging across her lands. One can really sense that futility and never-ending bloodshed that happens in times of war. In ‘Instructions’ the author denotes that we play on his recommended settings so that we get the best out of the cut-scene viewing. ‘History’ lacks what could have been the cut-scene’s signatory poem, and there were no hints, not like the audience needed any, but in future I would recommend the author not go into Hints if he is not going to supply any as to avoid blank screens. With blank screens showing, the cut-scene is degraded in a sense because it seems ‘un-polished’ and rough. The author received a 4.0 in this category for his good use of dialogue and story line, but falls short of a 5.0 because this area of the cut-scene was just too rough and left short for my taste. I was actually disappointed when I saw how rough this part of the scenario was. It needed more of a written aspect to it. I would recommend the author to add in his beautiful poem to the ‘History’ section and to polish up the opening screen. Also, I would recommend the author to, when the rest of the series is completed, to include this cut-scene as apart of it, not something on its own as to avoid a deduction in 'Story/ Instructions' for an unfinished story.

Overall the scenario lacks in what could have been a great cut-scene. It is good, but would do better to include a bitmap, a more ‘organized’ and polished up opening screen, and although none of this has been ratified to deduct, it would still be good to make the cut-scene visually attractive in these areas and to make for the best possible cut-scene.


Regarding my comments in ‘Playability’, the “design abrasions” I meant were particularly many of the design’s poor qualities I had come across while watching the cut-scene. The terrain needed some refurbishing, but that is explained further below and the story lacked in quality in some of the areas too as I felt something was missing. Also, create the map revealers by triggers instead of pre-set ones to avoid those horrible flashing green lines. The time creating them, and or placing them amongst the soldiers on the battlefields is well worth it and really shows that you have taken the time and care to make your cut-scene visually attractive and the best you can possibly get it at. Also, don’t forget to remove units as you go to avoid lag as I did come across some noticeable lag at the camp.

The terrain seemed to be lacking in some parts of the map too. These parts were namely the skirts of the camp (and the two cities, which I have already partly explained), which I felt there could have been a tab more grass one and or grass three and dirt three mixed in with some of the confines of the grass two. But don’t cover all of the grass two, as it is very nice and individual. Just apply, using the tiny brush, small amounts of terrain to mix and cover that unnecessary ‘bleakness’ of your scenario’s map design. As for King Asteplius IV’s castle, it seems unrealistic and rather bleak to have many flowers stacked atop one another. Try removing some of these and using some more terrain mixing and plants from the Gaia list instead. Actually make it look like a King's courtyard. Also, the walls seem a bit narrow, try extending them so that the court is more 'square' and roomy because the way it is is probably the reason why it doesn't look right.

Also, I encountered some spelling mistakes throughout the story. ‘Get’, straight after ‘innocent Corenthians’ should be changed to ‘being’ so that it is ‘innocent Corenthians being murdered’. ‘Fleed’ should be ‘fled’, ‘apon’ should be changed to ‘upon’ and ‘ditching’ should be ‘desertion’ to make for a more grammatically correct sounding. When the scout at the camp says "...I have returned from my scouting mission...", you should change it to something like "...I have returned from my infiltration of the Khalimdorians' line..." or something. Just try to spruce it up and make it sound more professional.

Also, you can get rid of the player-defeated messages at the end of your cut-scene by declaring victory to all players. This will certainly clean the end up for you and make it more professional.

In Short – The beginning of a surely great scenario!

In Closing – A must download!

[Edited on 07/02/08 @ 10:30 PM]

File Author
Great review, Mashek. :)
Jas the Mace1 Nice cut-scene....waiting for the whole game...hard to wait....

Jas the Mace
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I'm sorry for the mistakes in my review. When I've played the cutscene again, maybe twice, I'll change it to the better
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
The Review is updated

Oh, BTW, may I use the last song in any of my campaigns??? It would be perfect for Kerokato II you know.

[Edited on 06/12/06 @ 05:42 AM]

File Author
Hrm, I don't knoww... There are a lot of other songs that you could use from FF VII like the one I had. One Winged Angel is one of my favorites, along with J-E-N-O-V-A. Don't use them yet, though. I might be using them. ;)
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Map Design4.0
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