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A Dream of Conquest - Teaser

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
A Dream of Conquest - Teaser

Evening in a small town in Scotland, 2077
An old man sits thinks over his life
He has decided to write a book of all he has
encountered during his 85 years old life
He grabs his feather pencil and starts
writing his biography. A book who was
going to be a very famous book in the
future, and the proudness of the Glasgow

"Many long years has passed since this war began... years of death.... of evil... and of vengeance
The warlords of the world has fought each other as long as enyone can remember... the warlords of Earth... warriors fighting for rights, for monye, for fun, for death and for glory and honor.
But this isn't the Earth we know.

During the Hundred Years war, scientists from another galaxy started researching about time travelling and they tamed the forces of nature. They could now control massive weapons and tools to manipulate the Universe.
They used Earth as a project. They copied it into their galaxy, but someone had written in the wrong coordinates.
The New Earth crashed with the scienteists planet, Muugarxi, and erased life on it. Earth was however protected, as its original version never feeled the crash
At least thats what the scientists say... no one really knows how Earth managed to survive the crash

Anyway, life on the new Earth eveolved normally, except for the human history. They never discovered electricity, and most of the machiones from the Industrial Revolution. They where stuck in the 16th century, forever...

Though, some cities and places where given same names as they have on real Earth, such as Sweden and cities in it.

This story is about one of the great warlords, the one I have followed since he once entered the battlefield in 2014
His name is Lord Basse."

The Old man looked down on what he had written.
'It has been a long day' he thought.
He went to sleep
'I'll continue tomorrow'

This teaser takes place in the new Earth, described above.
Lord Basse leads his people, called the bassians, into times of war and peace. His dream has been the same since he started fighting. A Dream of creating a large empire, to be famous and feared, respected.
A Dream of Conquest
His search for an empire on Earth leads nowhere. He never manages to take more citites than his hometown, Tyringe, making the other warlords seeing him as a loser, a complete failure
But when he finds a dimensional portal in Scania, everything totally changes. He can now start creating his empire in real. His dream is coming true...

medium resolution (above 800x640)
no background music
sound effects to maximum volume
play on standard difficulty
do not move the cursor
do not use marco polo
DO not use marco polo
do NOT use marco polo
do not USE marco polo
do not use MARCO polo
do not use marco POLO
if you find any bugs, report to me via the Blacksmith

This is a plain cutscene, 12.39 minutes long. Its an intro for the full version of ADOC and will be included there too
This is the first and only teaser for ADOC that will be released. Then you can only wait for the full version, who hopefully will come this year

Comments and reviews are warmly welcomed, as I really want this campaign to be as good as possible


UPDATE to Version 2
I followed your advice and made the cutscene better. What I changed:
- Trebuchets attacks the towers at the siege
- Lord Basse doesn't immediately run to the leaders
- More bassian soldiers iat the siege

If there still are big bugs, or irritating things left, please comment and I'll do what I can to fix it
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
A Dream of Conquest - Teaser is an introductory cut-scene to a fictional story set in Scania, Sweden. It tells the story of Lord Basse, a warlord who is trying to realise his dream of creating a great empire.

This cut-scene has fair playability, and kept me fairly interested throughout the development of the story. Good use of sounds and music helps enhance the playability, and I particularly enjoyed the battle and ending sections with regard to this. 3

According the review guidelines, this cut-scene rates 5.

Most of the creativity I felt stemmed from the story, and the idea of a portal leading to other worlds sounds quite exciting. There were also some nice trigger effects used, mostly during the battles (I liked the stone piles behind the trebs ;) and I also like how you've used the heroes Constable Richmont, Duke d'Alencon and Alexander Nevski to bypass renaming the units once they've mounted their steeds. 3

This scenario shows promising use of the map editor features. Parts like Basse's base and inside the Iunari city I thought were quite well designed but could be easily improved. The first opening skirmish looked pretty good, but be careful not to overdo the use of flowers. It's tempting to cover the ground with them, but use them sparingly and cleverly and you'll acheive a much better look.
Also some parts, particularly the second skirmish and the area outside of the Iunari city I thought lacked a bit of diversity in the terrain and looked a little bare. A few added shrubs or rocks combined with mixing of grass and dirt, and this would enhance your map design greatly. 3+

Story/Instructions: 4-
The story I felt was the highlight of this scenario. Good use of the different colored texts between narrator and heroes and the different tribes, allows the player to easily identify who's speaking.
However it's never easy to organise the text in such a way so that it comes out fluently and I think it shows a bit with this scenario. For example, there were multiple parts where the dialogue has been displayed on levels 1 and 2 and then more dialogue displayed on level 0 while the text was still visible elsewhere. This can make the story hard to follow if the player doesn't know which line of text fits in where. Keep in mind that this is where the clear instruction effect comes in very handy.
Also there were still a number of spelling and grammatical errors, but seeing as English is not your first language I have not penalised you very much for this. If you like you can email me and I'll do up a list of all the corrections to make. 4-

OVERALL: A very nice cut-scene which will hopefully be the prelude to a great campaign.

SUGGESTIONS: My main focus here will be to provide some suggestions on improving your map design.
Firstly roads. It's quick and easy to make a road out of one style of terrain yet I'm sure you'll agree that taking a little bit extra time and adding a bit more variety will easily enhance the experience. On designing most roads I use a base like leaves or dirt 3 (especially through outdoor areas like forests), and then proceed to place diffent layers of the road terrain on top of this. Try not to cover your whole base terrain though, leaving some showing will help make the road look more realistic.
In the second skirmish you've used a lot of dirt 3. My suggestion here would be to mix in mostly dirt 1 and 2 and perhaps even a little grass 3 near the edges. The palisade walls actually look a little out of place, but instead of removing them, try adding a few rocks or even some piles of stone near them to make them fit in better. Also instead of using large clumps of trees, spreading them out and making them gradually clear towards the edges makes the forests look more realistic. Mix in with the oak trees some pine ones even some of the GAIA trees will also improve your forests.

Unfortunately that's all I have time for at the moment. With some more practice at mixing the terrain, I think you'll have a very bright future ahead of you :)

[Edited on 02/04/07 @ 09:33 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4-

This is (as the name would suggest) a teaser to a larger campaign. It was quite fun to watch, although it was not perfect by any means. One slight problem was that in the battle between the two tribes several men did not fight. Apart from this many scenes lack a totally polished effect, for example units appear out of nowhere and some movement among characters is a little odd (Candorus for one). Overall though it was enjoyable if not totally engaging to watch with humour nicely off-setting the action. Music was used to good effect. The only other problem is that some dialogue jars with the story. Basse leaves a tunnel and sees a forest, suddenly he knows that he has come through a portal and has found a new world. Bizarrely, he has even discussed with Candorus what would happen in such an event. The other time this happens is when Basse produces the unlikely line about his experts telling him there are no dimensional portals in Sweden.

Balance: 5

No fighting included.

Creativity: 4

Although the story and map design aren't terribly creative (honourable hero decides to conquer a massive empire) the scenario did have some original elements. The concept of portals is little used and the author has used a seldom seen "trick" with palisades. Nothing vastly new but unusual enough to maintain interest.

Map Design: 3-

This was a little sub-par. For the most part plants were just scattered with no particular order (example: a forest, with just a scattering of jungle and forest trees, on a solid leaves base). Many areas were quite bare and/or lacking in order. The best area is at the siege, but even here we see randomly placed jungle trees that are incogruent with the surroundings. The Iunari (how do we pronounce this by the way?) base is a curious mash of middle Eastern walls and castles, European style tents and some rather strange use of a forbidding dark wall (it gets stranger if you marco polo, but that does not affect this review).

Story/Instructions: 4-

Although mistakes are not rare, considering the author's nationality (and you won't get this wrong after watching) the grammar and spelling are good. The story is interesting enough to hold the attention, the unlikely dialogue described above notwithstanding, and the author's use of humour is good. (Although for a campaign about the author making the gratest empire in the universe some of the humour is quite self-deprecating, but this is refreshing). Despite the story seeming a little rushed (for example: the names of the tribes) it can hold up and still provides entertainment, just take it at face value and don't look too closely.

Overall: A promising start to a campaign promising more of the same, with hopefully a slightly better standard.

Good points:

+ Humour
+ Story idea
+ No overly complex plot

Minus points:

- Map design
- Consistency in story and dialogue

[Edited on 01/15/07 @ 01:41 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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