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Rise Of A Nation

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rise Of A Nation~~~~~~~~~
Introduction: Long ago in a land far away live elves and humnas. They lived togeather in almost a perfect world. But one day a great evil was arisen from the deep, and walked the land like it hand some thousand years ago.
It took control of the deminishing orcs and built them up into a grand empire.
The evil spreed across the land, it was ready to destroy all good.
The humans and elves needed a hero, So they turned to you, can you hold back the ocs can you rise up and defeat this ever growing nation.........
Basicly a great evil has taken control of the orcs and has made them powerful. The humans and elves are not aware of this and carry on there lives. they do not see untill it is to late. You have to defend the humans and destroy the great evil and orcs at the same time. So are you ready?

Best played on -HARD- mode

Scenarios: 4
2=the first attack
3=the fight back
4=the end cutscene

Thanks to:
Me for creating it.
The map designer for some help with things.
And everyone else that heped out.
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File Author
Thank you. Your comments are much helpful.
I don't know why the end cutscene crashes all the time it hasn't ahppened to me before. I will fix it and update that.
Official Reviewer
I played the campaign and the end cut-scene even four times, no crash for me. :)
laz123 This is an excellent game and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Well done. Did you enjoy it Tanneur99?
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
This is a four-scenario campaign about the humans, and their allies, having to fight against the orcs who have been siezed by a great evil which has caused them to develop an extreme bloodlust. The first scenario is a cutscene, the next two are quasi-fixed force (you have resources and military buildings but no villagers) and the last is a short cutscene and one-on-one battle combined.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have some fun playing this campaign, but there are a number of areas in which there is scope for improvement. You can have some decent battles on above-average maps, there may be occasions when you have your hands full, and, even if it is a bit on the easy side, crushing your enemies can still be fun. The cutscene is reasonably well done, although in the main battle sequence a number of blue units stand still and watch rather than fight. The option of giving the player military buildings and resources means you must choose how to spend those resources, but the challenge is considerably weakened by the fact that you are given far too many of them, much more than you could ever possibly need to win. The story is a bit limited, with no explanation of Captain Godwin or the shah/king characters. I experienced a bit of lag in the second scenario, which may be due to my aging PC. There were no objectives shown, and though when in doubt, it’s usually safe to assume conquest victory conditions, it’s easy enough to add an objective trigger. That said, even after defeating everyone I couldn’t win the third scenario. One other issue: Captain Godwin died in the third scenario but was magically resurrected in the fourth (if he mustn’t die, say so).

As usual (playing on hard), I found this too easy, and as I make this complaint every time I’ll elaborate on this a bit later. Firstly, you start with a lot of resources and a well-defended town with walls and towers. As we know the AI has a fondness for pointlessly attacking walls so even when they do attack you hardly need to panic, just get a few elbows on stand ground and bob’s your uncle. In the second scenario, the lack of siege weapons is a minor problem (the AI didn’t have any either) but as I was under fire from the yellow castle – the only time in the whole campaign when things were even slightly challenging – yellow suddenly resigned (this happened on standard level too). Also, your allies help and, using taunts, you can instruct them to attack. I wonder if this is intentional. The powered-up monk(s) help redress the balance a little but not enough. The campaign relies on the game’s inbuilt features to cater for different difficulty levels, e.g. reduced line of sight on easier levels. My complaint about balance in most of my reviews is that the odds are too even between the human and the AI. For decent balance, at least on the harder levels, the odds must be stacked against the human because, as we all know, the AI does lots of stupid things. The human brain is a wonderful thing and should not be underestimated. For every unit the human player has, the computer should be given several more and/or better units. That’s a bit crude, but the main point is that with the combination of micro skills, use of counters and common sense the human player starts with a huge advantage over the computer.

The map designs are rather good. The author added a few other creative touches - the statues, freeing the slaves, renaming some of the units, and the (unexplained) secret gates (which I don’t think entirely work because of the unit used). Also, the ending was quite poetic.

The maps are generally well done, with a mixture of terrains and elevation, and were well spread out without having to walk too far. The second one is the pick of the bunch. In places there are odd conjunctions, such as deserts and jungle next to oak forests, and in parts the maps are a bit too full of stuff for my taste. But overall it looks as though the author has given this a lot of attention.

There is an outline story but it doesn’t go into much depth and there are unexplained characters in the campaign. It would have been nice to get the details fleshed out. The lack of objectives is a pity, and there are neither bitmaps nor scouts. Lastly, there are innumerable spelling errors. I don’t expect to find none but there are simply too many here and more effort should have been made to pick them up – use a spellchecker or ask in the forums. I don’t think I’m asking the impossible.

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Map Design4.0
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