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Legends of Chila

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
By Oliver, member of Tsunami Studios

This is a short cutscene depicting the events that took place ages ago in the legendary realm of Chila, where the Shapeshifters - people with the ability to turn themselves into animals - lived. The two brothers Virgil and Zanath return to Chila after a thousand years in exile, but they return to bitter tears and a Chila at war.

It is not likely that this will ever become a campaign, at least not in a two-year perspective. I made it because I wanted to explore the possibilities the AoK editor has to offer for fictitious fantasy stories. I attempted to express emotion, feelings, a kind of "Paradise Lost" atmosphere. It is also my mot poetic work so far. My ambition was to make art, not just a game.

This cutscene requires a high-performance computer. I've personally got a laptop with a 2,66 Mhz P4 processor and 512 Mb of RAM, and it runs this cutscene without the slightest lag. I also tested it on a six years old computer with a 1,4 Mhz processor and 128 Mb of RAM, and it managed to run it with some lag. The result was that the music went slightly out of sync with the cutscene. This can unfortunately not be fixed. So, if you have the opportunity to play this on a good comp, please do so. :-)


PS. Sorry for the big file size. I don't want to compress the music too hard. DS.

PPS. Thanks to Mashek for inspiration (not to mention a few excellent sounds I shamelessly borrowed from him ;-) DDS.
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Darkjedilarry da goodliest cutscene ever; besides the fact that you do all those trigger trix that nobody knows about, or mabye its just me, XD. the only thing was that you repeated the same words, like "son", or "brother". that got annoying fast, but besides that, i hope you can do other things like this (god commands you to make a sequel)
edit:and i agree with SOK. *sniffle*

[Edited on 06/28/06 @ 12:11 AM]

Ingo van Thiel Great cutscene, oliver. Very epic and atmospheric, with lots of surprising tricks and twists.
Dantares IV Absolutely excellent!!!!! I think this is the best cutscene I have ever saw before!!!!!
Map Design5.0
The BEST Cut-Scene in the entire Blacksmith, hands down. Dont even argue with me, it's simply THE BEST.

Playability: 5
Perfect, The Cut-scene was perfect

Balance: 5
Auto 5

Creativity: 5
The best effects, sounds and map design as well as plot and script came together in a perfect poem-like cut-scene that was a work of beauty

Map Design: 5
The map was intriguing and well done, I especially liked the way that Oliver included all of the different terrains (ex. Sea's, Desert, Mountains) and of course the Fortress was awe inspiring

Story/Instructions: 5
The plot is deep and well concoted and definately left me wanting more of Chila and it's war

Additional Comments:
Download no matter what. even if you do get serious lag just sit it out, or in fact buy a brand new computer simply to watch this cut-scene in it's full effect and glory

Great job Oliver

BIHSting A question: How did you get the archers to be visible through the fog of war?

BTW, wonderful cutscene. Very inspiring. :)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
He didn't use archers.... I think... some units are visible through fog of war. I think one of them is some RCARC or some other strange name
Dantares IV I believe it is the outlaw. If you really wanted to know you could allways type the cheat to find out.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
“Legends of Chila” by Oliver, is a cutscene scenario about an old man’s tale to his son about Virgil and Zanath, exiles from Chila who return to a nation at war.

Playability: - The playability for a cutscene was immense. Whereas cutscenes have gradually got more and more complex, this seems like a giant leap forward, in both how it draws the viewer in and helps keep there interest throughout. There were elements, which seemed a little cliché by idea, having the characters travel over different types of land and sea. Despite this, the cutscene recovered well from this and continued to impress.

Balance: - According to the review tutorial a cut-scene rates five for Balance.

Creativity: - There are tricks in this cutscene that will copied a hundred-fold. The star’s idea with the Display Instructions was great and I’ll remember for a long time. Tricks are here in abundance, including the remove all revealed areas trick, patrol use simulating marching armies, revealers being used for dawn. The idea of having shapeshifters isn’t new unto itself, the Sabato series is also noticeable for that. However, it’s the way the author has gone about pulling it off that is different, with the custom sounds helping a great deal.

Map Design: - The map design was of a high standard throughout, I myself would say at some times it seemed a little too much, with the first view of the lands of Chila having perhaps too many plants. This did help depict a lush, green landscape however. One of the first scenes impressed me the most with the way the bushes around the statue as Virgil and Zanath looked up at the stars stood out, and was particularly impressive.

Story/Instructions: - Well the story is really what brings this piece to life, despite as I have briefly mentioned some elements that have been well used before, Old Men depicting stories and travelling over many different landscapes. As the story drew on I was compelled to watch more, my only gripe was that I was expecting to see a large fight at the end. However, as a designer I understand the need to keep a viewer left wanting more and for that I commend you.

Overall: - I think part of the success of the "Legends of Chila" is down to the music, moving at times, which fitted it perfectly at the start. As the cutscene continued the music got moodier in time with the plot. I was kept deeply engrossed during the time I spent watching this cutscene and the last time I enjoyed a project as much was under Mark Stoker or Ingo Van Thiel.

If you don’t download this cutscene, I’d be highly surprised. Oliver has been talked about as a great designer, and this is exceptional work. Roll on Lighting & Thunder!

[Edited on 07/23/06 @ 09:05 AM]

jml Can't review because of team rules! So I'll comment only, bammer...
It's strong, I can't find anything else to say about this cutscene. Strong, together, firmly and creatively directed. One solid piece of story, with anything into it to make it... fantastic.
And strong.
Bravo and merci.
kevmo5 i haven't yet downloaded it yet but i'll have to use the campaign Xtractor utility to figure out your methods of madness, but i'll do that tomorow when i have time(i have crappy dial-up
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Map Design5.0
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