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Legends of Chila

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
By Oliver, member of Tsunami Studios

This is a short cutscene depicting the events that took place ages ago in the legendary realm of Chila, where the Shapeshifters - people with the ability to turn themselves into animals - lived. The two brothers Virgil and Zanath return to Chila after a thousand years in exile, but they return to bitter tears and a Chila at war.

It is not likely that this will ever become a campaign, at least not in a two-year perspective. I made it because I wanted to explore the possibilities the AoK editor has to offer for fictitious fantasy stories. I attempted to express emotion, feelings, a kind of "Paradise Lost" atmosphere. It is also my mot poetic work so far. My ambition was to make art, not just a game.

This cutscene requires a high-performance computer. I've personally got a laptop with a 2,66 Mhz P4 processor and 512 Mb of RAM, and it runs this cutscene without the slightest lag. I also tested it on a six years old computer with a 1,4 Mhz processor and 128 Mb of RAM, and it managed to run it with some lag. The result was that the music went slightly out of sync with the cutscene. This can unfortunately not be fixed. So, if you have the opportunity to play this on a good comp, please do so. :-)


PS. Sorry for the big file size. I don't want to compress the music too hard. DS.

PPS. Thanks to Mashek for inspiration (not to mention a few excellent sounds I shamelessly borrowed from him ;-) DDS.
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BaronPraxis Basically, when a friend recommended this, I thought it would be just another cut-scene, I was impressed by the Reviews andwas curious what all the fuss was about. I sat there, all during the cut-scene, jaw-dropped to the desk, a string of saliva drooling out my mouth, this would have to be my best experienced yet.

Well done.
Official Reviewer
Even after watching this after so many months the cut-scene still is eye opening, jaw dropping and simply captivating! If you haven't downloaded this, regardless whether you like cut-scenes or not, do so now!
Rebel Troop This is a great cut-scene, I hope you make a campaign from it. ITS TOO interesting not to.
tyler_t_rocks If he dosent make the next part maby someone should ask him if thay could make it.
sly_guy Simply amazing. Incredible.

Pity I had'nt seen this before today.
ZayanK A masterpiece. As simple as that. This will shatter your conceptions on what is possible in a cut-scene.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5+
This is a pure cutscene, but even if you don't generally enjoy them it's well worth a look. The author makes excellent use of music and sounds to build atmosphere, and that with the high quality composition and story makes this probably the most entertaining cutscene around. It is almost cinematic in some respects and absolutely deserves the full rating.

Balance: 5
The cutscene works in accordance with the designer's intentions, with the player never intended to face a struggle to survive. A straight five.

Creativity: 5+
The cutscene excels again here, with the designer using the same old editor to create some quite brilliant effects. Of particular mention is the night scene at the start with the stars suspended in the sky in an ingenious way. The creativity just as much lies in the details however, such as the way shapeshifting is done, a subtle trick to keep dead bodies from rotting away and various intricate pieces of map design. One of the most creative scenarios in the Blacksmith, and again easily full marks.

Map Design: 5+
The map design is green and fantastical and is also of the highest quality. A dramatic fort, mountains and rolling countryside are all portrayed very well, and in a way that perfectly suits the story and cutscene. There is excellent attention to detail, and the end result is aesthetically impeccable.

Story/Instructions: 4+
The story is well written and very well conveyed in the cutscene, although little of it is given away, as this is more a prologue than anything else. The story itself has enough new about it to keep it interesting, and I can't fault the designer's story telling ability in AoK. However, the story is very much not finished and lacks any sort of conclusion, and there is not even any implication of how it would continue. It seems a shame to mark down such an otherwise exceptional scenario, but the guidelines state to be harsh in uncompleted areas, and the story here does not stand on its own. This is, unfortunately, critical, as the story is nothing like substantial enough to be carried off in this format alone. Therefore I award a high four.

Despite being unable to award it full marks in every category, I absolutely recommend downloading this, or you'll be missing out. It has some of the best map design, story telling, creativity and direction of any scenario or campaign, despite being unfinished.
BillytheKid Please make a Part 2 if you have time.

[Edited on 09/21/08 @ 06:15 PM]

The_Hoser Wow...This was amazing, I'm Impressed. I was touched...I need a part 2. I rate this 6 out of 5 stars...
G omega the effects in the scenario are exelent!
the starting map are a good job!

But I see it was a prologue. Of wath?

[Edited on 12/08/10 @ 12:17 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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