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Legends of Chila

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
By Oliver, member of Tsunami Studios

This is a short cutscene depicting the events that took place ages ago in the legendary realm of Chila, where the Shapeshifters - people with the ability to turn themselves into animals - lived. The two brothers Virgil and Zanath return to Chila after a thousand years in exile, but they return to bitter tears and a Chila at war.

It is not likely that this will ever become a campaign, at least not in a two-year perspective. I made it because I wanted to explore the possibilities the AoK editor has to offer for fictitious fantasy stories. I attempted to express emotion, feelings, a kind of "Paradise Lost" atmosphere. It is also my mot poetic work so far. My ambition was to make art, not just a game.

This cutscene requires a high-performance computer. I've personally got a laptop with a 2,66 Mhz P4 processor and 512 Mb of RAM, and it runs this cutscene without the slightest lag. I also tested it on a six years old computer with a 1,4 Mhz processor and 128 Mb of RAM, and it managed to run it with some lag. The result was that the music went slightly out of sync with the cutscene. This can unfortunately not be fixed. So, if you have the opportunity to play this on a good comp, please do so. :-)


PS. Sorry for the big file size. I don't want to compress the music too hard. DS.

PPS. Thanks to Mashek for inspiration (not to mention a few excellent sounds I shamelessly borrowed from him ;-) DDS.
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jsnjsn761 Hello, I'm aoc player from Hong Kong, I 've upload this movie onto Hong Kong nakuz forum however the reaction was not good. Can i translate it into Chinese version?
Official Reviewer
Cinematic cutscenes are something of a hit and miss phenom. Although their inclusion is praised often by the discerning and acclaimed authors\reviewers over the years, there are always those comments on the very highest quality files complaining that the story is boring, or that it was slow paced. For myself, i had spent the majority of my AoC "career" playing 1v1 huns wars on arabia, which may well mark me as a neanderthal in the eyes of some here on AoKH. I felt some trepidation in even approaching the subject as perhaps not being inclined to appreciate the content correctly. I would still maintain that many top rated scenarios and campaigns have slow, dragging intros that damage the work as a whole, but would my opinion on the subject as a whole change a bit if checked out some of the best the cinematic scenario department had to offer?

Legends of Chila is a great example of how do cinematic intros correctly. It managed to hold the viewers attention the whole way, which requires a combination of good pacing and a combination of compelling, if slightly cliche, concepts. The use of a star scene and a solid attempt(or outright success?) at a hillside viewing of these stars was quite impressive. Even so the viewer has to be willing to engage this scene, as it doesnt quite work automatically with AoCs limited 2d graphics engine, probably part of why so many "casual" passerby commentators take issue with cinematics in general. The final scene with the army marching was quite a buildup, leaving you wanting to see what comes next and how the author could ramp it up;unfortunately it seems the sequel\conclusion wont be coming.

The map design was excellent. From the opening scene with a nicely decorated hillside giving the player a different perspective to lovely countrysides, its all done on a high level and stacks up well today. The transition from jungle castle to the snowy japanese wonder was nicely handled. The one weak spot that really stands out is the snowy, rocky mountains to the righthand side during this scene.

I couldnt follow the authors recommended resolution for obvious reasons, so i tried 1280x720. I did dislike the use of chat 14 to commence the game;its an immersion breaking oddity. Im not sure if the author played against humans much, but anyone who has detests that taunt. The scene were the birds become men again and the camera was dragged up the road was terrible from a technical point of view. The trees and other objects glitched into the air and the camera shake was almost to the point of inducing motion sickness. You could much of the blame for this on AoCs trigger and graphics engine however.

So did i change my mind on cinematic scenarios? Not entirely. Despite being a good, entertaining, worthwhile watch, its still not the type of content i would seek out deliberately. It was plenty good enough for me to consider trying out atleast a few more of these.

[Edited on 02/19/17 @ 08:57 AM]

Official Reviewer
"The trees and other objects glitched into the air and the camera shake was almost to the point of inducing motion sickness."

You weren't using Userpatch were you? This is a bug in which consecutive change view effects cause every GAIA object to dislocate from the terrain and become warped until you hit the enter bar to refresh it, otherwise it should work fine on 1.0c.

You're right about the map design standing up to today's standards. It is still, for me personally, a wonderful cinematic to watch after ten years.
Official Reviewer
Whoops, i was. Its very hard for me not to use Userpatch as the go-to version as i couldnt get a normal widescreen patch working on my 1.0c, only a windowed mode which is better than nothing but still annoying
Andanu Trisatya Just watched this again after many years... Definitely not an exaggeration if I consider this the best cinematic that has ever been created... and it does not even use any data editing or modding.

My designing flame which has been dying for a long time has begun to lit again.
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