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TIC HoU Templates

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The Invisibility Cloak Hold off Unit

If you've seen the old HoU, by Berserker Jerker, I'm sure you've probably thought to yourself, "How could this get any better?". Well now there is finally a way to improve on this great utility. Using a a recently discovered method, called "Cloaking", I've managed to create HoU's similar to Berserker's old ones, just more improved and practical. Here is a quote from Berserker Jerker's utilities description:

"Many scenario designers use something called a “hold off unit” when creating a scenario. This is usually a single unit for player 1 in the corner of the map; its purpose is to stop the player from receiving the defeated signal during cut scenes etc. Many designers try to hide the hold off unit to stop players interfering with game play, placing a unit inside a transport ship is a popular choice.

Well with this template a hidden unit has already been placed on a blank map, allowing designers to create their scenarios without having to worry about the hold off unit. The advantage with this template over others is that it uses no triggers, doesn’t add to population count, no units can be selected via the short cut keys, and there is virtually no indication of a hidden unit. Even typing “marco polo” will not reveal the hidden unit, and enemy units will not shoot at the hidden unit either, so it’s safe to design very close (but not on top) to the corner of the map where the hidden unit is. The only thing that gives the trick away slightly is a very small piece of “Fog of War” in the right corner of the map."

Now I'd like to direct you attention to a specific line form this quote, " it’s safe to design very close (but not on top)...". This is where the TIC HoU becomes important. The TIC HoU has all the same glorious features as the original HoU does, except it has huge advantage, you design right on top of the HoU! Wit this HoU, you can design absolutely anywhere on the map without having to worry about losing the HoU, messing up the HoU, or running out of space on top of the HoU. Since the HoU is technically not even "on" the map, you can not disrupt it. I don't know about everyone else, but I love designing in corners, and it can be annoying to not be able to design right in that corner, but with TIC HoU, you can.

The TIC HoU also has a few more advantage over the original HoU. One those advantages are the size issues. Using an Invisible Tile, as Berserker Jerker did for the original HoU, make the size of your scenario much bigger. Since the Invisible Tile is essentially many objects stacked on top of each other, the scenario becomes bigger, just as it would if you added more regular units to the scenario. This TIC HoU does not use an excessive amount of stacked units, so your scenario will remain as small as it normally would.

A couple other small features that the original HoU does not have are:

No units show up on the mini-map.
No cliffs to block your design area.
Includes three extra, custom size maps.
Includes HoU's for for all 8 players.

Final Note: This utility is great for multiplayers as well. The TIC HoU includes HoU's for all 8 players, unlike the original HoU templates. And if you don't want all 8 players, just simply lower the number of players form the player tab in the editor, the HoU's won't be affected.

Special thanks to Berserker Jerker, who deserves 99.9% of the credit for this. Without his original idea for this template, I doubt I would have ever thought to use TIC for this.
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Rating: 5.0
To start out: this utility is marvelous. It lets you build and build and build with no limitations, which is great for ANY designer. The fact that it took BJ's utility further is great, but making it for 8 different players, which is great for multiplayer. It also only shows 3 squares in the far right corner of the map, making it very near to invisible. You can also build right on top of it, which is wonderful for designing to the full map size. Great job, newIdea! This is a great little tool! :)
Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
The TIC HoU Template is newIdea's updated version of Beserker Jerker's Hold off Unit Template. It uses newIdea's Invisibility Cloak utility.

The TIC HoU is exactly the same as Beserker Jerker's version but has one advantage. You can build on top of the Hold off Unit! This means you don't have to waste any map space.

The Tic HoU is much more useful than the original because you can build anywhere on the map and you only have a small piece Fog of War in the corner.

Included in the download is Hold off Units for all of the in-game map sizes (tiny - giant) as well as three custom map sizes and TIC HoUs for all eight players.

Additional Comments:
A great improveent from Beserker Jerker's original template and a MUST download for scenario designing. Especially good for cinamtic scenarios


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