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LotR Minas Tirith

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
THis is an updated version of my older level, but due to problems my new code name is Dantares IV, therefore I cannot update my levels.

This is a level where you are the orcs attacking Minas Tirith.


Any criticism, constructive or non, is welcomed.

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joelh first download :) lol
i will post a review when ive played it
duskxiv how do you do the armor bonus?
Dantares IV
File Author
Armor bonus, what are you talking about!?!?
joehl, I can't wait to see the review.

[Edited on 07/04/06 @ 04:56 PM]

The Sad Clown Ahh, yes, another scenario based off of battles from Tolkien's books. Does anyone ever consider making a map where you play as Frodo, rather than the pre-doomed soldiers of Gondor? Wait, forget I said that - that's my project.
Anyway, I'd like to know before I download what is in this updated version that's abscent in the original? I question my opinion on the first one enough to ask beforehand.
Dantares IV
File Author
Well clown, I was able to update this one over my other older one. The rules is very simple. Play as the orcs and deafeat Minas Tirth. Kill the main leaders: Gandalf, Legolas, Gimly, Aragon, and the Dead Army. I hope you enjoy it and give me comments
Map Design3.0
Minas Tirith is a 1 level scenario that lets you play Mordor in the Battle For Minas Tirith in the late 3e Age of Middle Earth.
Playability: 3
there was a small lag on my laptop when playing this scenario.but overal it was good to good have done more and better triggers(like let the army of rohan arrive,the capers of umbar)

Balance: 2
you (playing as mordor) are having to much soldiers.its quit easy to win this and when you break through al level al Gondor soldiers stay where they are and you can slaughter them 1 by 1.

Creativity: 4
i liked the way you tried to reconstruct the mess before the gate of Minas Tirith.also the flying rocks from the trebutchets where good created

Map Design: 3
good be beter on some points like : the upper levels of Minas Tirith and Pelenor Fields.the good places where : Osgiliath and the Mordor Base.

Story/Instructions: 3
everybody knows of course the whole story about that big fight there but the instructions were good and clear

Additional Comments:
a Fair try for the next time watch this points : There good be more triggers ( like let the army of Rohan arrive,the army of dead and Mordor reinforcments)The city could be with more buildings,Pelenor Fields with more different grass styles and dirt styles,and make it more balanced.

[Edited on 07/12/06 @ 07:24 PM]

Dantares IV
File Author
Thanks for the review joehl, I might not have put it in the instructions but rohan had already come and had been slaughtered. The dead army was allready inside Minas Tirth. I probably should have put in a few more buildings but to tell you the truth, I have been busy on my new campaign The Seige of Belgium. I worked on Minas Tirth in my spare time so I really just wanted to make it a little better than the previus one. Thanks for the review. I think you were right on the money
The Sad Clown [finally decides to download] -!- Wait, this is an improvement! Nicely reinforced from what was previously abscent. Even if rohan's army had died and the dead army was already loitering in Minas Tirith, It still would've been great to see dozens of knights and ghosts flank you from the sides... trebechets were a pleasant spice, though.
The Sad Clown
Map Design3.0
This is an improvement from the first scenario, though my reveiw my not make it appear so (uh-oh!)

Playability: 3
A bit of lag to begin with, but it cleared up within the next minute. You are given way, way, way to many soldiers than you can handle, which turned the whole game into a mess of literally thousands of soldiers holding still. That's bad for the scenario, but good for my computer - I'm not sure It'd be able to handle that much movement at a time. But all in all, You can catapult your orks wherever you want along the walls, spilling an ocean of blood as you do so. But where the hell was my ram when I needed it most!? 3.

Balance: 3
Between outnumbering your opponent 3:1, outclassing him, and being able to create a champion every nine seconds at all of your Watch Towers (I assume they play the roll of "Seige Towers", but you said it yourself that you weren't able to rename them - I had no trouble.=S), it's pretty obvious who gas a better chance at victory. But I can't give you a 1 for that - this is based off the book, after all, and in the book, Minas Tirith had nearly no hope of defending their fortress! I think this would make a better multiplayer scenario rather that a garunteed victory single player match. 3.

Creativity: 2
Creativity is a hard resource to come by when you base a scenario off of something else, especially something that has dozens of scenario's based off of it. Unfortunately, this isn't a Lord of the Rings map that sticks out any more than the others. It's hard to shine when you have such guidelines, which is why I'm being merciful enough to raise your grade to a 2. 2.

Map Design: 3
It was two steps away from being good enough to get a 5. Step #1: Watch the movie and take notes on the terrain surrounding Minas Tirith, then design the map like so rather that a Dirt 1 wasteland. Step #2 = The 4/7 levels of Minas Tirith were much, much narrower than they were in this scenario, and was also much busier with cliffs, buildings, and rubble. Seeing as how there is 7 elevation levels and seven levels in the book Minas Tirith, it's only suitible that you should've squshed the streets a bit and made all seven. Now for constructive critique - AWESOME job on the rubble outside the gates, and it's great that you included the enterance to the cave, I smile that you even included siege towers, and the Mouth of Soron was my favorite character in the books. I'd give you a 2.5, but I can't. Again, I take pity on the challenge of making this scenario, so I'll round in up instead of down.

Story/Instructions: 3
The scenario story was replaced with a demand to read the book! Ha ha ha! I absolubtly agree! Anyway, the instructions were simple enough (as simple as they needed to be - Kill the Uberunits), but the hints were a tad too specific (I.e. = "Go south, then east to find more units" / could've been = "Find the lazy orcs and force them to fight") There were a tad too many typo's for comfort, but it didn't stand in the way too much. 3.

Additional Comments:
A mediocre scenario in all. Worth a download from LOTR fans who love comaring AOK scenario's to see which one clings more to the books. It's also worthy enough to be posted, unlike so many other LOTR maps... but not by much.

The best way to describe this scenario would be: it's like "Where's Waldo?", with your beefed up ram replacing the freak in the red-and-white striped clothes.

[Edited on 07/12/06 @ 08:09 PM]

Dantares IV
File Author
Well, thanks for your opinions on the campaign. I would greatly apprciate more comments:)
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Map Design3.0
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