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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
This is a small 2 player map where 2 kings face each other off.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Jas the Mace1 I had been playing for about 8-10 minutes...I was just getting in to the grove of the game...when I suddenly won.??...looks like a good smash game...maybe some terrain and elevation to add to the battle scenes.?...Overall a good job.!..

Jas the Mace
duskxiv post a description!

[Edited on 07/03/06 @ 04:37 PM]

Map Design5.0
This is basically a 1v1 game between you and a computer, you play the Britons and you opponent plays the Persians. There are two forts on the map, one owned by you and the other owned by the computer. Each fort occupies about 1/3 of the map. You both start with 10k of each resource.

Playability: 4
This map was quite enjoyable to play. The designer has succeeded quite well in making a map, which is almost entirely military (you have to gather resources yourself but this is pretty simple, as your opponent cannot attack your economy because it is all at the centre of your fort).

Balance: 1
I had to give this category a 1 as, playing on hardest, beat the game quite easily on my first try. (Second try, technically, as I quit the first game because the enemy changed diplomatic stance to neutral at the start of the first game, which would've made it even easier.)
I was pleased to see that the starting positions of the players were exactly the same. (If you look closely, there are some differences, ie if you fold the map in half then one player's castle is two squares off the location of the other's, but there's no point worrying about that, as it has no effect on gameplay.)
An idea I had to improve the difficulty, I'm not sure it would work though, is to set some 'Create Unit' triggers for p2, so you have more of the enemy to fight.

Creativity: 4
It wasn't absolutely original, just a regicide victory condition, but the starting position is vastly different from RM and most other CS maps I've seen. Good work in this regard.

Map Design: 5
Basically, it's just a blank sheet of grass with a river running through, but when I considered the possibilities of adding different terrain such as desert, dirt and leaves, different elevations and forests, it was pretty obvious that such things would've taken a lot away from the quality of the game, as it was designed to be just a flat battlefield (with the two forts on it). Some dirt and stuff would have been good, but the map is fine as it is.

Story/Instructions: 2
Pretty simple; clear instructions, bad spelling and no story whatsoever.

Additional Comments: Alroys has done pretty well in designing a reasonably original map with good gameplay and suitable map design, but needs to increase the difficulty, and, to score higher in a review (although it has no impact on gameplay) improve the spelling of the instructions and add a story.
It is a pretty good game if you like battles, but it's too easy, and would work better on multiplayer.

[Edited on 07/16/06 @ 12:20 AM]

File Author
I have updated the map

I have changed the starting age to the Castle Age,the pop limit to 200,no all techs, removed the 3rd player and changed the computer to the persions.

And sorry about my spelling.
duskxiv ok. where can i get the updated map?
File Author
just redownload it from here
duskxiv i've played the update, and i like it much better than 1,1. there are just a couple of things that i think should be changed

* reduce starting resources. You can research Imperal age and Spies/Tresaon from the start, which takes a little away from the strategy of the game - no element of surprise with spies, and if you were to reduce starting resources so you cannot go straight to Imp Age then one would have to balance their military and economy enough so that they don't get caught with imperial age and no army against castle age and 100 troops, or castle age and a large army against imp age and a medium army (50 imp soldiers often beat 100 castle, especially if reinforcements can be sent in)
its much better with pop 200 and no all tecs, though.

* increase difficulty. i dunno whats the best way to do this, probably either include an AI file in the scenario or set up the create unit trigger I mentioned earlier.


[Edited on 07/03/06 @ 10:43 PM]

Jas the Mace1 To Alroys

To Increase Difficultly:


Condition: Hard...Hardest.?..maybe not that much..

(you could also place enemy soldiers..somewhere.?)

Jas the Mace

[Edited on 07/04/06 @ 12:42 AM]

laz123 It had the potential to be a very good game, but why do so many designers put in loads of bombard towers with no trebuchets. It would have been better if the enemy had more troops attacking and no bombard towers. It gets tedious producing ongers and archers just to take out the towers.
File Author
I designed this map for 1.0c so you would be able to use battering rams to take them down easily,as it take 270 hits from a bombard tower to kill it.


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Map Design5.0
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