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Fury Blood

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 8
Fury Blood

Fury Blood is a new blood for AoC. At first glance, it may look similar to most bloods, but it features many new things, including 4 stores, all completely different.

One store is the "Hero Store", where you buy new units to spawn, including Ghengis Khan, Kushluk, Belisarius, and more. YoYou get a missionary to buy new things here every 90 kills.

Another store is the "Miscellaneous store". Here you can buy units on the road terrain in your base power up, a blacksmith, a ceasefire, and more. You get a Friar Tuck here for shopping every 125 kills.

Also, there is the "Free Store". Here you can buy +200 tower attack, a super saboteur, kill all enemies in your base, and more. You get a monk here for buying things every 6:30.

Lastly, there is the "Razing Store". Here you can choose from +2000 tower HP, a bombard tower behind in your base, 20 Elite Tarkans, and more. You get a monk here for shopping every razing.

The unit lineup is this (the numbers are kill numbers):
100= Elite Berserk
200= Elite Woad Raider
300= Elite Jaguar Warrior
400= Elite Chu Ko Nu
500= Elite Samurai
600= Elite Throwing Axeman
700= Elite Plumed Archer
800= Elite Teutonic Knight
900= Elite Longbowman
1000= Elite Cataphract
1100= Elite Mangudai
1200= Elite Mameluke
1400= Elite War Wagon
1600= Elite Conquistador
1800= Elite Jannisary
2000= Elite War Elephant

Incase you don't know how most bloods are played, you have to destroy the enemies' towers to win. In the stores, the number of flags is the number of shoppers the item costs. So, for example, in the Hero Store, there are 7 flags in front of Robin Hood. That means if you have 7 missionaries and you bring them there, you lose the 7 missionaries, and you get Robin Hood for spawning.

Remember you can also buy units to spawn in the Hero Store.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
MELEE_MASTER yay i was the first to download!
who made most of the map u or rambit?
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
This one is very funny. This was the first blood I played, and I'm far from disapointed.
This is great! Massive battles, and lots of fun! Something everyone should play :-)

If you want a review, I would gladly give you one!
File Author
Thanks, Basse, and a review would be nice. Keep in mind that there isn't much eye candy because that causes lag in multiplayer, when you review map design.
L_L_Leader Hey. Your ImpeachedBard0, right? Pretty cool and no bugs so far.

[Edited on 05/23/07 @ 10:50 PM]

File Author
Yes, I'm Impeachedbard0 (now WATC_Impeached) on the zone.

[Edited on 05/23/07 @ 10:54 PM]

wingedbasher911 Sounds good but i think store games are starting to get boring don't you think?
File Author
It isn't a store game..Try it out before you post please.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
First of all, I must say this was my first blood, and I cannot say that its boring. Its extremly fun!
Now to start

Playability: V
This map played without bugs, as much as I could find, and it was easy to understand what to do. For first time blood gamers (like me) it could be a bit hard to get started, but as you have human players against you, who explain, you learn fast.
There might be lag problems when playing lots of players, but as I've just played with 2 others maximaly, I haven't encountered lag. Except once when it all just stopped. But thats not specific for this one.
I really enjoyed playing this blood, and therefor I give this a V

Balance: V
The game was very balanced. All start with same units, but all get only up to 40, making it lag less. I lost this map twise, because I was less experiensed than my opponents.
One thing that I found a little unneccesary was to buy Aethelfirth. When you get him, your opponents (and you) propably already have Elite Woad Raiders, who have even more attack.
I found Aethelfirth a little unneccesary, but as it is the same for all players, I cannot give it lower score for that

Creativity: IV
As this was my first blood, I found it very creative and fun. The buy hero function, rewards for razings and "spells" where all new to me, and very funny. Therefor I give this a strong IV.

Map Design: V
As this is a blood, and too much eye candy makes it lag, I have to give this a 5. I dont want to give a low rating to a map I love to play, and I dont want this to drag this down, therefor I give it a V
Also, this map is very exact
I mean the camps/bases for all players. they are all exactly the same, except for the angle of them and the building style you choose as player

Story/Instructions: V
This game was easy to learn, and as your opponents tell you how to do if you dont know it, you learn fast. The Hints sections contains all units you can get and what you need to do to get them. It also explains how to use the different boxes with spells and heroes. This makes it easy to start and get going. Games can last from 20 minutes (or even less) up to hours, if you're skilled enough.
A Clear, and strong V

Additional Comments:
A really funny blood game, worth to download for everyone, and for me a very good start on my bloodgame playing
Continue making these great bloods Andy!


Playability: V
Balance: IV
Creativity: IV
Map Design: V
Story/Instructions: V
Total: 4.6

[Edited on 07/21/06 @ 06:45 AM]

File Author
Thanks a lot, Basse.

EDIT: I really hate to say this, but that review is illegitatamate. Fury blood doesn't have a story, so it really shouldn't get a 5 in story/instructions.

[Edited on 08/23/06 @ 10:38 AM]

L2D_eLF4 The story/instructions for Fury Blood deserves a 5. Not a 3 at max, that is just a plain ridiculous deduction. I've seen almost all blood multiplayer map reviews that never got deducted to a 3 on the story category just for not having a story.

But other than that, Fury Blood is an excellent blood map and is a recommended download!

[Edited on 08/23/06 @ 10:36 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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