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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » LotR The Fellowship of the Ring

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LotR The Fellowship of the Ring

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
~ The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring ~

I) Version 1.1 - April 7th, 2002

This is the revised version (even the house bug fixed). So new downloaders, you've got it good! Download it now! Old downloaders, sorry about the bug, i've fixed it!

II) Introduction

Greetings! Thank you for downloading the Lord of the Rings. It is my attempt to re-create the classic book in terms of Age of Empires gameplay. It stays as true to the book as possible. If you've never read the book or seen the movie, then you're missing something! If you have, and you are a Tolkien fan, then this should be real a treat for you! It covers the part of the Fellowship of the Ring that includes the flight from Hobbiton, the journey to Bucklebury, and the voyage through the Old Forest and into Bree.

III) Installation

1) Unzip to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II, or to wherever else you installed it
2) All files should fall into the right folders
3) Load AOEII: The Conquerors, and play the campaign!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Send comments and suggestions to, or leave them here under 'submit comment'.

Author: JRR Tolkien
Scenario maker: Jono_Phoenix (StG_Phoenix)

Thanks for downloading!
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ElfTheHunter Yay, It's out (final version?)

Downloading now!!!!!!
Map Design4.0
Ok, first of all this is the best campaign based on LotR in the blacksmith as of yet. If you are a LotR fan, this campaign is a must have!!

Playability: This was excellent, the music was flawlessly inserted at right spots. The campaign is overall quite easy but the general experience was good!
I give it a 3.
(There's still a bug near Crickhollow where you have got to delete a house in order to continue)

Balance: This wasn't the stong point of the scenario. It was a bit too easy but since it's only the first part of LotR it's understandable. It be out of place have a bunch of bandits and orcs in the Shire. I give it a 3.
(When the whole campaign is set out together it should be better)

Creativity: This was truly excellent!! Given the tools within the editor, Phoenix has done an extraordinary job recreating LotR. Many places like the old forest and the barrow-wrights were really what one would think they should be like! I give it a 5!
(Some great ideas for replacing things are included within this scenario)

Map Desing: This was a standard RPG map. But it featured some places that shined like Hobbiton (hobbit holes) and the Old Forest (actually has a "queer" look to it).
I give it a 4!
(unrealistic treelines is the only problem I could spot)

Story: This was great! It captured the transition from the shire's safe enviroment to Bree's queer feel very well. I actually shivered in parts like the appearance of the dark riders and frodo's dream! I give it a 4!
(I'm assuming it'll become a lot more interesting in later stages!)

+ Sticks to LotR storyline very well.
+ Music and scn file are separated (not that big a file)
+ Everything is named and has it's background.
- There are still some bugs.
- Still a little unbalanced.
- Isn't the whole story of LotR:FotR (only the shire)

Even though it's not using WFS LOTR_MOD (which is not certain to be a mod anymore) it is a great scenario based on LotR!! Play this and await for more!
Aragorn_13 MAKE IT AOKII TOO plz....

[Edited on 07/01/05 @ 07:40 PM]


What's AoKII?????
File Author
What, Aok? Haha. Umm. That would require a lot of work, because this scenario contains a lot of: Aztec, Mayan, Korean, and Spanish units, not to mention jungle terrain, halberdiers, hussars, and missionaries! But if you want to make it for AokII, I can just change the extension and send it to you.

Reply please.
RagingPenguin This was an excellent scenario. I had just finished creating my own LOTR scenario, and I was pretty proud of it, and then I downloaded yours and it put mine to shame. It followed the book wonderfully and I was simply amazed by it.
There seemed to be one bug; perhaps it was just me. When the guys go inside the house, I couldn't get them out and start again. I had to destroy the house and then cheat to continue.
email me @
File Author
I'll fix the bug when I release the next scenario in the campaign. For now, just delete the house, it should still work.
Aragorn_13 What do you mean by ''change extension''?
Well, you can send it anyway.
My E-Mail is

Aragorn_13 Know i know what you mean by change of extension (scx-scn right).

(waiting for LoTR scen.)
File Author
Help! Urgent! Are there any Modpack makers out there? I need a Goblin mod for the Mines of Moria, the third scenario in this campaign.
I need:

Man-at-arms = replaced by Goblin Infantry
Chu ko Nu = replaced by Goblin Archery

It would also be nice if I had a Balroc mod

Maybe it could replace the Siege Onager

* If you are a modpack maker, and would like to have your work integrated in my scenario, please leave a comment *
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