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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Homecoming of Hildebrand

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The Homecoming of Hildebrand

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
This is my first upload to the blacksmith :)

I've had two people try it out already, and it worked fine for them. But I'll fix any errors anyone finds asap.

You play as Hildebrand and a handful of companions, just returned over the Alps after many years service under Atilla. The background is given in the file. It was inspired by a fragment of the Dietrich Saga Cycle.

It's not a very long scenario (hence described above as "short"...) and is the first scenario I ever used triggers on...if that hasn't put you off (please don't let it!) then, er...please leave comments/suggestions/criticisms/reviews etc!

It might one day be made into the concluding scenario of one of the subplots of a depends whether I summon the will to make the whole thing or not.

I don't think I need to say anything else - the history/instructions/hints sections are all filled in.
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Jas the Mace1 First to download...Aaawwww right...giggady-giggady...comment for real after I play it...

Jas the Mace
File Author
*crosses fingers that everything works and that he hasn't accidentally uploaded the version with the atilla the hun soundfile halfway through...*
Jas the Mace1 Count_Ludenhof,

Fun map to figure out (am still in the middle, writing because it crashed)
I like it :~) but have a few questions/comments...Like why are all the comments in the lower left-hand corner.??..It makes it hard to see/read your good diolouge..and nobody likes a rotated compass map...(sorry)...the Romans abdicated suddenly and quickly...(without conflict)..and I really think there are too many directions to chose from in the begining...will start over...again...comment later...remember.. tomorrow is the 4th of July for us...have B-B-Q-planned..and..*.#.!.**.@@@...!!!!!..(fireworks).....

Jas the Mace

[Edited on 07/03/06 @ 11:30 PM]

File Author
The compass direction (with you starting in the north looking south) is a stupid error; but I'm afraid I'm not prepared to remake the entire thing with the map the other way round! But I agree, it annoys me when I play the game.

The text all coming up as chat rather than as instructions - alas, first attempt at using triggers, didn't realise til too late. I may go through and change the lot. It would make it better, I agree.

The romans resign - bugger. I don't mind them resigning, they're just a few migrating and a very few farming basically, but I'd prefer them to last at least ten minutes, ideally until you've seen some first.

Directions to choose from; I can see that I suppose. The product of a scenario that wasn't properly planned as such I'm afraid.

Of all you've mentioned, the rotated compass thing is what annoys me most. I really regret that. It was annoying once I got to writing messages and so on too, having to figure out which way was north, south, east, west, etc. Sigh.

It crashed? I hope that isn't an error in it. I've played it through to the end a couple of times without look out for when it crashes if it crashes again.

Thanks for comments.
The Sad Clown I'm an American who lives in England - it's kind of scary after they lose the world cup, and Independance Day comes right afterwords...
Let's not trail off subject, though!
Eh, what do you mean, "reversed compass"? Do you mean like not knowing whether "north" is the topleft side of the map or the topright?
Jas the Mace1 To Sad Clown:

The normal compass is North at the top corner. Some games (such as this one) have rotated North to a different corner or side. Since everyone is used to North-Top it can be confusing.

Jas the Mace

Edit: The Sad Clown: During the game if you click on Obj. and look at the background there is a map compass..if there was a way to rotate that it would work..

[Edited on 07/08/06 @ 11:21 AM]

MedievalGamer It was a fun map while it lasted. It crashes on my computer when I cross over to the northern side of the map. I wish I could've seen the end result, as I'd like to write a review. Anyway, good first map but see if there's a solution to that glitch (maybe my computer only?)
The Sad Clown alright, that's logical. I'm used to seeing most people use the broad top-right side of the map as north, rather than the top corner.
-Overall, in comparison to other noobs' first maps, I'd say it was above average. If it didn't crash and the Romans didn't throw in the towel, It could compare to certain noobs' second or third maps (if that made any sense at all).

[Edited on 07/07/06 @ 06:21 AM]

File Author
You can't give any more information on the map with regards it crashing? Just I've had two people not from AOKH try it and one has completed it, whilst the other certainly has reached the top half, before going on holiday inconveniently. Also, on what difficulty level do the Romans resign so quickly? Though as I said, the Romans are meant to be a dying force and will die most games, overrun by raiders of one faction or another.
thoric Got till the gate part. Interesting map although the chat messages make it difficult to follow the game. Maybe if I turn help off......
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