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Downloads Home » Best Cinematic Scenarios » ACSC06 - The Little Things - Prologue

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ACSC06 - The Little Things - Prologue

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This cut-scene, submitted for the AoKH Cut-Scene Competition, pushes aside the normal combat of Age of Empires, and looks at the deeper realm of human relationships. It delves into the importance of "little things" in everyone's life.
I hope you all enjoy the prologue of "The Little Things." While I have a lot on the table at the moment, the story itself has intrigued me to the point that I've mapped out most of it. If anyone would like, after viewing the cut-scene, to hear the rest of the story detailing the characters, please, don't hesitate to contact me. For now, enjoy the beginning of a story about what happens when an aged man and a bridegroom meet up on the way to Kiev.

Played best on Normal speed, 1024 by 768.

UPDATED: I forgot to cite the history section and Scouts section (which are the same) Before the history, it now reads "Information from Wikipedia."
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: (3.0)

The whole intent of this cut scene was to tell the story, however, I believe you could have easily made it more interactive with more 'action' scenes (where something happens.. sorry I couldn't really think of an appropriate word.) Rather than the whole thing being basically ALL CHAT. The idea of using the AoK editor is to tell your story with actual scenes. This would have been better as a story in notepad with 5 drawings because that's basically what you created.

Balance: (5.0)

It's a cutscene...

Creativity: (3.0)

Your use of the editor was not very creative at all, however the creativity involved in making it similar to the land of Lithuania and parts of the story itself helped you gain an above than average rating.

Map Design: (4.0)

There was very little map design to review upon, however the parts that were shown were very well designed. However, there was nothing extraordinary to grant you a 5.0

Story/Instructions: (4.0)

The entire thing was based around the story, so obviously you get a fair mark in this regard. However, the story was told in a very slow manner, with nothing interesting. Nothing at the beginning wanted me to wonder what was going to happen to these characters, and I got extremely bored.


You will probably think this is an extremely critical review compared to the 5 above me, but it's not. Ulio is a 5. This is not a 5. So many scenarios have been given 5's lately when they clearly would never stand up to the reviewers back in the day. We seriously need the official reviewers back, because it's becoming ridiculous. Try to be more creative and present your story with a little more entertainment value. Your aim to give it a slow-paced, touching feel didn't work. It's extremely hard to do this in the AoK editor.

[Edited on 07/24/06 @ 08:46 AM]

Official Reviewer
You are really not open minded at all. Reading your review I realized what you written tells me nothing about the cut-scene. You have not seen what the cut-scene has to offer, nor looked beneath the surface. You haven't noticed what the cut-scene is all about. So what if it doesn't have action, I myself was deeply immersed in what it already had. It was differant from the action scenarios and that was good in its own right. This cut-scene deserves a clear 5.0 because it simply does. It cannot be ranked beside Ulio, no, most games can't. Cut-scenes can't stand up against scenarios anyway, they're two completely differant things. However, one cannot go marking cut-scenes down because it was not 'actiony', or does not rank up against Ulio, the greatest game to ever hit the Blacksmith.

"You will probably think this is an extremely critical review compared to the 5 above me, but it's not. Ulio is a 5. This is not a 5. So many scenarios have been given 5's lately when they clearly would never stand up to the reviewers back in the day. We seriously need the official reviewers back, because it's becoming ridiculous. Try to be more creative and present your story with a little more entertainment value. Your aim to give it a slow-paced, touching feel didn't work. It's extremely hard to do this in the AoK editor."

I would say it was an extremely ignorant review. Yes it is becoming a joke, with reviews these days, I mean, look at yours -absolutely blind of what the cut-scene actually was. Are people here really just for the action? I mean, God, there some great stories out there. People sweat tears and blood to get up a great story, and they do, but when they do, people jump all over the story because it was not 'actiony' enough. I would suggest being more open minded in future cut-scenes, Toolman.

[Edited on 02/02/07 @ 08:28 AM]

toolman89 I'm sorry but you have been misinformed. Look at all the scenarios rated a 5.0. There's only a very few from back in the day - all of them are extremely good. However, all of a sudden there's an influx of 5.0's THAT DO NOT DESERVE IT. A 5.0 is given to some of the best scenarios/campaigns ever made, not just random ones like this. And I've been looking around, it's the same people handing out 5.0's to each other, it's ridiculous. None of your scenarios deserve a 5.0 either. I'm assuming your experience of a 5.0 is based on the recent and false influx of 5.0's recently.

And by action, I didn't mean actual action like an action movie. I know that is not what Boosh is going for. I mean action as in there needs to be more scenes where the story interacts with the little 'AoK world' he has created in this scenario. Most of it is text on a blank screen.
Official Reviewer
I am sorry you feel this way Toolman, but I rate scenarios and cut-scenes according to what they have, and how well they have done it. I do not by any means rank them according to how scenarios like Ulio and such have been rated. In fact, to be honest, I think I will revise the score on this cut-scene, namely story-instructions because I do not think it is 5.0 material because, to tell the truth, it doesn't meet what I would expect as 5.0 material. I always get into this trouble because I write a review almost after I see the cut-scene or scenario, thus hardly giving in any room of thought. By the way, this cut-scene is just not some "random one". You don't need to be big named etc to get a 5.0 or even a slightly less score. I agree, however, none of my scenarios deserve a 5.0, because I agree with what Tanneur had to say not to mention mine are too small and over the place. But I rank games by what they have and do not take into mind if its "better than anyone else's". I am just following review guidlines.
Also I do agree with your statement of this cut-scene needing to have more to it. I don't mind the text, but story needs to go longer, but it is nothing I would mark it down for. Also a cut-scene is differant to a playable scenario. The cut-scenes I have reviewed were extremely good, even in their area. Not too many good cut-scenes are made these days, but I think the ratings I have given them are fair and just. But I have had that feeling before, the notion that why all of a sudden are scenarios getting so many 5.0s? I looked at the top rated, and not that many were given 5.0s. But many are nowadays. But what can I say, all the cut-scenes I have awarded 5.0s for, namely Sceletar's and oliver's really deserved it. Tell me, should I set an average of time limit when taking reviewing into mind for how long a cut-scene should go for, how much story it should cover? I'm up for help for my reviews because I have really been told nothing of what to look for or even what to mark down on.
Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
toolman, reviewing should be not seen as a means of comparing scenarios. This would be contrary to the guidelines. Just because two designs have a five it does not mean they are equally "good", it just means they both scored five in each category according to the guidelines.
toolman89 Maybe it's just a preference... I didn't really like the way this scenario was set out and you did. I'm sorry Boosh, my posts before were way too critical against your scenario, I was more concerned about the number of recent 5.0's which, in my opnion, probably don't deserve a 5.0, and thus I came off too harsh against yours. If I were to give it an exact review (where I could place decimals instead of just whole numbers) I would've given it closer to 4, which is in my book a pretty good rate. I rate scenarios similar to movies.. a good movie usualy gets a 3.5-4.5 stars, whereas the best movies ever made get 5.0's.

I've grown up in the blacksmith under the thinking that it has to be something extraordinary to get a 5.0.. the most recent 5.0 that deserves it is Legends of Chila, but I was still quite sceptical against it being so highly-rated, being so short and therefore easily manageable to produce 'wowing' tricks without compromising anything. It was perfect in the timeframe created, but it can be easy for many people to create something so short and be perfect - the challenge comes in producing the goods over a certain length (which very few people can do). Still, LoC probably deserves a 5.0, but Yogurt's Christmas Morning didn't even get a 5.0, did it?

I was under the impression most reviews were suppose to be critical and try to pinpoint any problems encountered in the enjoyment of the scenario, not something that glorifies it (of course compliment it, but be critical to an extent unless it's so good that it is impossible to criticise - therefore being perfect and therefore receiving a perfect review.)
File Author
Whoa! Back up a second!!!!

It's not every day you see an atomic bomb go off on your file. Let's start by calming this whole thing down:

Number 1: I could care less what any of the scenarios I put out are reviewed. I consider a review to be nothing more than what one particular person thought on the subject. It's no different than a comment, just more formal.

Number 2: Mashek, I very much appreciate your review, as you posted constructive criticism as well as what you liked, in detail.

Number 3:toolman89, I also very much appreciate your review. While not as positive as Mashek's, your criticism was as constructive as you could make it without buttering it up. It was your personal feeling about the cut-scene, however, when you are reviewing, I think you should put into context that you shouldn't review basing on other scenarios. (but that's just how I'd do it.)

Do I believe I have anywhere near the capacity to create a campaign like Ulio? No way. I'm happy with being a competent speller, writer, and storyteller.
The reason this cut-scene does not go on longer is because of one of the descriptions in the competition. My cut-scene is nothing more than a PROLOGUE. Using our example: Does the first cut-scene in Ulio do much more than I've done? I've actually introduced the characters!

[Edited on 02/02/07 @ 08:30 AM]

VonCorgath Nice cut-scene Boosh. The change of pace certainly adds a nice feel to the scenario. I don't think anybody has attempted anything of this nature before (in my knowledge), and you've implmented it very well.
All the best!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Little Things is a not so ordinary cut-scene, lasting for 17 minutes. Its highly enjoyable, and one of the best around here

Playability: 5

I really loved this cut-scene. It was slowpaced, and not very actionpacked, but it really captures your heart, and your eyes. It plays perfectly, but sometimes I think the text appears a little too slow. But thats also part of the idea, I think, to make it more slowpaced, and unordinary. Not saying its bad to be unordinary, its quite the opposite.

The things that really catches your heart is the warmth and beauty of the cut-scene. It is beautifully detailed, both storywise and designwise. The story is unique in several ways. I've rarely seen a story thats MEANT to be slowpaced, and succeeds with it brilliantly. Neither have I seen a campaign or cut-scene set in Lithuania, or the Baltics at all.

For these reasons, I feel this part really deserves a 5

Balance: 5

As this is a cut-scene, I cannot give anythinh else but a 5. And thats good, this cut-scene really deserves it!

Creativity: 4+

The cut-scene had lots of creativity, as the story itself, the idea, almost everything.
To set it in Lithuania is very rare, if ever used before at all. Thats a thing I really like. Other things is the whole concept, a slowpaced story
Its so well written that I give it a 5 in instructions, but that comes later
Other creative aspects is the really deatiled and realistic city, Kiev.
But (there is always a But...) unfortunately, I cant say this cut-scene is so perfect that it deserves a 5.0. But all other cathegories where so close to perfect, that I had to take down this to 4. Creativity is a great and extraudinary part of the campaign, but as balance gets auto-5's, the story and design where just so GREAT, and how much I did enjoy this cut-scene (at Playability) I couldn't short down any of them.
Therefor, creativity gets a Big, Fat, Positive 4+

Map Design: 5

As I've sais several times before, the map was almost totally perfect. It was beautifully detailed at the four places that where used: the forest, the path, the end of the road (or where they stopped) and Kiev.
The path was filled with Path4, used as mud and dirt, but also with bushed and well placed trees and plants, mixed with flowers, making it really look like the work of a passionated designer.
The path to Kiev was very realistic. Not as packed with flowers and paths as the forest, and nicely eroded in the middle, where the path actually goes. It has been edged with flowers and paths, to make it really look like medieval Lithuania
The drop off place is more like a small part of a field, more flat but still really detailed, also very well made
The city is really my favourite part of the cut-scene. Its the place thats used least, but according to me, the best and most realistic, with its sparse trees, very tall pine trees, wich was a favourite of mine, and few houses, as Kiev was by far not as populated as it is today, almost thousand years ago.

Story/Instructions: 5

Also as I said before, the story is very well written, almost perfect. The story is gripping and very unusuall and it really catches your heart and eyes. There is no actuall action in it, but does not make is bad. Its really the opposite. That makes the story even more unique, and much better. It really doesn't look or feel like anything else I've seen in AoKH, nor in other places. That would be a love story movie, but this is just so good and well made!
There is not much to say about the story. Download and watch it if you haven't already, its one of the best one the site! I dont want to tell the readers (that hasn't yet watched it) too much of the story and destroy the feeling of it. I can only say that its a masterpiece, and close to alone in its style

Additional Comments:

I dont understand how this only got 4.2. I think it deserves a lot more. Therefor, and how much I loved to watch it, I made this review.
I hope it has helped, and yhat you like it Boosh
I'm happy to help!

For everyone that hasn't downloaded and seen this, Then DO SO!
File Author
Thank you very much for your review, Lord Basse. It is appreciated.

[Edited on 09/02/06 @ 12:48 AM]

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