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Downloads Home » Best Files » ACSC06 - The Little Things - Prologue

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ACSC06 - The Little Things - Prologue

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This cut-scene, submitted for the AoKH Cut-Scene Competition, pushes aside the normal combat of Age of Empires, and looks at the deeper realm of human relationships. It delves into the importance of "little things" in everyone's life.
I hope you all enjoy the prologue of "The Little Things." While I have a lot on the table at the moment, the story itself has intrigued me to the point that I've mapped out most of it. If anyone would like, after viewing the cut-scene, to hear the rest of the story detailing the characters, please, don't hesitate to contact me. For now, enjoy the beginning of a story about what happens when an aged man and a bridegroom meet up on the way to Kiev.

Played best on Normal speed, 1024 by 768.

UPDATED: I forgot to cite the history section and Scouts section (which are the same) Before the history, it now reads "Information from Wikipedia."
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Snaily Umm, You didn't tpye what speed I should play at somewhere. You should do that, I played at normal first but it was so slow so I changed to fast.I hope it is made for fast speed, if not I suggest speeding up dialouges.
File Author
It's made for any speed. Fast, normal, or slow (slow shouldn't be necessary). It's supposed to be a slow paced.

[Edited on 07/07/06 @ 04:08 PM]

Kharzad Excellent Cut-Scene Boosh! I like the longer cut-scenes so the length was a god addition for me, the story was good and I liked how it focused into the little picture, another thing that really grabbed me was the deep thoughts and philosophy put into the Beginning part, the music went excellently with that part. About my only beef with the Cut-Scene was the Piano-like music thaty went with the rest of the cut-scene, not my style really, im more of the string and softer piano playing when it comes to cutscenes and such, the piano also got a little repetitive.

The stroy was intriguing and I'd very much like to hear the rest of the story, and I wish you luck in the AOKH Cut Scene Competetion, your cut-scene will stand up well in the judging criteria that I read over. Good Luck Boosh, and nice work!

Official Reviewer
A brilliant cut-scene, Boosh! I was deeply immersed in the story, and really, really wanted to know what happened to Nikolai's marriage, the Old Man and the Drunken father. It seemed so real, and the moral background of the story just seemed to hit you in the face. The piano music really helped to enhance this as well. Mainly you really brought to life the world you created in Russia/ Ukraine. I was actually dissapointed when the cut-scene ended. But whattaya mean the cut-scene was way too long? It was way too short if you ask me. So long as the story is interesting, which in this case it was, I could sit there for an hour!

I will try and write a review if I have the time.
Dantares IV I think you should continue with the story. The only advice I can offer is to not drag on with the words. The intro could have easily been done in half the time it took. So shorten the timer by, at least, halfway.
Official Reviewer
There's your review, Boosh. Hope you enjoy reading it. I just wrote it up in a few hours, and I think it's the longest review I've yet written. Well done, a mervellous cut-scene. I haven't had time, by the way to proof read my review, it is late now and I need my sleep. Will proof-read tomorrow when I have the time. Cheers, buddy! ;)
File Author
I very much appreciate the review, Mashek! I'm even more astounded that you believed it has such quality. With such a review, after the cut-scene competition, I might even extend the story into the cut-scene by much more. I just figured that roughly 17 minutes is more than enough for the competition. I may take your advice on declaring victory for all, it would certainly clean it up a bit at the end.

The grammatical thing is not an error, because "now" acts as an adverb to "know." Modifiers can go either before or after their nouns, but I thank you very much for helping me and mentioning it.
norte4life uummmm i downloaded this campaign but i can't get to play it after u download it wat do u do i put extract files and extract to the C drive were my game cd is but it just says i am going to burn canpaign into the cd i would realy appriciate it if u helped me....
File Author
The .zip file has everything ready for extraction. All you have to do is find the folder directory for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, or as we call it, the main game folder. Find the filepath for that directory, and then, using a file unzipping program, unzip the .zip file to the Age of Empires II main folder. The campaign should work after that.

What do you mean by burning the campaign to a CD? I don't see much need to do that if it's available right here on AoKH.

[Edited on 07/15/06 @ 06:23 PM]

Official Reviewer
You are really not open minded at all. Reading your review I realized what you written tells me nothing about the cut-scene. You have not seen what the cut-scene has to offer, nor looked beneath the surface. You haven't noticed what the cut-scene is all about. So what if it doesn't have action, I myself was deeply immersed in what it already had. It was differant from the action scenarios and that was good in its own right. This cut-scene deserves a clear 5.0 because it simply does. It cannot be ranked beside Ulio, no, most games can't. Cut-scenes can't stand up against scenarios anyway, they're two completely differant things. However, one cannot go marking cut-scenes down because it was not 'actiony', or does not rank up against Ulio, the greatest game to ever hit the Blacksmith.

"You will probably think this is an extremely critical review compared to the 5 above me, but it's not. Ulio is a 5. This is not a 5. So many scenarios have been given 5's lately when they clearly would never stand up to the reviewers back in the day. We seriously need the official reviewers back, because it's becoming ridiculous. Try to be more creative and present your story with a little more entertainment value. Your aim to give it a slow-paced, touching feel didn't work. It's extremely hard to do this in the AoK editor."

I would say it was an extremely ignorant review. Yes it is becoming a joke, with reviews these days, I mean, look at yours -absolutely blind of what the cut-scene actually was. Are people here really just for the action? I mean, God, there some great stories out there. People sweat tears and blood to get up a great story, and they do, but when they do, people jump all over the story because it was not 'actiony' enough. I would suggest being more open minded in future cut-scenes, Toolman.

[Edited on 02/02/07 @ 08:28 AM]

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