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From East To West DEMO v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
"The Men From The West are Ruthless. They Come, Raid, Murder, Loot, and vanish. The Great Eastern Empires of Taneen, Narth, And Julee are powerless against the un-conventional fighters of the West unless they unite under one banner.

Please enjoy this. It is my first CPX worthy enough to be submitted in the Blacksmith.

If theres any Bugs I'd love to know.

PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK other than: That Sux, or That Was GREAT!
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Dantares IV It was excellent except for one thing. When I got control, I beat the whole enemy army VERY easily.
File Author
Thank you for the good comment. It was a demo but ill try to make it harder. TY!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
From East to West is a very short demo for an upcoming campaign, with same name.

Playability: 3

The cut-scene starting the scenario was very simple and only showed two battles, and of course some storyline alongside it. However, the story had already been told in the scenario instructions.

I found the gameplay rather poor and it was below my expectations.
When the playable part started, after a cut-scene on about two minutes or so, you got control of a few twohanded swordsmen and King Narth. You then faced a much bigger force of western raiders. All swordsmen died, but King Narth survived with very little damage.
I then attacked the camp... or some soldiers surrounded with palissades, thats a more accurate description of the 'base'.
After that nothing happend. There was no objectives or hints whatsoever, and nothing to follow.
By killing King Narth you get some last instructions, then you win. The enemy cannot kill Narth himself.

Therefor a 3

Balance: 4

On standard, the battle was extremly easy. I had 450 HP left when all enemies where dead. Though it gre harder, and on hard I had to restart. Though I won at last.
The only thing that prevents this from getting a 5 is the standard level that is VERY easy, all too easy.

The cut-scene part has no balance, but since its only a very small part of the scenario it doesn't take much part of the score

Creativity: 2

The scenario was not very creative. The story was nothing more than usuall, some soldiers from one country attacking another, and the storyline wasn't very detailed. The cut-scene was very plain. Two fights after each other. the gameplay was the same. You get your units, you're attacked and you have to defeat the enemy.
Thats it.

The only thing that grabs this part up from a 1 score is the sounds. It has music and fighting sounds, and that's good enough to give it a 2 here

Map Design: 3

The map was very simple and pretty boring, unfortunately. The whole scenario is based on a random map and then the buildings are placed upon it. Some parts, like the walls the Defenders have, have some special terrain underneath. No mixing however, only plain road.

Since you have only taken the map from the basic AoK maps, and added a few things here and there, I cannot give you more than a 3.

Story/Instructions: 4

This part has also got many flaws. Since any try at a story has to get a 4 according to the guidelines, I must correct myself after them. However, it gets a weak 4, because:

1) The instructions and game story is very simple and there are few details.

2) The story in a whole is nothing new. One country attacks another. End.

3) Every second word had a big letter in the beginning. Example: "The Men From The West Have Come To Capture The Riches Of The East! The Great Superpowers of the East Have Thrown Everything That they have at the West's vast Raiders, But all failed." Only the first letter in a sentense, names and places and I is meant to have big letters, not every word.

4) It had a few spelling mistakes. These wheren't very serious however, and they where few.

A positive thing though was the kings name, Narth. I found that name very interesting. I dont know why, but I like it :)

Additional Comments:

Summarily, this could have been done better, deeper and broader. Put more energy into it and it might turn out much better :)

[Edited on 03/09/07 @ 07:48 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
'From East to West' is a short scenario which depicts men from the 'West' invading the 'East' in what I suppose can only be a fictional world. What makes it so strange is that 'Men from the west' are represented by light cavalry, camels, cavalry archers and !chu-ko-noi's!! (also chinese civilization) , and the 'Men from the east' are represented by knights, longswordsmen and !teutonic knights!! (teuton civ) The unit representations are thus totally interchanged. Either the author is totally confused up about East and West, or he has done so intentionally, but this is the first ever scenario which I have seen to depict such a thing.

Playability: 3
The game opens with a cutscene that shows how the men from the west invaded the east and the resistance formed to stop them. Then you get control of 10 two handed swordsmen and King Narth. What happens then is totally dependant on the difficulty level.
On standard, the enemy does not attack, you have to go and kill them yourself.
On moderate, it is very challenging to beat the enemy because apart from getting attacked by the soldiers near the palisade walls there are some light cavalry and swordsmen arriving from other areas which were originally in the cutscene. It is hard but still possible to kill all the enemies on the map and win. (in fact I originally thought this was the objective)
On hard, it is impossible to win as the enemy brings along chu ko noi's along with cav archers who kill king Narth with ease (which is supposed to happen) and the scenario concludes.
I played this first time on hard (as always) and since I didn't know King Narth was actually supposed to die I kept reloading it until finally I decided to check out the loss message and found that hey! I didn't lose when Narth died.
I give this a 3 based on the moderate game, I found it challenging and needed reloads to kill all the enemies.

Balance: 4
In cutscenes and other scenarios where the author does not intend the player to survive, it is customary to give 5. However in this game it was actually possible to kill all the enemies and win, thus defeating the author's intetion, therefore I give it 4.

Creativity: 2
No particular creative thing is found in this scenario, except for mixing up East and West which may be regarded as original.

Map Design: 3
The author used a random map, or something very similar to it, therefore a 3

Story/Instructions: 3
No particular instructions except that you get a general idea that you have to defeat the men of the west. All that is shown on the objectives screen is the story.

However any story should get a 4, but since the player is not told that King Narth actually is supposed to die, leading to confusion, I would give it a 3.

Additional Comments:
It needs to be improved and some more explanations need to be given.

[Edited on 03/12/07 @ 07:56 AM]

Dantares IV WOW! It takes him this long to make 100 downloads, and reviews. I wonder if he will ever show up to comment on them.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
"Additional Comments:
It needs to be improved and some more explanations need to be given. Basse, I think you probably played on standard difficulty, which explains why you found it easy."

Thats true
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Review updated, now for all difficulties
File Author
Im sorry it took me so long to reply. I was having account trouble. Thank you for trying out my demo. I will be accepting any other feedback as to how the final version should be...
Dantares IV I'm glad your back!

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Map Design3.0
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