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~The Second Siege of Belgium (Part I)~

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 4
The Second Siege of Belgium (Part I)

~Fifteen Years Ago~

King Phillip of Belgium and Jonathan E. Lemieux and their twenty thousand men prepared to charge into the last of the Zanthasite armies consisting of about nine thousand troops. Each army spread out in a three mile line. The Zanthasites consisting of about three ranks and the Belgians consisting of about sixteen ranks. Just before the final battle was to begin, Phillip and Jonathan Lemieux rode under flag of truce to meet King Zanthas of the Zanthosites and his son Zanthos in the middle of the "to be" battlefield. Phillip told Zanthas to surrender his army before the Belgians anyalated it. Zanthas replied, "That's peculiar, I was about to give the same request to you. HA HA HA!" Phillip blasted back, "ARE YOU MAD?!?!?! We outnumber you ten to one! YOU ARE DOOMED!! Zanthas said nothing in return. He and his son rode away to their command post. Phillip and Jonathan did the same. After two and a half hours of fighting, the Zanthasites were nearly destroyed. Most of their best swordsmen were dead, along with most of the Archers. Their commanding General was just slain. Zanthas' forces retreated to the command post to make a last stand. About three hundred men were all that defended the king and his son from about thirteen thousand Belgians. Zanthas took Zanthos, his only son, into his quarters. He made him kneel and swear that he would leave this battle with a few men and that he would gather a new army and one day, return to Belgium and destroy it. His son Zanthos reluctantly promised. Not about building an army, because he wanted to do that in the first place, but leaving his father to die was hard for him to do. However, he obeyed his father. He left with about ten men that had not been in the battle and were ready to run. He and his men ran into a forest and there, watched from a distance, the destruction of their army and the dual between Phillip and Zanthas. Zanthas lost the battle. Zanthos pondered on what could have gone wrong that would make their awsome army get destroyed. He finally realized that though the Belgians only had thirty thousand men, and his father had had about fifty thousand, his father conscripted his troops quickly and they did not receive much training. The Belgians, on the other hand, were well equipped and trained. Zanthos vowed that that mistake would never happen again. Slowly he re-gained an army and re-took his Father's old country and fortress. Their nation became a thriving empire and worthy of respect.

~Ten Years Later~

The Belgians had regained their former power and were in great condition, however, they had recently been suffering from a famine. However, the Zanthosites did not have this problem and after preparing his vast army for over ten years, he was ready to finish Belgium off for good!

~Overview and Welcome~

Hello everyone and thank you for downloading The Second Siege of Belgium (Part I) This series has now been my 'life’s work' for three years now. These cut scenes and campaign are not as old and the Part II series is. They are probably a year and a half old, but the story is probably that old. I have put my best effort into these cut scenes even though there have been some pits on the way to completion. One cut scene needed a lot of work done before people liked it, and one cut scene that took close to seven months to totally complete was removed form the series. I'm probably one year behind schedule on submission, but at least it finally is out. I hope you enjoy these cut scenes and campaign as much as I did making them. please download but especially comment! I will probably do one or two more updates to the game as hopefully some reviews come in.

Most of this part of the series is cut scenes, but they are all exciting and the campaign especially. The last cut scene might not be the most exciting, but it is still useful.

~Final Thoughts~

If you would like to play test Part II of the series, get acquainted with the Scenario Design Forum and look out for something concerning The Second Siege of Belgium (Part II)

Please enjoy this game of mine, and again, please download and comment. It is a large file but IT IS WORTH IT!!!

Enjoy The Second Siege of Belgium (Part I),

~Dantares IV~
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dantares IV
File Author
I think someone fixed the title for me, thankyou.

[Edited on 08/01/06 @ 08:57 AM]

Elveron I gonna check this one. :)
Cause i live at belguim.
Gonna try this one out now.

- Elveron
Elveron NOTE: This is an cut-scene and only work if your ai is on hard!

sorry for the doublepost :(.
This cut-scene is very short.
The start whas an bit confusing, but i watched it 2 times and then i getted the story. Some nice triggers. Only that lookout tower, you could better use an watch tower r something.
One thing i liked very much was that arrows (from the castle you cant see)Ok in the short

+ points
+ Arrows from the castle
+ Nice invading

- Points
- Watch tower looked bad with the city
- short
- Confusing in the start

A nice start for your campaign with an little faults who you can make.

- Elv
Dantares IV
File Author
Thanks for the excellent review!!!!! How was the cutscene confusing? I had the that kind of tower there because I wanted it to look like it was constructed in haste. If I get more comments saying to remove the tower, I will use something else. I am going to try to put another scene into the cutscene to make it longer. It may take a while, but I will work as hard as possible at it.

For the people that played this cutscene and enjoyed it, !READ THE SCOUTS!

[Edited on 07/18/06 @ 11:23 AM]

Archaix The main problem for me were the spelling errors, which need a second-looking. The other problem was, as has already been said, the shortness, although as it's only a teaser I don't mind.

I thought the best thing about this were the little touches to the scenario, such as the the aptly-named runner: 'Man who will go to the capitol and raise the alarm', as well as the leader of the army that attacks (who speaks if you click on him). It's these little touches that will add longevity to a campaign, if/when it arrives.

I also thought the plot sounded quite interesting, too. I'd be happy to download it when it arrives.
Dantares IV
File Author
Could you tell me what spelling errors I did wrong? I really would like to know. You also said said something to the effect of if/when this is finished, I can assure you that this WILL be completed. The second cutscene is allmost finished but I am waiting to see if there are some people interested in playtesting. This cutscene was meant to get people excited and interested in playtesting.
Archaix Ok, here's a list. There were only a few errors, though, nothing major:
-'Rumours' (or rumors) spelt wrong near the beginning of History.
-'Usually' spelt wrong also in History.
- It says the 'Belgium capitol' in the Victory message, and I think the Zanthosites leader says it too (it should be Belgian).
- It says 'nex' in the Victory message.
- Although 'capitol' isn't wrong as such if you were referring to the chief city it should be 'capital'.

Glad to hear it's in full production, by the way. Should be a good campaign.

Dantares IV
File Author
Thankyou very much for telling me the misspells I had made. I will take a look at them right now.

On one of the cutscenes there is going to be a battle next to a large bridge. Are there any famous bridges in Belgium?

[Edited on 07/19/06 @ 07:39 AM]

Archaix Apparently there used to be a King Leopold II Bridge, but I doubt that would date back the middle-ages.
Dantares IV
File Author
Thanks for the bridge name. I do not think that is a good one to use, but thanks anyways. Hey, if you have any other friends who play Age of Empires, and use this site, please ask them to test this out and give me some comments/ratings. Thanks a bunch. My updated version is coming along great!!!!! I hope to have it out in a couple weeks.

[Edited on 07/29/06 @ 02:37 PM]

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