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Obliteration III

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Obliteration III- a genied2 edited version by...:


New Update

-Naval units updated
-More resources
-Extra resource gathering speed
-Balance issues (involving gunpowder units) solved


Collect resources faster
Build an empire faster
Raise an army faster
and Battle.

I've made spectacular breakthroughs with this version. I just don't have the perfect word to describe the experience. Just try and see it for yourself.

Special thanks to scenario_t_c for his genied2 version.


Because you may have to override a core file, you may want to make a backup.
Go to the "Data" file in your AOC directory. Copy empires2_x1_p1.dat file and
paste it somewhere safe. That way, when my version (unfortunately) screws your
game up, you can fix it by recalling the backup file.

So to install, unzip the downloaded file, and drag the empires2_x1_p1.dat file
to the "Data" file in your AOC folder. When Windows asks whether you want to
override files or not, click yes.

List of changes--


Championline: more armor, more hit points for the last three members of the lineage,
more attack, faster moving. More bonus attack

Halbline: less bonus on elephants, more hit points, attacks faster, little more range,
much cheaper albeit costs 10 gold, more attack on cavalry, more armor

Eagles: Cheaper in terms of gold but more expensive in terms of food (50f 25g). More attack,
more hit points, more bonus.

-----Archery Range:

Arbalestline: More armor, slower moving, more attack, slower reload, more bonus. faster creation time.

Skirmline: "Elite"ified: deleterous attack, menacing range, enhanced agility, less hit points,
much more expensive (45f 100g - but it is very cheap compared to its abilities!) bonus versis units,
basically a sharpshooting guerilla unit. slower creation time.

cavalry archer: More armor, more range, faster reload, more hit points, moves faster, costs gold and food
(80f 60g), bonus versis several units

Hand Cannoneer: more hit points, more armor, very cheap (25f 15g), bullets emit smoke and blows up when hit,
faster creation time


Hussar line: More armor, more hit points, very fast movement, deadly versus siege, more attack, cheaper (90f 20g
well, all units cost gold now so 20g shouldn't be something to whine about)

Knight line: gargantuan hit point, deadly attack, very fast, expensive (100f 150g) and takes longer to be created-
but worths every bit of that money

Camel line: Much less hit points, cheaper(65f 15g), more attack, faster creation time. Ideal for beefing up your


rams: more hit points, more expensive, takes longer to build

scorpion line: more hit points, more expensive, more powerful (bolt kills virtually any unit in one shot!)...try
them out yourself and see it for yourself

Onager line: More hit points (siege onager has 660hp), more devastating blast-effect (explodes!),
more damage on buildings.

Bombard Cannons: The most expensive unit in game, takes the longest time to build, and is easily killed (one arrow
from an ordinary archer unit is usually enough). However, it almost always guarantees a one-shot-one-kill over
a range of 16.


UniQue units: Too many, too diverse to mention them all. Basically everyone of them has a bonus attributed according
to its civilization's characteristics or specialities. For example, tarkans now have a such tremendous bonus versus
against buildings that they can simply sneak inside a city, wipe out a castle, obliterate a town center, and run away
before the enemy can fully launch a countermeasure. Longbowmen now fires volleys - lovely volleys indeed. Axemen now
are strong and cheap enough to be the driving force of Franks, Huskarls are really glorified champions, war wagons are
moving turrets, elephants are 990hp monsters, and so on. Try them out - I just can't emphasize how much effort I put
into these creatures, and believe that trying them out is the best way to explain them.

Trebuchets: 24 range albeit small LOS - they can shoot further than their sight, if they can see them. This makes it
possible for trebs to fire way behind combat zone, but exposes them to possible rear assaults. Longer to build. Cheapest
siege unit except for petard.

Petard:100f 200g. 8 seconds to build. Strong enough to destroy a ram upon suicide blow. Ideal defense for castles against
massive enemy waves or rams. very small hit point so even a small lesion can blow these units apart.


I won't say anything because frankly speaking I jsut modified the galleon, cannon galleon, and transport ship.


Keep: fires faster. More damage. Shots blow.

Bombard Cannon. Rips Rams apart. Very strong attack. Fast cannon balls. BEware.

Castle: arrows explode.

-----Town Center

Villager: works faster in all criteria. You might be surprised to see the way how it gathers bushes faster than how
it consumes a sheep. Or the capacity of wood it carries. Or the time it takes to devour an entire pile of gold.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Free Scarler
Rating: 3

Basically, this utility is like a total conversion mod, it changes almost every aspect of all units. Not all players like gameplay being altered that heavily, but hey, it's still worth the effort the creator put into it.

Now, I'm not that big a fan of Starcraft (what is basically what the mod is like) since I simply can/t live with units dieing in one or two hits from everything, but there's a big Starcraft community in this world, so I'm sure there are quite a lot of people who would be glad to play Obliteration.

So after all, it's a good mod, keep up the good work Remato!

Additional Comments:

Well, a game needs its unbalances to make it fun. Imagine a game where Englishmen cannot train any better archers than the other civs, and where all Unique Units are about equally strong. It would be the Triple B (Boring Beyond Belief), so basically it's ok that some civs get bombard cannons and others dont.

But, as other players might state as well, it would be very possible to use Genied2 to make the other civs about equally strong - not necessarily because they get cannons with BlackWatch's Revival Trick, but because (example) they can get stronger onagers, scorpios or something like that. So my suggestion would be:

- Gunpowder Civs like Turks get extra strong cannons
- Civs w/ cannons whose main focus is something else, like French, get the cannons that are already there in Obliteration
- Civs w/o cannons get +range for scorpios, +damage for onagers, or +speed for rams.

Of course, you might just as well give each civ specific bonuses. In my mod, Teutonic infantry all have a lot of melee armor while Aztec infantry is really fast, French infantry gets revived as Tarkans and Mongolian infantry gets revived as Poison Gas Trap. Also, Mongolian infantry gets lots of extra armor while Gothic infantry does a lot more damage etc. So there are lots of possibilities to make units unique.

You might as well choose a system like the following to work in some unique blends into every civ: (this is only an example how it could be done)

- Aztecs: Fast infantry, big range/damage boost to all shooting units, can get Gunpowder units by BlackWatch's trick.
- Englishmen: Big range/damage boost to shooting units, some units are invisible (use the MRHCN Bullet Graphics so they can still be selected!), improvements for monks and siege weapons as well. Can get invisible towers.
- Byzantine: Everything gets more HP, ranging from +50% to +250%. More armor for some units, but some of them are slower.
- Celts: Really fast infantry, big boosts to siege units (especially trebuchets) while ranged units get downgraded.
- Chinese: small boosts to ranged units, big boosts to monks and scorpios, ...
- French: More armor for many units, ranged units shoot scorpio bolts which can pierce the opponent, "tank traps" which can stop enemy cavalry, ...
- Goths: "Flying" Units (set size to 0.000), big damage boost to infantry, pierce armor for infantry, ...
- Huns: Big armor boost for all cavalry-type units including horse archers, many units get bonuses versus cavalry, scorpios/mangonels shoot 4x faster
- Japanese: Faster attack for all infantrymen, +4 melee armor for archers, +1 armor for all cavalry-type units, ...
- Koreans: +30% HP for all ships, they can all go over land as well and get lots of armor, more range for towers, ...
- Mayan: more HP for ranged units, can get "Bots" (infantry who has 1000 melee/pierce armor each but is vulnerable to jaguar warriors and the like), ...
- Mongols: ranged units become "glass cannons" (-2 armor class) which, in turn, get more damage/range; big armor boost for infantrymen and siege units
- Persians: -2 range/damage for all ranged units, big boost to Long Swordsmen, can get "Spectre Gunships" (they shoot gatling cannons and howitzers), bullets (MRHCN missile) spread out across many units including archers
- Saracens: dead units explode, can get Demo Traps, diverse upgrades for all units
- Spaniards: all archer-type units (including keeps :-) ) fire 4x faster, more armor for knight/cavalier/paladin
- Germans: arrows fly 2x faster (laser beams), 2x damage for top-of-the-line units like Paladin, lots of upgrades for base defenses
- Turks: +3 range and +17 damage for all gunpowder units, -3 damage for melee units, lots of boosts to cavaliers and cannons
- Vikings: boosts to infantry and archers, downgrades for cavalry and monks

So basically this would cause the differences between civs to be greater, and while a civ that does not get Bombard Cannons (ex: Vikings) might stand no chance with their own siege units, they might use their boosted champions/arbalests to fight them.


This is a mod worth being played, although I personally don't like units dieing too fast that much. There are no "über" civs, nor are there "punching bag" civs, so it's still possible to just start a random map game with all civs being set to random. For me, this seems really important to any type of RTS game. Remato, you did a good job, hope you continue the nice work and let us enjoy the future versions!

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