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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Cupid's Poisoned Arrows: The Fall of Port Mirne

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Cupid's Poisoned Arrows: The Fall of Port Mirne

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Johan and Dolotov are two of many messengers of "His Majesty King Rusage." Times are hard for the province of Port Mirne. A recent economic downturn is leading to overall decay. The monarch keeps spending gold and bringing the small kingdom further and further in debt. Outlying towns are becoming increasingly angered as famine and debt begin to prey upon them. Many people turn to lives of crime so they would have just barely enough food to survive another day. To make matters worse, Port Mirne has just suffered through one of its worst winters in many, many seasons. People are hungry and weak. King Rusage himself is no tyrant, of course, he figures that he must let up on his people to bring them good spirits. He prays to the Lord above each day to let this depression end, but to no avail: for when his Highness decreed that taxes were to be expunged, the people were greatly happy, yet in time the loss of public programs wilted away the economy even further.
As if this were not enough, trouble brewed in other provinces as well. The nearby kingdom of the Koltan peoples banded together and invaded. Not only do they prey on the helpless people of Port Mirne and its outlying towns, but they also have built fortresses on the islands surrounding the inner Harbor. Yet the Koltan Peoples are held at bay by another force. A country from many leagues away, Ruorck, saw its opportunity and snatched it. While no match for the elite mounted units of Port Mirne normally, the well trained Ruorckan Legions found that their heavy armor and long years of training would severly damage, if not completely destroy, the fighting ability of Port Mirne.

Then, just a fortnight after the Ruorckan invasion, a climactic battle was fought on the shores of the inner harbor. Hundreds of Ruorckan knights lined up facing the ill-equipped, but ably fierce warriors of the Koltan Peoples. And right in the middle of it lay the remanants of the army of Port Mirne and its allies. The soldiers of Port Mirne fought ferociously upon the battlefield. Though they knew the outcome was hopeless, they all drew their swords. The commander of the Port Mirne Garrison, Thane of Endeltown, shouted to his men before his charge, "My comrades in arms! Hear me! This sword can be broken, but a hundred knights will feel its steel flow through them ere this day be done!" The men of Port Mirne, D'elvela, Endeltown, and Tolton Marsh answered their Captain's call. Spears edged, swords drawn, and arrows tipped with flame, the soldiers rushed their foes with daring speed and ferocity. But all lay in vain. As the men of Port Mirne charged, the horns of the Koltan peoples answered the rumbling hoofs. The elite riders of Port Mirne shattered spears and splintered spears as they had never done before, but as they turned round from their triumph against the yellow banners of Koltan, the heavy footsteps of Ruorck began to echo like a beating war-drum of the primitive days. Twain of Endeltown re-grouped his men for a charge, but it was too late. The heavily clad Ruorckan foot knights caught Twain's cavalry in an uphill charge. The horses and men were shattered like glass dropped on a cold castle floor.
[i]The shores and rivers of the inner harbor flowed red with blood for three days.[/i]

Boosh is very proud to present [b][i]Cupid's Poisoned Arrows: The Fall of Port Mirne.[/i][/b]
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Very well written introduction and I did indeed enjoy reading it. Will download soon, and I see a review coming your way! ;)

[Edited on 07/19/06 @ 05:40 PM]

File Author
Thank you Mashek, I look forward to the upcoming review.
Rangar Good Scenario, well done, I would review it but don't really have the time nowadays.
Official Reviewer
A masterpiece. However Boosh, it could be a little while until you get your review. I have started it, but do not have the time to yet complete it. It'll be bloody long, that's all I can say. ;)
File Author
That's quite fine, Mashek. Take your time. Khazard, I very much appreciate your review. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
File Author
Thank you for your thoughts Mashek. I'll check out those spelling mistakes, and maybe I will add a bit more at the end. I think I remember rushing to get this out, so I'll try to take a little more time to develop it and then re-post it. The music I was having trouble with, but I'll work that out as well. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Official Reviewer
It was good overall but there were a couple of (very minor) downsides.

This might not have been a mistake but often you put "Heiman" in the objectives. You didn't mention Johan and Heiman at the same time so I thought maybe you changed the character without updating the objectives?

Also, in the actual battle the invaders actually lose easily which makes some of the text and the objective of running away seem strange.

The only other thing that struck me as odd was having flowers and "mud" on the roads themselves, but that's a matter of taste.

Apart from that I enjoyed it, and look forward to part two, if there is one.

[Edited on 08/19/06 @ 06:50 AM]

Official Reviewer
No worries, any time.

Those mistakes I mentioned in my review. ;)
Official Reviewer
Oh right, sorry, must have missed them (I read it quickly).
File Author
Thank you very much for your review, The_Wolf_Hunter! I'm glad you enjoyed the scenario.

[Edited on 01/27/07 @ 03:02 PM]

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