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Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 3/5

You have just arrived in a new world along with some of your clansmen, and its ready for you to conquer. But along with you, two other warlords has arrived and the three of you must fight about who that will be the ruler of this new world
But you aren't alone. Two great cities await in the west: Lantonia and Cantonia.
Lantonia, land of muskets
Cantonia, land of elephants

Both see you as a pity threat, so they keep you as an ally. But when you show the your real power, things could become harder

Background Story
This map was originally made in swedish, last year. I, my brother and a friend played it many times, and its the best of my multiplayer maps yet.
As I'm too lazy to make bloods or other maps with thousands of triggers, you will have to develope the story yourself. Use your imagination, the storyteller and the secrets of the new world to create a your own great adventure.

The charactors in this map are basically the leaders. And those are:
Alexis: Leader of the british clan. Offensive and fast, but weak attack
Radacon: Leader of the celtish clan. The strongest among his people. His elites follow him everywhere, even in death
Sadarkes: Leader of the frankish clan. A bandit king who import camels to use in combat, all the way from Arabia

There are other charactors too, as the kings and generals of Lantonia and Cantonia, but they're not very common to meet.

As you have to develope the story by yourself, there are few objectives. Those who do exist are simple. When your hero dies, your military strength will be decreased.
If playing:

Alexis: All units and buildings becomes damaged
Radacon: Elites commit suicide
Sadarkes: Warriors fight with less passion (AP)

So you'd better keep your leader alive!

Then there are the objectives you get when Lantonia and Cantonia becomes hostile
The missions are simple: either kill a general or raze specific buildings. Alexis's mission is the hardest, but it gives you most recourses as reward
Completing your mission will automatically give you a reward in form of either wood, gold or food

To make this map work correctly, you must play as special players.
The one who starts the game Must be player 1 (blue). The one that enters afterwards must be player 2, red, and the last one must be player 3, green (becomes cyan in the game)
Player 4 is Spanish and a computer player, Player 5 is Persian and also a computer player.
You can only be 3 players, if you dont take the computer players for other players too.

I reccommend you to be following:
P1 - Britons
P2 - Celts
P3 - Franks
The map was designed to these civs, so please follow the reccommendations

Now, I cannot guarantee that the design of the map will be all too good. Dont expect too much. The map was made before I even knew about AoKH, and then I didn't make as much eye candy and stuff as now.
Its not a plain field, but its nothing cimpared to Ulio, Sabato or the Krethàr series.
And then, there are few triggers. But that is the point. You're ment to evolve the adventure yourself!

So download and experiense the fun!

Please comment, or even review if you have time
I'm open for your critics :D
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Colonists is a multiplayer scenario for three where the player has the option to begin as either one of the three Colonists, Alexis, Radacon or Sadarkes with one mission at hand, to colonise the New World and gain supremacy.

Playability: (2.0)

Colonists is a multiplayer scenario for three players that offers some fun, but is primarily an exhaustive game that will take the players hours on end to complete. I would be lying to say that I didn’t have some fun while playing this, but the game falls short of any reasonable score due to its serious balance issues and other playability effecting bugs. To say the least, this scenario is just not what it could have been, but is good for what it is. The ideas were simply just not explored enough, the scenario itself present with too many bugs leaving many things to be desired.

Balance: (2.0)

Balance in a multiplayer scenario is rather subjective and so instead deals with the starting positions of players. You begin as either three of the optional Colonists, Alexis (Blue Team), Radacon (Red Team) or Sadarkes (Cyan Team). You begin with a leader (determined by the player you choose), three villagers and a few soldiers by which you may protect yourself with. All three players begin in their own little ounce of land on a much larger continent already inhabited by two powers, Lantonia and Cantonia and together with a set limit of resources must find a suitable area by which to ‘colonise’ and then inhabit with a settlement. On the downside there were practically no resources anywhere on the main chunk of map by which one might be able to use and instead must exhaustively scout the lands hoping to find something else useful. The author specifies that we use relics to stop “economic crises” but one must first get to castle age to actually be able to use them and so they aren’t really of much help. There were resources boxed within some stone walls, but were being used by one of the computer players. There was a single transport that any one player could get, but the chances of Alexis getting it were probably about 90%, the other two players left to dish out their own fate. With this transport one could island hop and get the many resources found on them and easily become the supreme authority. It would certainly be fairer if every player had a transport boat to even the chances more. With the lack of resources for every player, human and computer alike things were made extremely hard and one could hardly build an army without needing to trade the entire stockpile of wood to get some gold. In addition I felt that Alexis had too much on his side, too much to his advantage, both other players forced to fight over what little they had. Alexis began in the southeast of the map where he had to his use plenty of territory by which to build on, plenty of trees by which to harvest, plenty of terrain monuments such as hill forts by which to colonize and plenty of little islands off the coast with resources by which to mine. All of this entirely in Alexis’ grasp and really made things one sided for everyone else. Both Radacon and Sadarkes had at most one good area to colonise and their starting positions were ill placed. Both players were too close not only to one another but also to the computer player as well. On top of that, both Lantonia and Cantonia, players 4 and 5 are ill set in my opinion. Both computer players begin with no bridges or shallows or other means of crossings to the human dominated map or even to one another. This does not work so well in my opinion. The player should be forced to build up defences against not only the human players, but the computer as well when the time comes. With crossings the computer armies can come over to you when you get too powerful, but also may battle one another as what the description of their feuding kingdoms implies. This would make things more enjoyable, challenging and would make the map more balanced overall.

Creativity: (3.0)

Creativity in this scenario is best seen through some of the map design, such as the design of Lantonia, a city surrounded by water, and some of its main novel tricks such as getting too strong and having the computer declare war on you, seeing you as a threat. To my disappointment, however, many of the tricks and other aspects of creativity were not employed all that very well at all and really left things to be desired.

Map Design: (4.0) -

The map design is certainly better than a random map, with some nice areas and things to look at, but overall lacks in detail, realism and any approach to eye candy. The trees and terrain look randomly placed, the clumps of oak, pine and jungle applied in big squares looking ugly and boring. There is a lack of terrain mixing with randomly placed terrain such as dirt 2 to form areas with no grass and road broken which would be better placed with a mix of road and some dirt 1 or road fungus. The sea and merging rivers are placed mainly with water shallow with some weak use of water medium and water deep. Some parts of the map lack realism, and other than there being pine, oak and jungle all placed in the one area, you will see snow in a desert and with no palm trees to compliment the dry areas. Much of the terrain is really just there for looks, with no thought into climate or setting. The water lacks fish, instead there being fish all placed in a single area unreachable by all human players. Missing shorefish and other additional food such as deer, sheep or turkey. In addition there were a few good places to colonise, such as a mountain fort, a hill fort and some islands, however was mainly in player 1’s grasp which does not work well this being a multiplayer; player 2 and 3 forced to take up what grounds they are confined with. The settlements were exceptionally well designed, with Lantonia being a city surrounded and crisscrossed by the sea’s waters, and Cantonia a city located in the desert with neatly placed buildings.

Story/ Instructions: (3.0)

As we ourselves were expected to “imagine” the story, the only thing really standing here was the instructions, which were pretty much all that we needed to be told, but there weren’t even any instructions. Instead there were some hints telling us the consequences if our Colonist leader were to die, and some other minor things like how to avoid an “economic crises” and how “Fish can be cooked to taste good”. We knew, however that we were meant to colonise as the Blacksmith post suggests, but that is not even so much as detailed in the game (except in the beginning dialogue which would be best provided in Instructions) and so cannot be included in the review which is a report of the game itself and nothing else. From what there was the Instructions were okay, but could have been better, that is to say, more polished up. The Instructions did not tell us what we were meant to do, but our instincts suggest killing everyone else on the map. The hints were ill placed, missing History, Hints and Scout, all of which could easily have been supplied. In addition I encountered many spelling mistakes. “Crisises” should be “crisis” and “both bad and good” to “both good and bad” as just two examples, many sentences missing fullstops or capital letters where needed.


Primarily to fix up Balance and Playability you should really balance out the room in between players and place if not plenty of, limited amounts of resources for all players before they are forced to live off trade and the gold attained from relics. The computer players were simply just too weak and did not have the adequate resources to build strong armies, let alone stable economies by which to support themselves with. This is the case for Lantonia whose villagers pretty much just sat around the Town Centre for the better part of the game doing nothing. Either computer player did not even attack anyone after declaring war too. There was also an annoying use of the Age of King’s dialogue, which oddly played whenever dialogue came up. What the characters were saying did not match what the scenario itself was saying. This in itself is just unprofessional, and though it does offer some colour to the scenario, it is simply not needed. For map design try to keep to a set theme. You could make half of your map jungle with everything one could find in a jungle such as jaguar, turkey and much greenery like flowers and plants from the Gaia list. Over the river where the city, Candonia dwells the land could primarily be desert. Here you can have palm trees, stone mines, craters, cracks, much use of elevation to make up long, skinny hills and wolves. It would also be ideal to make Lantonia an Aztec or Mayan civilisation, which would truly compliment the idea of colonising a ‘New World’. For Story/ Instructions I would suggest detailing in History, and it does not need to be long, a paragraph will do, the story of the scenario, its point, what we’re doing there. In Instructions you need to tell the players what they need to do, not just the hints, which would be better explained in the sub-category, ‘Hints’ itself. Scout can be best used as a map for players indicating where everyone is, for example ‘Radacon can be found in the north and Sadarkes in the northeast’. You could also explain to us a bit of who Lantonia and Cantonia are, all of which will not take much time to write up at all.

In a word – Enjoyable.

In closing – I wouldn't recommend it to everyone, but some people may find it enjoyable, even if just by a tab.


[Edited on 01/15/07 @ 06:09 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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