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The Hundres Years of War V3.0

Author File Description
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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 8
Hey all,
first of all I'd like to ask you to ask you to take it easy on me, I know it's hard to find good stuf on here so we get critical when wo don't get what we're looking for...

This is a Multyplayer scenario, it's not at all B&D in fact you can't even build...
It's for 8 players and 8 players only that's one of the reasons I haven't tested it yet so I'd like you guys to tell me what are the bugs, what doesn't works or what should be improved.

It's all about the Hundred Years of War.
The french against the English.
There are 4 french cities against England, each of these 5 players start with a city and get Militia. They can put their militia in baracks, archery range or stable.
England has to invade France and capture it's cities. England can capture a city by reaching the flag at the towncenter. A city can also recapture a English city.

Then there's the french villages that recieves trade carts with which he has to gain money to buy new troops. He can protect his trade carts from bandits with his troops or he can make offers to cities to sell his troops. (he then has to put his troops on the vlag near the market and they will be converted).
The french villages is allied with everyone except from the bandit.

The badit gains'kings' on the right of the map with which he choses what units he wants. He gains kings by time or by killing trade carts.
If another city wants to make themself ally with the bandits or an enemy enemy of the bandit then he has to pay with the taxes he recieves. Then the bandit also gets extra rescourses.

Finally there's the Franksich paladin.
He is just a unit that recieves missions to accomplish. He has to ride trough whole france, have advantures and interacts with the other players on little missions. He leads players armies, do little jobs...
When all missions are accomplished he can chose who he serves, he then recieves money from who he serves to buy troops from the french villages.

That's more or less it.
There are about 208 triggers, it's my third version I made of this map and it took me about a week.
There can still be some problems or bugs because I only tested it with computers.
It really isn't any fun with just computers, so I ask you, could you make a AI for this map or give me a guide of how to make an AI?
I'd really appreciate it!


P.S.: Relax, it's just a game.
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King Bob VI This sounds like a good idea but it may not be very popular because it is multiplayer. If you are going to try and make an AI, visit or look at the guide on your TC disc in the DOCS folder, it's called CPSB. Good luck!
File Author
But what did you think of the scenario?
Did you tested it on Gamespy or something?
(I can't, I've got a firewall :s)

[Edited on 07/24/06 @ 02:17 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
This game is pretty annoying to play. The triggers are a constant aggrivation. You're given lots of free units but they come up way too often and you have to micromanage every one of them to do what you want otherwise you lose out on important bonuses. Also, certain triggers caused severe lag.

Balance: 1
Balance is pretty shot, particularly for a two-player game. Technically you can have up to 8 players, but several of the players will have nothing to do and others will have no hope of winning. Players 1, 3, 4, and 5 are on a team against player 2. If you only play with two players, player 2 has a vast advantage. However, even playing 2 vs 1 against player 2 would make for constant stalemates. I can't see player 2 having any hope of victory against three players.

Creativity: 4
I'm giving the author points for creativity because I don't think anyone's thought to make a video game based on the Hundred Years' War before and it's intriguing. The ideas present were interesting, although undeveloped.

Map Design: 2
The map looked nice but wasn't very functional. Most of the map is irrelevant as most of the scenario will happen within a few small locations. In addition, the placement of buildings and triggers makes things very difficult to navigate.

Story/Instructions: 1
There are instructions but they're not very detailed. I didn't know what the objective was when starting. I eventually figured out what side everyone was on after playing around. I was told I could pay money to hire bandits but there was no indication of how. I only figured it out after I was already defeated and the bandits had resigned.

Additional Comments:
Whatever the author wasn't trying to do here didn't work. It had potential but kind of fell short.
Each player starts with some basic units and must build an army to attack and defend. The Franks make up one team and the Britons make up another.
Britons have a huge advantage, starting with a large army and several triggers in their favour. If the Britons manage to invade an enemy town, they only need to touch the flag in the middle of their town to completely capture it.
Despite their advantages, it really takes some work to get anything done. Every player gets Militia units spawned in their base almost constantly, which can be used to convert to cavalry, archers, or infantry units via triggers. The first issue with this is that they spawn way too frequently. You need to constantly be on top of converting them. The cavalry trigger doesn't work at all, for either player 1 or 2. The archer and infantry triggers are frustrating, though. If you accidentally put more than one militia unit in at a time it removes them all and only gives you one unit in return so you have to march them in one by one. Hard to do when they're spawning every couple of seconds. At many points in the game, my friend and I gave up at converting them and just used the militia units as part of our armies.
Meanwhile, there's also a navy to manage. As player 1, my ships were spawned far from my town and were not given any moving orders so I had to be constantly aware of if there was a new ship so I could move it out of the way for the next one to spawn. This is pretty much impossible to do with militia spawning constantly elsewhere on the map.
Player 2 attacked me numerous times with absolutely massive armies and was never able to penetrate my defences as a trigger automatically respawns my gates if they're destroyed. This was particularly annoying to her as she spent ages managing all her units and getting them onto boats so she could sail them over only to not gain any ground whatsoever. Finally after I lost all my heroes a last ditch effort with some of her heroes did me in.
I was completely unable to launch any kind of offensive attack on her as her base is across water and triggers give her a vastly superior navy to mine that can take down any ships that come near. Only once when her navy was weakened and redirected did I manage to slip by with a transport and a few rams in it, which managed to destroy one tower before being pulverized. That tower wouldn't have even been possible to destroy if not for the fact that she purposely destroyed a bunch of her own walls and gates out of frustration and not being able to move her units.
Oh, and on a very strange note, there's a trigger that continually respawns horses throughout the map. They serve no real purpose. Anyone can capture them and then what? I sent mine on multiple suicide missions to get player 2 to kill them just for kicks and then more respawned almost immediately.

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Map Design2.0
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