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The Four Destinies DEMO

Author File Description
Chris B
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
The Four Destinies
Map/Trigger Design: Chris B
Playtesting/Bitmap/Special Thanks: TheKestrel

This is a demo of my ambitious new campagin, the Four Destinies, set in Japan. In the Scenario you can choose from one of four characters who, all in different ways, have to save Japan from an invasion. They come from all different walks of life, and don\'t have set paths. I plan for each character to have 3 different ways of achieving victory. In the demo you play a short prolougue for each of the four characters, which in the full version will determine which quests are open to you. Have fun.

-Very detailed map (I AM NOT A NEWBIE!)
-4 different characters, all with very different personalities
-Jump out of a keep
-Stealth element
-Much, much more.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
When I saw who was the author of this campaign and read his description , I knew I was in for something good. When I actually
played the scenario , I got something great. This scenario takes place in a fantasy Japan that is under siege. Four men with
different backgrounds , who don't know each other , are Japan's only hope to defeat the invaders. In this demo , you play 4
short prologues that introduces you to each man.

PLAYABILITY: This is perhaps the hardest area for an author to score well in , and Chris did a great job. It just wasn't perfect.
There were several little things that stood out , which pevented me from giving a 5. First , I didn't like the way the first quest
was played , where you had to survive the battle. In addtion , I didn't like how you were caught at the barracks in the second.
I know I'm being VERY vague , but I don't want to give away details of the game. If Chris thinks that this score is unfair and
would like an explaination. He can e-mail me and I will give him a more detailed description. Furthermore , my game crashed twice
while going between prologues . My game almost never craches outside the scenario editor.

BALANCE: There were no defects in this game's balance. Every part of the game appeared difficult , I failed every prologue at least
once. Each quest was very possible once done a certain way , though. Although sometimes it appeared you would succed only on luck ,
there was always a logical reason for your victory or defeat. There's one more good thing about the balance. You never have to restart
because failing or completing one prologue causes you to switch to the next.

CREATIVITY: While this scenario didn't feature any new trigger tricks , it had something very essential for the player's enjoyment.
What is it ? CREATIVITY ! The whole scenario and the concept is creative. Controlling four unrelated people who unwittingly have
the same goal. I know it's been thought of before. The idea has occured to myself , but it hasn't been done effectivly very often.
The lack of new uses for triggers is made up for by the use of creative ideas. I liked jumping out of a tower to scale a wall and
be threatned at gunpoint by a bartender.

MAP DESIGN: It seems that quality maps are becoming more common. Should we raise the standards to a new level or give 4's and 5's
more liberally ? I'm going with the latter. This isn't the best map I've seen , but a 4 is supposed to mean a little better than a
ramdom map. This is way better.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: I loved this story . Why am I giving it a 4 ? The story was superb , but I didn't realize it at first because
I was thrown into the scenario with inadequate explaination. This problem will be fixed in the full version , though. Remember that
this is the demo. We have a full version to look forward to. Oh yeah , I caught more then a few spelling mistakes too.

This is a great scenario and perhaps the best demo I've played , with the exception of Blacksun I. I hope you decide to grace your
computer by downloading it. Chris will produce a great campaign if he uses the quality of the demo as a precedent. This demo has
set my expectations of the full version very high. If another person reviews it , maybe they will give another 4. This is a
4.4 - 4.8 range scenario , with variation based on personal taste. I have a final personal thought. Although we aren't supposed
to deduct points just because a scenario is a demo , demos are at a disadvantage. For example , the playability defects I used to
deduct a point may have been almost undetectable in a big scenario. I'm going to be first in line for the full version.


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Map Design5.0
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