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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » ~The Siege of Lesquiden~ Version 2.0

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~The Siege of Lesquiden~ Version 2.0

Author File Description
Dantares IV
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
This is an updated version of The Siege that Started it All, by Mashek. I have asked for his permission to fix this campaign and come out with a better one. I hope hope you all will enjoy this campaign and I hope that Mashek will not think that I have trashed his work when he sees this. Please comment on the game! Enjoy! :)


~A history has been included on the siege.
~More detail has been put in on the landscape, and the fortress is more detailed.
~Some epic theme music has been put in it.
~The enemy is harder, and you are weaker.
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Map Design3.0
I thought I might as well post a review.

Playability: 4

While on hard, I quite liked getting used to each unit and using them in different places. I found it easy thou on hard, maniny because I tore the front attacking forces to shreads. But on that note the rear forces hammered through, making me use all my men defending the front gates to clash with the hoards roming through my defences. I grabbed some pikmen and cal-archers to help but Matt's body guard were takin down and he became swamped and fell. The enemy king stalked my boarders until his own body guard refused him to attack my walls. (what i mean was his boady guards locked around him and he couldn't move) and since he was out of range for my treb's my only hope was to defeat the entire army. Then as I prepared myself for the huge task ahead, Jonathan was struck down with a foul blow.
In all i quite liked it, except for the enemy king not being able to move.
Then I decided to take this game to the cleaners and see what its really made of. The best defence is offence, so with that in mind I looked at my men hard in the face and prepared them for the task ahead. I called only those who were will to fight to rally behind the right wall and withdrew the archers from there towers and destroyed the small section of wall that allowed me to charge out from my defences. But with such a large army for me to control, i couldn't position everyone to there correct positions against 'the hoard'. As the battle raged victory look certian...That was until there king came on the charge.From that point my men lost all hope in my bold actions and fell like flys, Matt and his reinforcement came just in time. The raging hoard became wedged against the moat and there ego, with there King behind them. My onagers took command of this situation and force there king to swirve away from the massing group who were falling under my onager fire. As I sore the king charging at my flank and I couldn't prepare myself quick enough. Jonathan came to meet this warload on the battle feild to test his worth, but Jonathans charged was blocked my massing enemy calvery. The Kings charge smashed into my block of archers, and all seemed lost as they fell in record numbers, and as men poured behind there King, all seemed lost. Jonathan and Matt couldn't get to the angred King fast enough, but as all seemed lost, a eager engineer with his trusty aim killed the enemy King in a single shot!! (this onagers actions were a surprise to me as well! I cannot remeber tasking him to attack the King! I was stunned!).

Why ask I dont give u a 5, because 5 is a perfect score, and even though I had a great time I cannot post a perfect score because in my opinion its not perfect as I have stated about the enemies King being trapped by his guard and refusing the player to gain victory by killing him. As well as he King being trapped behind the moat. Also there was a little bit of lag which I suggested less units and making 2 diff forces to segie the castle.

Balance: 3

I have to say there was not much depth to the game, just the big seige. I know that Matts first game, "day of hatred" was just the same in the sense of the style of the battle. But here its just very, ummm, instant, everything just happens at once and there are no messagers to say, "battering ram ahead" or "the enemy its attacking from behind". Also when I first played I looked at the right wall and sore one part of the cliff open and thought they might target there, but no, nothing came. Looking at the large space behind the right wall I thought this would be were the main battle would take place, but no. I didnt like how the enemy only attack two fronts, there is soo much more that could be done, but then again on very game, there is more that could have been done, but more so on this map. But you do have a life and I know that time is short for most of us.

Creativity: 3

I liked how u placed to treb's, but on normal i killed the enemy King with three shots, ending the battle very quickly (but i was lucky because he was stuck infront of the river and his body guards again. maybe you could of remove one or to gurad to free him up maybe? I do remember how the building collaps but and how Jonathan and the enemy King had body guard which i thought was very nice to see, but there was nothing really speacial. I did not how much effort you put into naming each unit that was nice to see. I was good to see you didnt make the cliff all the way around allowing people to sally forth into the fray.

Map Design: 3

The land scape was very very plain and there was too many enemy unit roaming around the screen, I would of been better if you created two different forces, 1force the seiging forces and the second for when the walls fall. By doing this you could shorten the veiw the player has to add more trick that he/she will not see. I would of been nice to see a cut scene before the battle to show the moral and conditions as well. Maybe some deepth into each charater and land scape? The moat was nice, but some of the streams caused the King to get stuck and giving the player a easy shot at him. But yes too much plain areas, you dont have to make everything awsome just make the land smaller to make the task easy if you hate making land scape that is.


I did like reading into the history of the moat and how it wasn't finished in time due to the war. But you did give reads the oppotunity to create there own or give to you a stroy to post. But even if you wrote somthing I would of helped.-3

On a final note,
I ask players to charge out from where I did. Try it on Hard and test yourself its not that hard. Just ive it a go and it is quite fun to take on 'the hoard'. By playing around in this game it will give you some new ideas for other maps (if you a map designer :D)
Nice work, but please fix up the map!

[Edited on 09/11/06 @ 08:05 PM]

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Map Design3.0
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