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Defense of Ellikim 1.5 (Much better than before)

Author File Description
morgoth bauglir
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Defense Of Ellikim

Another bug fixing update. Please read the readme file for further details.

This is a challenging scenario where your mission is to defend the countryside. The campaign might be quite tough if you won't use some essential tricks for survival.


(P.S.Please comment/review this file, I'd like to improve it! Thx!!)
(P.P.S. No really, update!!!)
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King Bob VI A very fun scenario with a great looking map; Good job. It is very challenging though, I haven't been able to beat it yet!
Official Reviewer
This is certainly your best work yet, Morgoth. Very pleasing playability, and the map design was excellent.

I played it on moderate and only needed to load a saved game up once, before I was able to break the invading army in all its might, and lay siege to its camps. It was very challenging, with plenty of strategic places to defend from offering GREAT replayability. I loved the idea of surrounding villages and a capital under threat of siege. The idea of rallying your armies into one big one to for once and for all challenge the enemy was superb and all in all, a great game that I would advise everyone to download and play. The part where I was able to wipe out half the enemy army was north of the centre village first struck between the cliffs. There I placed most of my troops with a siege onager I discovered behind them. I was able to send to hell half the army before being overcome and defeated. But I was soon able to build many more troops in which I repeatedly attacked the enemy army's rear before they were utterly vanquished. Well done, this scenario has actually inspired me to do something similar. Maybe I will, one day. ;) Cheers, and thanks for a great game!

[Edited on 07/30/06 @ 06:03 AM]

morgoth bauglir
File Author
This is a nice birthday present to me (30/07), a good comment. I'm still modifing the scenario, maybe i'll upload a version with more triggers and so on. But please give it a good review too, I really could use it.
Official Reviewer
I'll try to write a review, but I already have to write someone else's and I have lots of work to do. But by wednesday I'll be as free as a bird. Maybe then I'll write you up a review, though I cannot promise when It'll be in by.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
This is a great scenario
Not very many triggers, but very challenging and great fun! I haven't made it yet, on standard difficutly. This is a must for everyone that likes defending scenarios!

Maybe I'll make a review. When I've finished it ;)
Dantares IV
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The playability of this campaign went fairly well. It was slightly confusing with most of your army scattered across the entire map. Also, when you get the Merceneries, the Leader says that he needs to see the town blacksmith. When I bring him there nothing happens. If you could explain how to do that I would be very grateful and probably put playability at a 5.

Balance: 3
I had a lot of lag while the enemy was pillaging the countryside and during the main part of the seige. Of course it all went away when the enemy army was destroyed. I thought you did a very good job on the capital.

Creativity: 3
Creativity suffered a lot. I think you used deer and berry bushes over excessivly. I also did not like how seriously undefended the country side towns were. There would have been more men there if this was in a real life war. Also, when the village elder died, I still continued to get the bonus resources. You should also learn about how to colour in the sentences that the men say. Also, you should NEVER name an enemy The Enemy. You should find or think up a better name for them. Mabe try to give it an evil sounding name. You will learn as you get better at AOKH that it often makes a campaign more enjoyable if you add names to more of the characters. I have a friend of mine who has amost an entire ARMY renamed and if I was rating him I would put the creativity at a three just because of all the name changes. Just a thought. You did have some good spots however. I thought you did a very good job on the capital and on the landscape. I also liked the ambush spot where the archer was.

Map Design: 4
Your map design was very good. The bad parts that I saw was that in the ocean you had too many fish grouped together. You should have just had a few shore fish and a few great marlins. Also, most of the time salmon are in large rivers. I really enjoyed the rest of the landscape.

Story/Instructions: 2
You did a fairly good job on every thing else, but your instructions were short, blunt, confusing, and not very helpful at all.And that goes for the *special hints* at the bottom of the history section aswell. They did not help me out one bit.I mean, how can you be hoplessly stuck on a game where you just have to kill people? History is for history. Use the scouts for putting in hints in or even better, why don't you use the hints page next time? I THINK that is why they call it a *hints* page.

Additional Comments: This is an ok type of game that I would not really advise downloading. However, if you ever need ideas for eye candy, then you should DEFINATELY download this campaign.

[Edited on 08/01/06 @ 04:13 PM]

morgoth bauglir
File Author
Thanks, Dantares, I'm already working on those flaws as we post. But those flaws were noticed by me too, so my new version has a nice little story and all kinds of other stuff.
Oh, and the blacksmith a leftover, i forgot to delete it in that version

[Edited on 08/01/06 @ 04:17 AM]

Dantares IV I am glad to hear that you are working on a new version and that my points helped you out a little. I will definately download the updated one when it comes out.
King Bob VI Dantares, I can't help but notice a few things wrong with your review:

Your comments under 'Balance' deal with lag, which is a playability issue. Balance is for the difficulty.

Under creativity, the landscape and berry bush issues are a map design problem, not creativity. Creativity is often hard to rate, as it is somewhat vague, but I don't think the names of the enemy players is a creativity issue either.

Finally, under story/instructions, even though I wasn't really helped very much by the instructions given in this campaign either, the fact that it has hints and instructions and a very basic story deserves a higher ranking than 1. According to the review guide:

"If there is no story or instructions, the score is easy... it's a 1. If there are instructions but no story, the max score is a 3. If there is any story at all, the rating goes up to a 4 and if the story is really good, the rating can be a 5. If the instructions are wrong, misleading or confusing, the rating goes down."

I would give the story/instructions a 3 or possibly a 2 in this case.

I'm not trying to be mean, I just think it would be more fair to the author of this campaign if your review was adjusted a bit.
Dantares IV Bob, if ballance is for difficulty, I would probably have it at a two! Mabe you are right about story/ instructions. I WILL change that to a three or two. I have not quite made up my mind on that yet.

Say, you seem to be good at giving people pointers. Could you take a look at my campaign The Seige of Belgium (The Zanthosites are Coming?

[Edited on 08/01/06 @ 09:17 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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