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War to End all Wars

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
WAR TO END ALL WARS mod, Age of Empires II: the Conquerors 1.0c

Hit points X3
walking units speed 1.000 (+0.012)
riding units speed 2.000 (+ @ 1.200)
sea units 3.000 (+ @ 2.500)
building costs increased (+ @ 1000%)
Basically, "armies > buildings", instead of the usual "armies < buildings"]]

All civs in the game have been seriously worked over so that;

1. All ground/sea units are tougher (hitpoints X3) and therefore don't die as fast. This means your armies will last longer, and you might actually have time for some battlefield tactics without losing every damn unit.
2. All buildings that can attack (castle, towers, bombard towers) have half the hitpoints so they aren't impossible to deal with, but still a challenge.
3. The cost of all buildings has been greatly increased so the computer (or players lol) can't simply build tons of "junk buildings" to distract enemies at little cost. Now you must be careful what you build, and where you build it.
4. The movement rate of all units has been slightly increased. Ground units on 2 legs move at 1.000, Ground units on 4 legs move at 2.000, and sea units move at 3.000. A few elite units have slightly greater speed than others of thier type.
5. The trebuchets now heal themselves, to account for the "invisible crew" that packs/unpacks them, now they also try to keep them repaired. They also can't be converted, and fire faster. (Changed, see below)
6. Monks are tougher, so that they are not a total waste of time and gold lol. They also can't be converted, and heal themselves. I mean, if you can heal others, you should surely be able to heal yourself. Missionaries CAN be converted, and do not self-heal. (Changed, see below)
7. You will find that the Britons pack more punch, to make up for thier lack of gunpowder techs. In fact, they kinda hurt if they have a lot of Longbows hittin' and runnin'.
8. The Byzantine's "Elite Cataphract" is a true terror now, gaining a slight burst of speed, and a slight bonus versus buildings, to make him compare more with the Elite Tarkan that the Huns can make. The Byzantines still receive the proportionate boost to thier building's strength, and are still a very good defensive civ.
9. The Chinese Chukonu is more viable on the battlefield with greater range, more power, and a firing rate that is more in line with a "semi automatic weapon". Chinese monks are much harder to kill.
10. Teutonic Knights can move at a decent rate now.
11. The Goths enjoy a slightly increased work rate to emphasize thier "raider" tactics, their ability to procure supplies as they do battle. Looting and pillaging pays off as they are able to put up more barracks, and thus capitalize thier greater infantry bonuses. Basically, this helps offset any disadvantage they may have suffered from having the building costs increased.
12. The Franks spread the Gospel of Christ in thier fanatical crusade to take back the Holy Land from the blasphemer, and their priests and paladins are fortified by thier faith, able to heal themselves, and having better armor.
13. The Japanese Samurai have begun to study Bushido, thier code of honor, and would rather die than become traitors, therefore they can no longer be converted.
14. The Saracens, of course, are just tough all around, and are on a Holy War from Allah to slay the heathen, by any means necessary. They have extra skill with gunpowder and explosive techniques, so that they may engage in sabotage, as well as suicide attacks! Yes, this is a hint about thier petards getting a boost.
15. Fans of the Aztecs should be very happy, now that the jungle fighter civ is back on the warpath! The Elite Jaguar Warrior is out for blood. They also have archery-based bonuses. Invading the Aztec's jungle stronghold just became a lot more dangerous!
16. All natural resources (Gold, Stone, Fish, Forage Bushes, Oak Forest Trees, and even farms), do not run out. The Pine trees, and Palm type trees are not affected, as well as most of the oak type trees, so you can still clear away wooded areas when you need to, but some of the oak type trees are infinite, and do not run out. It's about 10% of the oak forest trees that do this, and can be selected in the Scenario Editor. Go to Units > Gaia > Other > Oak Forest Tree to deliberately place one in a scenario.
17. It is HIGHLY recommended that you set up scenarios, and give each of these altered civs 20,000 of each resource for each age they will have to progress through. Otherwise, the game will take a very long time to really "get going", as each team builds up it's town. This mod is really more for Death Match type scenarios, or starting out already post-imperial age. However, it can be very enjoyable to play an entire scenario from Dark Age on, as it is now much more of a challenge to progress, and that just makes it more dramatic. It may make a game take longer, but economic strategies will have a bigger pay-off. Game play on Moderate or Hard is recommended.
18. The Spanish have better Conquistadors, Monks and Missionaries, as well as a slight boost to gunpowder techs. (Changed, see below)
19. Huns have had ALL thier buildings hit points reduced, not just buildings that can attack, and Tarkans have been improved. This will require testing and adjustment if needed.
20. Persians are basically a Monk + War Elephant civ. The two of these together are a devastating force. With the new unit improvements, the War Elephants roll across the landscape like a mountain of destruction! And monks can heal them!

***Mayans have been made very Uber, to be used as a "testing civ". In thier default state, the Mayan are the weakest civ, scoring a -33 on techs, (Saracens are strongest at only -14). Because the Mayans are pretty much useless in default, and nobody plays them, I used them as my tester civ. (Changed, see below)
***Celts have also been worked over to be very tough, and may be even more Uber than the Mayans. Once again, you can use the Celts as a tester civ, but a more defensive one, where the Mayans are more offensive. The Celts will be able to put up a town very quickly, and hang on to it, if it is fortified properly. (Changed, see below)

- Teutonic Knights line-of-sight checked to make sure it is sufficient
- Chu Ko Nu armor decreased
- Teutons monks die and stay dead (no longer self-resurrect after 2 minutes)
- Conquistador's armor balanced more
- Britons produce archers and seige faster
- Goths barracks improved
- Aztec archery range improved
- Cataphract and Elite Cataphract improved a bit more

- Huskarls speed slightly increased
- Longbowman accuracy improved
- Chinese building speed brought down to normal
- Mameluke attack decreased
- Teutonic Knight speed decreased

- Japanese monks speed brought down to normal
- Longbowmen heroicized, and armor balanced (Changed)
- Chinese Onager's dead unit ID fixed

- Franks Paladin armor +
- Huskarls armor +
- Longbowman damage X2
- Cataphracts +20 HP, +2 armor vs arrows
- Jaguar Warrior -4 armor

- Huskarl armor tweaked yet again
- Mamelukes no longer have a "suicide attack", but instead, the rider leaves his camel to die!
- Samurai armor and attack increased again
- Longbowmen and Conquistador once again have minimum attack range, so they try to evade melee atackers.

Final Version Testing
- Berserks attack balanced
- Mangudai range slightly increased
- War Elephants armor reduced
- Janissary range improved, armor+
- Viking siege ram beefed up
- An old bug found and corrected with Teuton hand cannoneers

-All Trebuchets now have 30 range and +5 AoE, but cost 2000 wood and 2000 gold, and take 350 seconds to build from the castle. Packing time and movement, attack and armor have not been changed, only range, AoE and cost have been changed here. This change makes the trebuchet more realistic as to how they were actually used in historical warfare. They are supposed to be a ballistic missile weapon that can destroy a town from outside the town.
- Celts and Mayans are scheduled for conversion to normal civs soon, and will be in-line with all the others, however we are still trying to decide which civ to turn into a tester civ. There is some debate, and we may need to use the Teutons again, which would effectively take them out of play. But we are still meditating on this issue, and may decide to use a less popular civ. Our test players have requested the Celts and Mayans be converted so they can be played as part of this mod. The testing that we still need to do requires a tester civ with many capabilities, especially monastery techs, and the Celts just don't have what we need, and the Mayans also don't have everything we need.

- We have reviewed all the civs again, and have decided that we will indeed convert Mayans and Celts to be in-line with this mod, and the Spanish will be the new Tester civ. Work will begin on this conversion ASAP.

- Mayans and Celts are now ready for testing as regular civs, and the Spanish have been converted into a tester civ, and will not be recommended for regular play.

- All large weapon projectiles set to a uniform speed, except Britons who have a slight boost to projectile speed.
- Still making adjustments on Celt and Mayan units to "de-test-mode" them.

- Teuton hand cannoneers should now not be bugged
- Teuton Heavy Scorpion bolt speed fixed
- Construction time for all Fortified Walls increased for all civs. It will now take about 2 times as long. This was done to help prevent "wall clogging" by villagers during a siege attempt.
- Japanese Monks now have the armor bonus they were supposed to get from this mod, making them almost as tough as Chinese monks.
- Viking Siege Rams have been adjusted back down, and are no longer heroicized, but are still very tough.
- Mayan trade carts can be destroyed (select trade cart, then press Delete key) to produce Mayan Tarkans, this allows the Mayans to have a mounted unit.
- Aztec Skirmishers become Throwing Axemen when deleted.

- Spanish are now the tester civ, and Teutons, Mayans and Celts should just about have every possible unit attribute normalized.
- Work rate for all buildings except castles, siege workshops and docks increased slightly, uniform across all civs (except Spanish).
- Most corpses will now remain where they fall and not disappear. This is so you can find the spot where important battles have taken place later in a game, or so you can tell what was attacking you while you were busy doing something else. Also, it is more realistic to have bodies and debris all over the battlefield. Now it really looks like the "War to End all Wars"
- Viking longboats can garrison troops, like a battering ram, and still fight. Select the units, then right click on the longboat. To get them out, put the boat on the beach and click thier icons to unload them 1 at a time. You can also just delete the ship to have them all pop out at once, but you might not get all of them out.

- About to upload to the Blacksmith because somebody asked, but I'm still not through with it, so bear that in mind, and also that the Spanish are still Uber for a tester civ in this version, and there may still be problems with Teuton, Celt or Mayans units having slight advantages, so if you think one of those civs is mining too fast or something, feel free to look in it with GeniEd2 and compare to Britons, Franks or Byzantines for numbers.

- Worked on Saracens again, to make them more balanced with other civs; Siege units, Archer units, Elite Mamelukes, Monks, Builders, Trebuchets, and half of the Stone miners will suicide attack. Mamelukes rider's that hop off the camel are now Skirmishers instead of Throwing Axemen in order to prevent tech clashes crashing the game. Docks, Archery Range, Siege Workshop, and Castle have a special suicide attack that you have to see to believe. Tweaked all Saracen suicide attacks so that they now also damage all allied units, everything caught in the blast radius takes damage. Bombard towers leave a Petard after being destroyed. Melee type units (Barracks and Stable) no longer have suicide attacks. Also fixed (I hope) a crash occuring because of a Unit Type issue when Saracen units without the tech Heresy would be converted to a civ with Heresy, it would crash the game.
- Nerfed Teuton paladins armor back down to make them more in line with other civ's paladins. Slowed the speed of the cannon balls that fly from Teuton bombard towers. Nerfed Teuton villager's armor back down, they still have an armor bonus, but it's not insane, that was something left behind from when I used the Teutons for some testing.

- Spanish being converted to "normal". Spanish have strong Monks and of course, the Missionaries, strong gunpowder units and the Conquistador, who is, after all, the mascot of "the Conquerors" expansion pack. Spanish bombard cannons are brutal on the battlefield.
- All monks balanced more; Some had too much conversion range, some not enough
- Samurai given more speed (same speed as Huskarl now)
- Franks now actually make the Frankish Paladin at the stables instead of the generic paladin.
- Saracen AoE damage from petards reduced to 5.000 from 10.000, but damage level increased slightly.

- Most Saracen buildings have a villager hiding inside. Saracen buildings with a suicide attack (Castle, Town Center, Siege Workshop) now produce a wagon full of gunpowder barrels, whose job is to sabotage the enemy, it's damage to allied units is minimized, while petard suicide bombers will still damage all nearby objects at full force.
- Teutonic Knight's armor balanced vs. type to function better.
- Teuton repairers fixed
- All bombard towers damage reduced
- Spanish halberdiers fixed
- Spanish siege ram's dead unit ID fixed
- Teuton bombard tower's blast radius reduced to 1.000
- Mayan Plumed Archer's range reduced
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
fatookit Your idea is interesting, can I ask you how you did the job of changing tech?
File Author
Well, for the Franks making the Frankish Paladin instead of the regular paladin, I just changed the Frank's paladin to look like the Frankish Paladin and have it's icon also. This was done using GeniEd2 which is all I use. For the Mayans I made thier trade carts have the "Dead Unit ID" that corresponds to thier Elite Tarkan, so if you kill/delete thier trade carts, an Elite Tarkan appears. Aztecs skirmishers turning into Throwing Axemen works the same way. I really didn't do any tech editing with any special programs, I would probably be totally lost if I tried lol.
flynnoak How did you change the units armor and damage?

I have the genied2 but all it changes is the dispalyed value not the real value.

Lord_Klingberg You need only the newest version of Genied, That's all.
iyernaup how to edit projectile speed and set the delay interval
Aaron90 Hello NethernyC:

First of all, I wanna to congratulate you for the excellent mod. The idea looks fine and put the game more historically accurate and give it more game life.

But I have 2 things to say about this game:

1.- I'm a little bit dissapointed for the fact that this mod doesn't include the capacity of get rid of the 200 pop limit and expand it to 1000 like another 3 mods posted in The Blacksmith. It would give you more strategic options and make the game much longer and much excited.

2.- How did you do to make the samurais die after a conversion without changing any tech? I'm interest to know in wich part of the GeniED2 Improved Version can do that?

Well, without any more things to say you, I say goodbye and again, congratulations.

Best wishes.

[Edited on 11/24/07 @ 01:29 PM]

Official Reviewer
I moved the file from Utilities.

-Blacksmith Administrator

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