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Downloads Home » Best Files » ACSC06 - Memories of a Misty Past

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ACSC06 - Memories of a Misty Past

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
For the ACSC...

Memories of a Misty Past

This is my entry to the A Cut-Scene Contest, 2006. It was originally intended as a prologue to a much longer story, which will never be finished, so instead it serves as an entry to this contest. Looking back on it now I see it is really a rather poor effort, so don't have too high expectations, I leave it here mainly for the sake of completeness.

(10th November 2007)


Comments and reviews are welcome.

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Official Reviewer
Just watched it, and it is a good teaser with some great map design in some parts. I especially liked the mountain looking bit where the man suicided. Probably lacked detail in some parts, but was interesting and a good teaser. Good job. ;)

[Edited on 08/01/06 @ 04:45 AM]

VonCorgath Good work Julius999, that was a great cut-scene. It really felt like you were looking off the edge out into the mist. I also like the man hung from the tree. Very creative. All the best!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Just got back from a holiday so sorry for the delay in replying.

Thanks for the positive feedback Mashek and VonCorgath, hope you enjoyed it.

I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the entries to this.
Fenrisulfr It was cool, and made me want to find out what happened after the old man began his story, but I couldn't help but think the end was a bit rushed...all the same, good job, Julius :)
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks Fenrisulfr, glad you liked it.

Not sure why it seemed rushed, I did try to make it so you just get fleeting glimpses of parts of the story. Still, maybe I'll have another look at it.

By the way, your cutscene keeps crashing on me shortly after I see the canal, any idea why?
Fenrisulfr Hrrm. Could be the sounds that play at the canal part.
My computer is known for crashing during campaigns with some sounds. I'll bet it's just the combination of the sounds with your computer, sorry :(

and another thing about your cut-scene, I loved the idea for the man hanging on the hill. Very clever :D
Official Reviewer
File Author
That's probably it. I'll delete the sound files and have another try, it won't be the same but better than not seeing it at all.

Thanks again, is there any chance of a review? That's for anybody reading this.
Jas the Mace1 Good cut-scene!! It's more like a movie trailer than a cut-scene...looks like a good story with lots going on...I like the fact that it's shorter than most others...It's pretty hard to sit through some of those twenty minute ones...I would say it's worth compleating into a full map..
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks, that was pretty much my intention.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Memories of a misty past is a short, but happening-packing cut-scene, creating a dimmy and unclear sight of the story to come and what to expect. Its a great attempt on a cut-scene, and well made. But personally, I think its TOO short!
But thats the purpose I think. I recall sometime when Julius said so to me, and some others

Playability: 5

I did really enjoy watching this cut-scene. It played with no bugs and good timing on the speeking and storyteller instructions.
The cut-scene is pretty short, the shortest in the competition, but still very pleasing and enjoyable.
I couldn't find any minor bugs or anything that would make this part go down. Therefor I give it highest result possible: 5

Balance: 5

As all cut-scenes get an auto-5, according to the Review Guidelines, this does too, of course

Creativity: 5

This cut-scene had many creative aspects, such as the clouds and cloudy sky. Those where great! I've rarely seen them in any other campaigns, scenarios or cut-scenes. In fact, I dont remember any cut-scene having them.
Other creative aspects where thelandscape at the clouds, being exactly the same, but during different seasons. I haven't seen that very often either, though more times than the clouds.
Other good parts where the hanging man, and the suicidal. Good part both of them

Map Design: 4+

Map design was also a strong point in this cut-scene. The snowy landscapes where well made, full of dead trees or trees without leaves, or marron leaves. A handful of bushes placed out and leaves for paths. All well made. The old, ruins was well made its graves, ruined structures and details where supreme, the hill in the city good made. The battlefield and the attacking Golden Legion was great
All very well made. Though, I think something extra, like a little extra sugar in the coffee (sorry for my silly examples ;) )
Therefor, a strong 4

Story/Instructions: 4

The story is very short, dimmy and gives the watcher more questions than it gives answers. You get to know hardly little about anything in the story, but you still see its awesomeness, and the idea is pretty unique.
I like its theme, and especially the hints
I love your sense of humor, especially the "Rebellious" part. Good use of the hints
The instructions where all easy to read, and didn't run away in some kind of texture World Cup race.
The only thing I didn't like, or liked less, was that it was too short. I wanted it to be longer! Its so good in many parts, except that you get tp little of it, and perhaps it will even be gone in your mind for long...

Additional Comments:

This is a great cut-scene. Hardly no parts are bad, or lesser good. The file is very small, about 2 megabytes, and very pleasing to watch. Its pretty unique too, making it even better, and good use of instructions and snowy landscapes
Only "Bad" thing is its lenght... or shorth..?
But thats ment to be. Nothing to do, uits best as it is
Very good work Julius! Great start of the campaign!
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Map Design4.0
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