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Me vs Bugsniper

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Version: The Conquerors
Just some wierd ass game I played on gamespy with patch 1.0 B

We played 2v2 on gold rush and yellow wasn't very good, so green got doubled on the gold turf and he resigned.

And we thought yellow would be a walkover.
So red just stopped doing stuff and gave yellow almost all his recources.

So I thought that was the reason for the jump in score.

He researched spies and I was like, wow red must have really mined a lot of gold.

Anyhow it was a fun game to watch, so emm I think I'll just submit it.
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Official Reviewer
This recorded game is for the 1.0 B patch of The Conquerors Expansion and will go out of sync with the 1.0c patch and Version 1.0 (un-patched) after 18:44 minutes and the game takes almost three hours.

I edited the misleading information in description and short description from 1.0c to 1.0 B.

I also edited (Cheater) out of the title. This should not be part of a submission's title. The viewer can make up his own mind watching the file and I will write a review.

-Blacksmith Administrator
Official Reviewer
Rating: 3

You need The Conquerors Expansion, patch 1.0 B to play this recorded game.

'Me vs Bugsniper' is a 2v2, Draakje83 (Teutons blue) and ThaMythX (Turks red) against still_in_love_u (Spanish green) and BugSniper (Goths yellow) starting in the Dark Age on a gold rush map, resources wood and food 200, gold 100 and stone 200.

The author states the purpose of the submission in his description and title, to show a weird game, the play of a Cheater. The game shows in a certain way the intended goal but different than the author wants us to believe, the cheater he aimed at with this download was not the one who started. ThaMythX, the red player, allied to the author started cheating in the first minutes of the game, which spoilt it from the start. After 9 minutes red built a mill, six houses and 3 fields, had 540 of wood left and none of his villagers touched a tree (all started with 200 of wood). The cheated resources were small at the start, but red's appetite was growing, next 1000 stone followed by 2000 food and 5000 of food and gold. Draakje83, the blue player, waited until 32 minutes to join his ally with cheating. Realizing that green alone was too strong for both of them; he permitted himself 5000 of gold and advanced to imperial Age. Sad that green, the best and only honest player had to give up after 41 minutes due to cheating opponents. Blue had the best economy, but poor military and micromanagement, without cheating his strategy with the wrong location to approach the gold would have failed and green probably dominated the center of the map early on. BugSniper, the yellow player was the weakest, just behind red, managed to loose four sheep next to his town centre to an enemy, kept out of the fighting, the centre, ignored dead fields, did not queue them at the mill, and castled last without a military unit. When his ally resigned, he had barracks, stable, siege workshop, started to advance to Imperial, but had not trained a single military unit and other than blue and red not done a single cheat. It was time to resign also; it is not a disgrace to loose against 2 cheaters, but yellow decided otherwise, starts with adding 10'000 gold to his resources 44 minutes into the game. To mention that red just passed to inspect the peaceful town with a squad of champions; did not attack, deleted his buildings and units, tributes his resources to yellow, maybe bad conscience, then watches, cheats back into action, tributes to blue and resigns 1:24:55 getting bored. A weird game indeed isn't it.

Apart from needing a specific and defined purpose for the upload, a viewer should gain knowledge or entertainment value from a recorded game. I doubt the entertainment value from a game, decided after 40 minutes, prolonged by over two hours due to 100'000's of resource cheats. Even by adding 99'999 gold, a pop limit of 9'999 and an army of 400 units yellow was not able to even reach blue's base, using all cheats to defend, not to loose, while blue was incapable to do the decisive blow, go after yellow when he was near victory more than once. The game shifted between a wonder for yellow and a relic victory for blue repeatedly. Finally blue won with five relics and/or yellow lost with wood 7967, food 83'772, gold 107'005, stone 174'179 and a population of 84/9'999, he lost 2205 units, his largest army consisted of 403 units, collected 1040 stone and build 45 castles with them. ;)
Well what was there to learn, downloading cheats causes lag, with victory condition standard make sure to have at least one relic, cheats spoil your game, they do not improve your skills and you might loose anyway.

OVERALL: It was a spoiled match.

SUGGESTIONS: If you encounter lag at the game's start do not play somebody might load cheats.

Observation: To view in game messages of a cheater like "you paid 5'000 gold to GAIA" and his resources go up by that amount, select the player name in the box below on the left of your screen.

IN CLOSING: I hope that still_in_love_u reads this review, knowing why he lost early on July 27 might make him feel better.

[Edited on 08/01/07 @ 07:34 PM]

File Author
Sorry I didn't even notice I received that 5000 gold tribute :-/

I'm so oblivious to stuff like that going on.

I didn't even notice yellow was cheating for approximately 1 hour untill I saw his Castles rising in 10 seconds with just one villager building on it.

I swear, I didn't intend to cheat. :'-(
Cilibinarii why does no one review these things (only tanneur does..)

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