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Hardest 7v1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Random civ ended up with mayans on random land map ended up on yucatan. conquest with standard sets explored map. Took a bit of time this was about my 10th atempt was about to give up as it seemed impossible untell I got a lucky map.
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GAG_xKx_DK2 This is definetly not you because i have an AI Script that does the same exact thing as you so stop "showing off" because this is definetly not u! so stop lying to every body!
File Author
LOL you gota be kidding me you have a AI script that lures boars with a scout??? ROFL you gota be the dumbest dumb person person I have had the displeasure of having to read the comments you randomy pulled out of ur butt. You should do the world a favor and stop sucking up the oxygen as your brain doesn't seem to receive any of it anyways. Maybe you should take the time to actualy watch the record as you have proven you have never seen it. The only person that is lying is you and ur AI script you claim you have but we all know you dont.

[Edited on 08/11/06 @ 06:36 PM]

IamMaggot oh mama he11s, i didnt kno u played the AI, come on gamepark and play with SOK. lol
NightmareWraith simmer down! geez you people get worked up so easily and this is my first day of registration.

Lemme see it and i'll telly ou whats up i've been playing this game since i was 8. or when ever the game came out. :P
Hlidskjalf Nice.

But did you self modd the map or was it just "luck" that you landed on a seperated island in this yucutan?

I mean with land connection you wouldnt last an hour!

Nice thou, i tryed it myself.

Official Reviewer
One of the limitations of AI script is that it cannot hunt boars at all.

This is really cool the way 4 boars were lured by the eagle warrior. The map was just lucky I guess.
Gym123 Thank you for posting this game.

I have to ask why you did not take advantage of the awesome placement you had.

I watched numerous attempts at breaking out across the channel, but you kept attempting at the north-eastern most post of the channel crossing. This lead to destruction of all breakout attempts by Trebucket destruction of buildings. Straight south of your main force was a point the could be easily be defended by your mass of ships. You could have easily defended this point and chopped your way through into the massive clearing. Inside of this clearing, you would have been defended by your ships, while supreme shelling of the purple base.

This would have made a breakout into the mainland much faster and not rely on the AI depletion of gold resources to enable a breakout into the mainland.

Any reason why this was not attempted?

Thank for any response.....!
charlton Interesting game.

Interesting strategy - the constant 'beating back' of all that 7 opponents on hardest throw at you! using cheap units constantly being replaced.

I noticed you also "divided and conquered", using walls, amazing how much food & wood you went through yet you didn't upgrade your walls! (costs 200 food, 100 wood)

I'd have put double/triple/quadruple castles at all the choke-points, THEN take out each civ at a time with little/no interferance from the other civs.

Having some degree of separation until you can get all your upgrades and start mass-producing units is important at this level. Too much gets thrown at you too early otherwise. You can 'come out' when you're ready. Though it's important to constantly be 'bleeding' the opponents' units & gold off.

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