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Country Invasion-Risk Style

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Sorry about the enemy not spawning enough units. I've fixed the problem, so pleas download again.

Invaders from across the sea have landed on your shores, and you must repel them. Fight to capture back all 13 of your towns and defeat the enemy in this Risk Style Campaign
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morgoth bauglir
Map Design4.0
First of all, i'm gonna review this Risk map because I think it doesn't get enough recognition when people are looking at KB6's Hundred Years War.

Playability: 5
I LOVE risk maps, so how much fun I had... s***loads. It was a very interesting game. Although I completed the map with 30 minutes, they were 29 minutes of pure joy...

Balance: 4
The toughness of the map was quite jumpy. The first 10 minutes of the scenario, it looked like I wouldn't make it, but 5 minutes later, the enemy pressure ended and I want on a devastating counterattack, winning the scenario. I think that the enemy didn't spawn units, because when I started the game second time(marco polo) trying to see the AI behaviour, i didn't see much respawns. I think the AI just pushed everything he had at me and then just stayed idle. Back to the beginning: the AI took one fort from me, giving intense pressure and suddenly, it all ended. I have to admit, I quite enjoyed defending against such insane pressure, but when i met maximally 20 troops on my counterattack, I was disappointed.

Creativity: 3
Unfortunately, this scenario wasn't very creative. There were no sidequests and allies, like in previous Risk's. The idea itself is good, but there is nothing new or stunning (although its hard to do something new or stunning when there are 3 almost same maps made already). There aren't many trigger tricks or sounds. In conclusion, the creativity was not completely missing and I can't whine about it too much. Good enough.

Map Design: 4
The map was better than a random map, so a 4. There was a little eye candy, but the remaining parts were quite dull. Quite honestly, I didn't pay attention to the map before the second play. I just had too much fun battling.

Story/Instructions: 3
Well, this scenario has the same problem as my last scenario: little story.
Quote: "If there are instructions but no story, the max score is a 3."
After I made my scenario have a story, I actually felt much better about it. You should, too. Maybe you could update it to be the first Risk map with a cutscene.

Additional Comments: This is another valuable Risk type map. I strongly recommend people to download it. And the author should be proud, that this scenario is in the same class as the previous Risk maps. Good job.

P.S. Please tell me if I was too harsh on the author. I hope I wasn't.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4

This campaign was really fun to play. It was easy to understand what to do. You start off with like half of the towns.Your enemy has got huge forces that immediately attack your cities, making it a hard start. When you have defeated most of these forces, the game gets easier. Pretty much easier. I could finish it all on 45 minutes. But not was real quality time. Very enjoyable, and replayable.
It is the easiness that makes this not get a 5. In the end, your opponent doesn't create any soldiers at all to defend their last city. And the barbarians where almost useless. they didn't do a thing. But the start and middle of it all was very well made
Therefor, it gets a 4+

Balance: 3

The game was very hard in the beginning, as I said, and it took time to wipe off the huge forces of your opponent. But when done, it was pretty easy to win it all. it takes time, but its still fairly easy.
One reason is that you get all too much gold. In the end, I had 7000 gold that I didnt have to spend, because my 40 soldiers could raze the last 2 castles without losing, hardly any, soldiers at all.
The other reason is that your opponent gets too little gold, or spawn too few soldiers. When they have 4 o less castles left, they train hardly any soldiers, and when oinly the 2 norhtern castles remained in their hands, they didn't do a thing.
Make it harder. This part gets a 3

Creativity: 3

The map and roads where all well set out. The whole idea of an invasion was quite funny too. Not meaning comial, but a nice idea. Though, there isn't much things that separates this from the other Risk games. It has the same music as RISK - HYW, and mostly same soldiers to spawn. The creation way is a bit different, as you dont get the unit you click. Instead, your new unit comes out from the door of the building wich is very good actually.
But there where lacks in other parts of it. the barbarians where useless, and you didn't get any special offer, like the italians in HYW or pilgrims and mercenaries in Crusader. One or maybe two offers would spice it up, and make it to a more changing gameplay.
Therefor a strong 3, 3+

Map Design: 4

The map was quite bare in many places, and filled with grass 1. In some places was it really good. But most places where pretty bare and open. Not very much elevation either. BUT, you dont see this while playing. The only thing you think about is the action, and to fight, fight and fight. Therefor, I dont want to give it a bad point. You dont need a cluttered map if you wont notice it very much, and it might perhaps make it lag. Therefor, a 4

Story/Instructions: 3

There was no actuall story. Only that the invaders invaded and you had to defend It was easy to understand what to do, so the instructions where good.
And because, as the Review Guidelines sais, if a scenario hasn't got a story, it cant get higher than 3. Therefor a 3

Additional Comments:

A good try to make a RISK map. You actually inspired me to make my own RISK map
Good job. Make more of these! I would love to see more of your work!
Make this a little more spicey, hot it up with harder enemies at the end, and perhaps even fix your own music file ;)
Good job!

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Map Design4.0
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