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LotR Helm's Deep

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 8
Helm’s Deep
Map Made by: z63

Take the battle into your hands, and decide the fate of Helm’s Deep!


Helm's Deep, Fortress of Rohan. It was believed that Helm's Deep would never fall while men defended it. No enemy had ever breached the Deeping Wall, or set foot inside the Hornburg. But the approaching enemy is the Uruk-hai of the White Hand, built for one purpose - the annihilation of the Human race. Tens of thousands of Uruk-hai march threateningly upon Helm's Deep and its outnumbered defenders. The Lothlórien Elves also take part in this siege with Rohan as a final contribution to their old Alliance. Meanwhile, Gandalf promises to bring aid in five days, if they can just hold out that long.

There are heroes defending the fortress now. Among them are Aragorn, heir of Isildur and of the original fellowship; Haldir, Elf-captain of the Lothlórien elves; Legolas the Elf of the original Fellowship; Gimli the Dwarf of the original Fellowship; Théoden, King of Rohan; Háma, his servant; Gamling the Old, servant of the king; and Éowyn, niece of the king.

Map Made by: z63

Full credit for the characters and plot of the Lord of the Rings goes to J.R.R. Tolkien.


This scenario is based on the "Helm's Deep" scenario for multiplayer StarCraft ... which is based on the book by J.R.R Tolkien. "Helm's Deep" was a very good (in my opinion) siege game. It was very aggressive. It required careful handling of key units and control over certain choke points. I was inspired by the game and thought it would be nice to be able to play it with Age of Empires II. Now here is the version for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors.

Attackers to win - Kill Théoden King (Elite Cataphract)

Defenders to win - Defend the King. Kill the Goblin Commander (Elite Woad Raider), the Orc Commander (Elite Huskarl), and the Uruk-hai Commander (Elite Jaguar Warrior).

Gandalf's reinforcements arrive in 120 hours (when you accumulate 120 gold).

This scenario is not perfectly accurate for the sake of fun. I have taken out the trees so as not to deter the onagers, and I have added in some new characters like goblins and dwarves.

-Put the scx file in your Age of Empires II Scenario folder.
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morgoth bauglir This thing isn't based on teh book. So far as I recall, there were no ELVES there. But a nice battle and almost all lotr scenarios in teh blacksmith are based on teh movie anyhow. It's a nice helm's deep scenario, giving some new ideas rather than the others.
File Author
What did you think of the fortress? I tried to make it as accurate as possible ... to the movie *heeheehee*. Although I left out the puny Deeping Stream, because it wasn't in the "Other" map and would have been unexciting.

Come on. Give me some credit. Háma wasn't in the movie, was he? (Nor the goblins and dwarves).

Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked it.

More comments, please?

[Edited on 08/08/06 @ 07:21 PM]

Dantares IV Of course there were elves there! They were led by Captain Haldir.
Official Reviewer
I received "host[] said: 550 [PERMFAIL] requires valid sender domain (in reply to RCPT TO command)" for my undelivered mail. Therefore, I try here.

You submitted your file three times.

ID: 7875 Helm's Deep
ID: 7874 Helm's Deep
ID: 7866 Helm's Deep

There will be a delay until your file shows to the public.

Please avoid uploading duplicate files, if you want to update before your file shows at the Blacksmith, under 'submit file', click 'contact us' and we will send you the link for your update.

I removed file IDs 7866 and 7874.

-Blacksmith Administrator
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This scenario is about as fun as it gets. It is very addicting. The Rohanians having to survive, and keep pulling back is tons of fun and suspense. And the attackers having to kill King Theoden before Gandalf comes adds a sense of urgency for them. There is much strategy in it too. The defenders have to use their archers and siege weapons wisely, or they will have no chance. The attackers have to protect their siege weapons, also, and attack from the right spot.

Balance: 5
The balance in this is as near to perfect as it gets. Almost every game I have played has been close. In most games, the defenders are on their last fortified spot, and then Gandalf comes with the Riders of Rohan. The defenders then have to find and kill the attacker's commanders. The unit spawns are balanced just about right, too, and the heroes for players are balanced well.

Creativity: 5
I have never seen a siege scenario in multiplayer before, therefore this gets a 5. The author executed the element of suspense into the siege well, too, adding the time when Gandalf comes. There is nothing rehashed that I have seen in this scenario.

Map Design: 5
The map design is an almost perfectly accurate depiction of Helm's Deep. It includes the culvert where the Uruk-hai make a breach in the wall in the LoTR books. It also contains the Gate to the keep, with a big path of cliffs in front of it. It includes the Horn of Hell Hammerhand also, and everything else there should be. The plains outside of Helm's Deep are a bit plain, but this is definitely not enough to lower it to a 4 in map design, since the main theme of the scenario is the city, and the plains are nothing but filler, for the enemies of Rohan.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story in this is great, considering it is the story of one of the most successful book series of all time (Lord of the Rings). Also, the instructions are completely adequate, they are detailed, and if you read them you should have no problem understanding the game. Most of the game is common sense, though.

Additional Comments:
This is a great scenario, I recommend it for all to play. If you do not play this, you are missing out on a very fun experience.

[Edited on 10/10/06 @ 08:13 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the great review, Mega!

[Edited on 10/22/06 @ 02:49 PM]

Official Reviewer
well this is my first scenario that I am playing which is designed by some person. It is pretty accurate and well designed confirming to the book.

BTW there weren't any elves there as they were shown in the movie
but I am getting a problem- it is becoming very slow sometimes with those loads of units.
COOL7 Srry,
But i cant even play it. Just says i win then its finisched and i can play again if i want???

no idea wat you guys are talking about can some1 plz tell me?
Master malreaux They have a Helms deep for SWGB. i should try
these two and compare the differences.
MeGaIdIoT Don't listen to Pupitre. He makes terrible comments everywhere. He hasn't even played this yet.
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Map Design3.3
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