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Eternal Blood

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Other
Number of players: 8

Presented by SOK_He11s_Ange1s and Megaidiot aka Impeached

In 892 AD, a great emperor died before he bore an heir for his throne. The factions of his kingdom all claimed that they had a right to the throne, and chaos ensued. The factions battled for years. 8 of them were able to steal one of the sacred artifacts from the empire, and put it in their shrine. The artifact was placed inside the shrine by a wizard. While inside the shrine, the artifact gave the wizard the energies he needed to cast spells and curses on the other factions. The 8 factions who had the artifacts quickly killed off the others. The 8 factions of the empire who were able to take the artifacts were:
The Shurgans. These men were traders, who dealt in rare spices and silks.
The Ardairians. They were from the south, were rich, and had funds enough to boost them at the start of the war.
The Cael. The Cael had the champion of the empire, Theodoric the Goth, leading them.
The Vasanti. They were nomads, who basically lived in the saddle. Their horse archers could evade the enemy, and attack with great accuracy.
The Kabali. They were harsh northern men. They had built up their endurance and strength from the stark environment in ther country, and could outlast almost anyone in battle.
The Edythites. These men were experts in sword and axe fighting, and almost no one would dare to face them in melee combat.
The Ohanzee. The Ohanzee were the home of the empire's greatest Wizardry school, and had more wizards in the battle than anyone else.
The Indivar. The Indivar people excelled at archery. The men and women of Indivar could fire with the highest speed and accuracy in the land.

The historians called their war the war of

Eternal Blood has officially been released. In this blood, you start with an archer to spawn. You get 5 food per 5 kills, and 5 food per conversion. You get new spawning units with food, none automatically. You have to choose what spawning unit to get next.

The object of the game is to kill all of your enemy's monasteries before they kill yours. Each time you lose one of the 5 stacked towers in your base, you get a free Rolling Thunder. Also, this blood features anti-delete triggers, so other players cannot steal your razing rewards by deleting.

Gate Deleting penalty = Lose all gold and 2000 hp damage to monastery
Tower Deleting penalty = Lose all gold and 4000 hp damage to monastery

A screenshot of the map


Spells cost gold, which you get from the relic you start with, and buying trade cogs
Hail of Arrows = Attack spell on a selected enemy. The caster recieves a total of 60 invisble longboats on the sides of the enemy base for 60 secs.

Rolling Thunder = Defensive spell that acts as a panic.

Fear = Defensive spell that makes all units not owned by the caster to run from within or near the caster's base in fear. Only effect in and near the caster's base. Lasts 60 seconds.

Meteor Shower = Atack spell on a selected enemy. The caster recieves a total of 4 invisble siege onagers on the sides of the enemy base for 60 secs.

Eruption = Atack spell on the middle power up. The caster will kill all enemy units within the middel power up is located.

Flurry/Swiftness/Haste = 3 spells, bought in that order, that increase the increment that your units spawn. Flurry increases the increment to every 7 seconds, swiftness to every 4 seconds, haste makes no delay on your units spawning.

All kills from spells count as kills for the caster.

Civilization Bonuses

Britons - Yeomen with Robin Hood and foot archers + 1 range.
Franks - 2 Free Frankish Paladins, town watch/patrol, and fortified walls.
Goths - Free theodoric the goth, all infantry armor, and infantry +1 atack vs buidings.
Teutons - Masonry, +1 hp per second for monk in mid, 20 free food, 100 gold, and monks heal 2x as far.
Japanese - Free trade cog and infantry attack 15% faster.
Chinese - Free rocketry and ballistics.
Byzantines - 2 monks respawning, 3 minute monk respawn, monks +50% heal speed, and buildings 30% HP's.
Persians - Mahouts, 25 food, 25 gold, and 100 stone.
Saracens - Bloodlines, foot archers +1 attack vs. buildings, and cavalry archers +3 attack vs. buildings
Turks - 2 free Bombard Towers, 500 hp imam.
Vikings - Ring archer armor and +15% infantry HP's.
Mongols - Drill researched and cavalry archers fire 20% faster.
Celts - Free flurry spawn upgrade, Furor Celtica researched, ifantry move 15% faster, and Siege weapons fire 20% faster.
Spanish - Caravan, and trade cog carry 33% more gold.
Aztecs - Relic +33% more gold, and monks +5 HP for each Monistery technology.
Mayans - Thumb Ring.
Huns - Parthian Tactics, and Husbandry.
Koreans - 7 second mid powerup.


3 converts = Sanctity
6 converts = Fevor
9 converts = Redemption, Theocracy, and Herbal Medicine
12 converts = Atonement
15 converts = Illumination
18 converts = Block Printing
21 converts = Faith
24 converts = Heresy
27 converts = Instant rejuvenation of monks' faith
30 converts = Rottweiler (30 HP Monkey)


Good Luck to all and enjoy the game. Don't forget to garrison your relic at the start of the game, as it is your main source, and sometimes your only source of gold.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Great! A new one of your bloods! :D
Am downloading!
(am I right if I say this is what you called Z Blood before? I remember I tested it with you two before. I got the old file)
File Author
Yes, it was called Z Blood before it had a name.
File Author
Eternal Blood II Finished. File updated.
MELEE_MASTER this is a great game and everyone should download it :)
File Author
If anyone is planning on reviewing this, please wait a little while. An update is being done.
EDIT: Update finished. File ready for review.

[Edited on 09/01/06 @ 10:53 PM]

dunkin_doza Good map, only played once in 1v1 with impeached (mega idiot) during beta testing, many bugs, lol but due to impeached and SOK being good map makers im sure the map is free of bugs

gj guys

[Edited on 09/02/06 @ 11:24 AM]

SOK_He11s_Angels LOL dunkin you cant rate a map that you only played a old bugy beta one time that was played for testing reasons. Please take a look at how other maps are rated and then actualy play the final product then give a detailed rating.
File Author
Yes, doza, read some of the other reviews in the blacksmith. They have to be long and explanatory, and you can't just review off of playing once, in 1v1. It won't get approved anyway, though ;)

EDIT: Ah, I see doza's review was removed ;)

[Edited on 09/03/06 @ 03:34 PM]

Billyman After I play it a few more times online, I will get around to reviewing this. I can't give a good review with only a few games played. This is not your ordinary blood - Theres actually different ways to play the map then the standard kill, kill and get khans and win.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Eternal Blood 3 is propably the most interesting blood map I have every played. I enjoyed starting the map and checking to see what my civ bonus was, and then using it against other players. Being a multiplayer scenario, it just adds more points to playablility because everyone loves to cast spells on their enemy and convert their soldiers. The only reason this map could deserve less then a 5 for playability in my opinion is if I took into account the insults I recieved from Hells during my first couple of matches. There is always a learning curb!

Balance: 5
The balance between players is great. The map is very equal in its layout for all 8 players. Since everyone starts out with archers, and the whole map is based around them - the map creators have enabled non archer civs to compete by adding map specific bonuses for each civ. I really enjoyed having the gold bonus from the Japanese trade cogs. As a self proclaimed perfectionist, I would not have given this map a 5 for balance if I thought the map was even partially unfair in its layout. Great job on the balance.

Creativity: 5
The map was not the best part of the creativity, but thats not what multiplayer blood maps should be like anyways in my opinion. I rated the creativity of Eternal Blood a whopping "5" because out of the masses of bloods that I have played, only Eternal Blood has as many interesting strategies and spells, without becoming boring or over complicated. I have played this map about 7 times online as of today, and each time I play it, I find myself playing the map differently then the previous match, which goes to prove that due to the creativity of the designers, there is more to this map then the standard "kill, kill, kill some more and then destroy the tower".

Map Design: 5
As I said earlier, the map layout was perfect for 8 players. The bases are located at equal intervals apart and the distance to the center is equal for each player. When talking to one of the designers, I was asked to include the terrain mixing in my review. I am working on my map making skills and from my overall expirience so far - it is not easy. Eternal Blood has very realistic and advanced terrain mixing to my knowledge.

As all bloods include, or should include terrain height modifications, Very few have an actual balance of it, unlike Eternal Blood. This map has a nice blend of hills and plains which allow for more advanced gameplay.

Story/Instructions: 5
I am not one for stories, especially for blood maps, but this one is a perfect fit for this map. The gameplay is centered around that relic and without it, you will find this game VERY hard to play. I rated this category a 5 because even though this is a blood map (which in normal cases, bloods have no real story) Eternal Blood has one and it is pretty well thought out and actually works when you put it to the game.

The instructions for this map are great as well. If you need to use them in a blood map - you will know exactly what to do in Eternal Blood 3.

Additional Comments:
I can't wait for EB4. Keep up the good work!

[Edited on 09/05/06 @ 12:44 AM]

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