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Downloads Home » Best Files » ACSC06 - Immortal Prey Prologue - Eye Of The Beholder

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ACSC06 - Immortal Prey Prologue - Eye Of The Beholder

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

Enter a fantasy world of intrigue and peril...

This cutscene is a prologue and introduction to the upcoming campaign, "Immortal Prey", soon to be released at and here in the Blacksmith. Estimated release: fall-winter 2006!

Take care and enjoy!

Crasher ~ 2002 - 2006

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VonCorgath Wow crasher, that was amazing! Those lightning tricks were fantastic! I must say I'm very impressed and I was totally engrossed throughout the whole cut-scene.
If you love suspense and intrigue and even if you don't, I recommend you download this without hesitation.
Great work, and all the best!
Official Reviewer
Loved the cut-scene. It kept me in suspense all the way through. I always love your work, and one aspect that seems to stand out is your attention to characters. You give voice to everyone of them. Well done.

[Edited on 02/24/17 @ 03:40 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
'Immortal Prey Prologue - Eye Of The Beholder' is a cutscene that sets the stage for the full campaign, Immortal Prey. It has also been entered into the current AoKH Cutscene Competition.

Playability: - The playability of this cutscene is good. The designer has gone with a storybook style which, goes someway to helping keep the viewer intrigued. The game follows the plan of an assassination with four characters and a fifth in third person. There are many positive elements which all help to keep your attention.

Balance: - The balance is rated in accordance with the reviewing tutorial, where it scores highest.

Creativity: - There are quite a few creative elements in this prologue, with storms, trap doors, assasinations and excellent use of sound files. Good use of creativity with the use of sound, included throwing pebbles through the slit of a tower, opening a gate, opening a trap door and entering and exiting buildings. The creativity I feel is the strongest part of this cutscene.

Map Design: - The map design is very beautiful. There are a lot of different elements used throughout including, shoreless water with & without fish, rain and very picturesque design. There isn't too much varying of climate but what is revealed include lush forests, a well designed city, Novartis, and a swamp alongside a particularly appealing river. Good use of previously hidden units and an attractive bitmap also help map design score high.

Story/Instructions: - A good introduction screen, with a pikeman hung from a tree and instruction screen instructing the user on in-game settings help set the scene. The creator has tried to as briefly mentioned earlier, tell the story from a fifth character in third person. This has both a good and bad side, it helps keep the viewer more interested however, it also makes following the story-line a lot harder. It's fair to say there is a lot of drama and plot twists, which combined gave me a bit of trouble keeping track. The idea worked well at first, but it doesn't define other characters, whom is Lord Govela?

There are other smaller problems that I also picked up on. There are a lot of spelling mistakes throughout, I think part of the reason maybe hurrying to make the deadline and not having a chance to fully proof read the in-game instructions. Throughout the game there is a reasonable use of music, the storm music during the introduction text was good, however I felt there wasn't enough variation on the music after this which was played out over the cut-scene for a good twenty minutes.

Overall: - Immortal Prey looks set to be an impressive campaign when it is released. If the author can help give more background and introduce new characters a little more then I can easily seeing it getting top marks. The use of a third person view for the story is interesting, but only partially succeeds, with time I feel that issue could easily be refined and help the player immerse themselves in the dark fantasy storyline better.

[Edited on 06/30/18 @ 07:12 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Congratulations to the win Crasher! You made a great work here! :D
All cut-scenes seem to get 4.6 or 4.8 here. Except mine and one or two others, that got nothing yet... :(
Bultro Good, but the sounds didn't work
(could be because i played it on v1.0?)
File Author
Hi Bultro, your email is private so I am not sure how to get in contact with you.

I don't know what might make the sounds not work for you. If you've put them in the right folder, they should work perfectly. I'm assuming you extracted them to the correct folder? And when you say "didn't work", you mean that no sounds played at all? "didn't work" is a little too vague for me to be able to offer much help...

Thanks for playing ant take care,
Caridoc He probably did what I did, the first time. Every time I extract, I forget to move things out of the folder Winrar creates into the correct folder (I extract the sound files into the sound/scenario folder, and forget about it)

So, open those filders and see if the files aren't in their own little folder. If so, cut/paste them. If they're in the Winrar extract folder, it doesn't seem to work.

Anyway, this was great deffinately one of the best Cutscenes I've seen. I hope the Campaign will be just as appealing, but it will be hard to beat.
Bultro You can create archives with path info, so that people unrar into the game folder and all files automatically go to the right place...
I moved the sounds manually yet they didn't play (just the custom ones), but never mind, it was fun anyway. Good job Crasher!
File Author
I'm sorry, but I would rather not settle for "nevermind, it was good anyway..." because the sound effects are 99% of the effectiveness of the campaign, honestly.

Delete the .CPX file from your campaign folder, delete the Immortal .MP3 sounds from your sound folder, and try putting them back in. The .MP3 files should go in the SCENARIO sub folder of the SOUND folder, not the actual SOUND folder itself... If this doesn't work, I don't know what to tell you... Download it all over again? Honestly, the sounds are what make the game. I'll include the cutscene in the actual Immortal Prey campaign of course so if all else fails, download that!

I have no idea how to make the files "automatically" go into the correct folders, I've tried it before and it never worked for me. I'll stick with the old fashioned method, thank you very much!

Take care,
Official Reviewer
Agreed. The sounds make the cut-scene. It is imperative that you have them.

Once the sounds didn't work for me (aka crashed the game) and so I opened them up in Goldwave. I then saved the soundfiles again, as mp3 of course, and they worked fine in the game. Maybe you can download Goldwave (using google) and try that?
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Map Design5.0
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