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Downloads Home » Cinematic Scenarios » ACSC06 - Hero of the Day

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ACSC06 - Hero of the Day

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Entry for ACSC, production was cut short by deadline, so end was rushed...
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Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
FUN, FUN, FUN!!! Honestly, the music suited this scenario perfectly, it was a real pleasure to watch. Probably the first scenario to use "Rock" music, I would recommend you to download this scenario for a number of reasons: 1) If your a Metallica Fan, 2) A Great Pleasure to Watch.

Balance: 5
Under the so-called "rules" or "guidelines": Cut-Scenes are an automatic "5"

Creativity: 5
The creativity was great in this scenario. The begging showed "chats", which displayed the name of the designer (Dark_Reign), the Designing Team (Imperial Creations) and the Title (Hero of the Day), this was the first scenario I saw that used this trick. The "chats" were two different colours and gave off a good effect. The moving of the View was also very good to watch, for example the beggining, it moves several times to reveal the map, I think this was very "creative".

Map Design: 5
The Map Design was outstanding! The beggining with the boat moving down the river, well if you look around the Map Design was amazing, Only one downside, it was that some of the Flowers were not revealed and the grass was shown underneath, and it looked very "plain", and not much design done there, but other than that, it was a great style of Map Design.

Story/Instructions: 4
The Instructions and Story was shown in mainly in the "History", it explained all you needed to know about the scenario and the factions at war.

Additional Comments:
Well done Dark_Reign! I am guessing that this is your first scenario posted on the BlackSmith, and...WHAT A START! A very talented Map Designer, and a Rising Star in the BlackSmith, keep up the wonderful work and best of luck in the future!


[Edited on 08/16/06 @ 10:13 AM]

File Author
Thankyou very much for the exillent review ByZ! Appreciate it!

Yeah, I didn't put much effort to the Map Design for the start as it was the first thing I did which I started ealier... (There was orriginally going to be a river going through the town)

But never the less, awsome review, and thanks for the compliments ;)
Official Reviewer
Great cutscene Dark_Reign, hope all goes well for you in the contest. Rock music isn't generally to my taste, but you carried it off surprisingly well.
File Author
Thanks Julius, if you play it without any lag or anything from programs in the background (Like MSN), the music is in perfect sinc with the cutscene, giving it a much better effect, which took me te longest to do :p
Quim Divine What Metallica song is in this?
File Author
Hero of the Day, by Metallica, and the second part where it is just music, is the music from Unforgiven ;)

[Edited on 08/17/06 @ 10:09 AM]

Official Reviewer
Very nice cut-scene, D_R. I enjoyed it and loved the music. Well done.
VonCorgath Very good cut-scene Dark_Reign!
I like the town in particular, I thought it had a very nice layout. I was also refreshed by the way you introduced the story, and the fishing boat heading down the river was a very nice touch.
Well done and all the best!
File Author
Thanks for the good comments guys :)
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
“ACSC- Hero of the Day” tells the story of Robert, an exiled warrior for previously losing battle plans. This cutscene tells of how he became ‘Hero of the Day’ against the pictish enemies.

Playability: - There is a reasonable amount of replay value here. I liked the introduction view when the game starts with the credits, and the river. The cutscene isn’t particularly long and manages to hold the viewer’s interest.

Balance: - In accordance with guidelines in the review tutorial the balance scores highest.

Creativity: - There are some creative elements in this scenario, using send chats to display the intro, along with the title and authors name as a ship sails across a river I liked. The use of music is also creative, rock music is not normally used for in age of empires scenarios, however it was pulled off well here. The only problem was that where the song wasn’t edited, you had some overlapping near the end of the story.

Map Design: - The map design is good in places, however it didn’t stand out enough to be worthy of the highest rating. The best design parts I saw were the river introduction and Robert’s camp when he was exiled. The map design could have been improved with more variation of different types of tree and less clumped ‘block’ trees and more time taken on the design of the city.

Story/Instructions: - The introduction screen provided an adequate bitmap, with game settings for in-game, this was welcome. The use of send chat for the introduction was good, most of the dialogue was very simple throughout. I was impressed by the way the starting location was also the end of the scenario point with Captain Morgan and Robert effectively trading places. This cutscene I felt lacked enough background and build-up dialogue before the pictish armies had attacked the city, this would have helped improve the score here.

Overall: - On the introduction screen the author notes how he was short on time so didn’t include all his plans for the story. This could be seen in places, from the design of the forest to the straight forward interaction between characters. The use of rock music surprised me and worked quite well despite overlapping between songs near the end. Worth a look, even if you aren't a Metallica fan! ;-).

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Map Design4.3
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