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Downloads Home » Cinematic Scenarios » ACSC06 - Hero of the Day

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ACSC06 - Hero of the Day

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Entry for ACSC, production was cut short by deadline, so end was rushed...
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File Author
Thanks for the good review Car, good to see people willing to take the time to write reviews :)
Snacks4dinner Very Nice. I enjoyed the background music. Would be intresting to see a campaign "follow-on" top work =D
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
Brillaint Music!!! is suited very well, it made me want to play the game. i enjoyed the little snipit with the fishing ship at the start to create the mood.

Balance: It is a cut-scene. 5

Creativity: 4
Creative use of music once again, I thought you really brought out the personality of the characters by using the chat. had a typical storyline whcih detracted a mark but the way it was presented was brilliant.

Map Design: 4
I agree with ByZan about the river and the boat, Brilliant detail. I thought the enemy camp with the army marching was extremely effective. ( how did you make it do that?)

Story/Instructions: 4
Well explained in History but it would be intresting to see follow-up games.

[Edited on 10/01/06 @ 09:32 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the review Snacks, you can make the Armies march together by using he "Patrol" trigger and selecting a group of them ;)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Hero of the Day is an entry to the first ACSC, Age of Kings Heaven Cut-Scene Competition, hosted by Mashek in June to September 2006. In the competition, it was given a total of 104 points out of 165 possible, and ended up in fourth place.

I enjoyed this cut-scene quite a lot, and I found no bugs or anything. It played smoothly and I was able to read all the text without any problems. This cut-scene lasts for about 8 minutes and it's 8 minutes of good quality.
However, the music might be well suited for the battle and other scenes, but in some places - most often when people just talked - it seemed out of place. The Apocalyptica song later on was better suited for its work.
I'd say this is a cut-scene just above average. It has action, a decent story, and so on, but I never got glued to my chair by ut. There was simply not enough excitement to give this the top nothc score, so a 4 is the most suiting for this cathegory.

The ACSC, AoKH Cut-Scene Competition, had rules saying that the cut-scenes should be absolutely self-running, i.e. the player dont have to touch anything, just watch and read, all cut-scenes submitted to the competition has no playable elements, thus qualifying this one as a pure cut-scene.
Balance is judged for how well the scenario is balanced in difficulty. If it's really easy or simply impossible to win, it's not balanced very well. Pure cut-scenes have no balance, and so the review guidelines tell a reviewer to give a perfect score in Balance to pure cut-scenes.
So, logically, a 5.

This scenario was quite creative. At the first look I found the story a little clichéd, but it still has some unique elements, bigger than the cliché-ish ones. The songs, as said before, might not suit the cut-scene in all aspects, but in some places - such as the war - it was just perfect.
Then we have the little details. There's soldiers marching slowly forward, using zyxomma's slowing down units trick, there's the elegant title-scene displayed in coloured chats, and more.
But there's still a lot to wish for. The story's a bit clichéd, the most of the scenario is quite simple - yet enjoyable - andthe music isn't always fitting. I give it a 4 because it's good, but far from perfect.

I liked the design of the scenario quite a lot. It was dark and atmospheric, with good ammounts of eye-candy and stuff. The river looks great, but as one enters the city and the bases, it gets worse. Not that it's bad, but this is what makes the score drop from 5 to 4. The city and the bases have an overuse of flowers. Flowers everywhere. It looks unrealistic to have heaps of flowers in a military base, or next to lots of the buildings. In smaller amounts it could've looked much better, but there are simply too many of them.
The better parts of the design is good terrain mixing, good use of elevations, and varying landscape, from dark forestpaths to light city-atmosphere. I give it a 4+ because the only thing really bad with it is the overuse of flowers, else it's an excellent map.

First off: The story. The story was quite clichéd, with an unaccepted man getting back his honor. The reason to why he was thrown out of the city has been used before as well, but I dont recall seeing in in an AoK scenario, only outisde AoK stuff. But overall it was good, a decent story. The flaws would be that there's little background for any of the characters or the locations, thus making it a quite shallow story.
The instructions where good. The pregame instructions weren't all too long, but short and informative, although they could easily get better and more interesting with facts about the characters and places. The bitmap included is welcomed, although it's merely some text on a black background, it's better than nothing. The 4 sums this up quite well I believe.

OVERALL: A decent cut-scene

IN CLOSING: Although clichéd, this cut-scene is quite enjoyable and I'm sure Metallica-fans would be glad to see one of their songs in a cut-scene.
With better background story, deeper characters and such - and less flowers - this could've been higher up in the Top Rated of the Campaigns, and even more enjoyable to watch.

TheLaughingMule I downloaded this yesterday because it is in the "Best Files" - I must say it deserves it.

Thank you Dark_Reign for a fun cut scene.
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