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Kalashk's journey demo

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 3
This is the demo for my new campaign.
The levels are different to other games I have played and I was aimming for something different for people to play.

To win each level you must use your troops to defeat the different objective. Instead of building units they will spawn automaticaly at villages or towns. To get a town or village just find them for they are gaia. Some villages are owned but they may join you as seen in the first level.

The enemy spawns units aswell but destroy the building where they spawn and they will stop. Don't let your hero die otherwise you lose.

This is my first submission and first campaign.
Send bugs or ideas to
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Sir Ribbit You could make the scenarios more balanced.
Maybe make player 1 units respawn faster in scenario 3. And get rid of these mamelukes, instead make them respawn men at arms for example. In scenarios 1 and 2 add more units to player 2.
Add more gaia others units t othe map to make it look more interesting. Add sounds. Mix terrain. Plant flowers. Add water...use youre imagination. Make forest more walkable.
Maybe make a secret temple in the jungle where you could heal the units or get a monk or something...IMAGINE youreself in the scenario and then build the map.
Triggers! Learn their uses and use them all in every possible way.
Anyway its ure first scenario so i try not to bee too rough. Lol, and write a good story too.
I see potential.

[Edited on 06/02/07 @ 02:59 AM]

File Author
Thanks Sir Ribbit for your review. This was my first campaign and i'm new to scen design. I have used your tips to update the scenes and they will be posted soon.

I do know skirmishers are anti-archer but its suposed to get hard really fast. I have managed to win the last level but it took alot of tries.

With the last levels the skirmishers spawn fast and 2 at a time. A strategy you can use is to move Kalashk away from the battle so he doesn't die.

[Edited on 08/24/06 @ 06:07 AM]

Killing punk I dont feel sir rabbit left you with a reasonable review...I will give this scenario a shot.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
You really need to improve. I am not meaning to be some kind of mean guy that hates you, I only tell you what i think.
Keep training in the editor, and discover the features. Design as you think it would look in the real world
Sorry, but thats my opinion.

[Edited on 06/02/07 @ 03:04 AM]

Official Reviewer
The campaign consists of three scenarios. It is not of any common style, it is a Mix of RPS and by its spawning units best described as a massacre, a toned down, very, very slow one. The fictitious events take place in the Mesoamerican jungle; you play as Kalashk, an Aztec.

PLAYABILITY: I had limited fun playing the campaign. There were no game play enhancing features and even though the scenarios were short it felt long, waiting for units to spawn, which was too slow. One bug, the description reads, "The enemy spawns units as well but destroy the building where they spawn and they will stop", the author forgot to deactivate the looping enemy spawn triggers in the third scenario. 2

BALANCE: I played the campaign on the hard difficulty level. The first two scenarios were short and too easy, it took 3 respectively 15 minutes to win. The third scenario had some challenge. On the first attack at the desert camp it seemed almost impossible; the enemy spawns skirmishers and mamelukes against your plumed archers and camels. However, it was only a question of time as player 1 got unlimited units while the enemy blocked his spawn points. He had palisade walls around the spawn areas. The second attack was a matter of minutes outnumbering the enemy by far. Even though the third scenario took 35 minutes to win, the actual playing time was short, just waiting for the units to spawn. The scenario unbalanced to the easy side; there was no strategy involved, no micromanagement and impossible to lose the game. 2-

CREATIVITY: There was almost no creativity, just some simple triggers, a maze and a few chat messages. At least the first scenario had Aztec player names, Halnari and Holkaln tribe. In the second and third you play the Britons (blue) against the Franks (red), I played against Aztec units named 'King Philip I' and 'Charlemagne' in the Mesoamerican jungle that was not creative. 2

MAP DESIGN: The maps consisted of grass 1, jungle and a desert with cliffs in the third scenario. There was no GAIA, no elevations, and no terrain mix, still a palisade maze in the second and the camp in the third scenario to mention. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The scenario provides some hints, simple objectives like find help, kill the enemy, bring twelve units to a place, and find a way out of the jungle. However, nothing connected the three scenarios, just lined up in a .CPX with no story. You do not know why you do things. There was a conversation in the first scenario between Kalashk a Jaguar Warrior and Kalashk a villager, "Halt! Who goes there?", "I am Kalashk.", "It is as the elder predicted! Come in Halnash. We welcome you.", "Halnash?" Maybe a case of mistaken identity or does Kalashk becomes Halnash in the final version? The author did not develop the idea any further there was no further chat message throughout the campaign. 2

OVERALL: Kalashk's journey is an abandoned project.

SUGGESTIONS: Make your scenarios more challenging. Give more and/or stronger units to player 2 in the first two scenarios. In scenario 3, give more room or have an opening in the palisade walls for player 2 and have the units spawn faster for player 1. Use more GAIA and terrain mix for your maps. Write a story that connects the scenarios. To stop the spawning, trigger, condition 'object destroyed', select the respective building, effect 0, 'Deactivate trigger', the one that spawns units.

IN CLOSING: I recommend the campaign for inexperienced players.
Official Reviewer
omg this guy has my forum name :) will download though I don't expect much of a 2.0
Official Reviewer
Your forum name is Jatayu not jatyu.
Official Reviewer
I know that ;) Anyway, Jatayu is the name of a great eagle in Hindu mythology, it doesn't really matter how it's spelt. Have to agree with your review though.

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