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Huidin's Belief=-- Part I - The Siege

Author File Description
morgoth bauglir
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 2
--=Huidin's Belief=--

Part I - the Siege

Based on the Journal of Tarkai this scenario gives you the opportunity to be a regular soldier in a siege. It has one scenario and one small cut-scene.
This is the first part of the Huidin's Belief trilogy. Sorry for being short, the other two will certainly be longer.
It contains a little walkthrough, two bmp and a .cpx file.


The story continues in Huidin's Belief - Part II
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Very fun to play.

Balance: 5
The enemy wasn't too hard or too easy to fight.

Creativity: 5
Even though how badly the enemy spawned got redicilous, it was still very creative.

Map Design: 5
Perfect design, no further comment.

Story/Instructions: 3
It was very hard most of the time to figure out what to do. I didn't know where to go half the time. They should have been more clear. The story was good but the instrutions were not.

Additional Comments:

Overall it's a great game, I do reccomend you download it now.

[Edited on 05/26/09 @ 04:01 AM]

Jas the Mace1
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The game play was very good. All the triggers seemed to work as intended. I liked the point of view of the map, instead of commanding one side or the other, you play your lowly part in the war machine taking orders from superiors. That aspect alone greatly added to the enjoyability factor. This map could definately use some map revelers or flags to mark the location of your Objectives. Not knowing where to go led me to run aimlessly, desperately seeking who I need before the attack got to my area (the 2nd time was better). Commander Fisal, Commander Iliam and the Archery Commander all needed map revelers. Speaking of map revelers...I think part of the alure to your game is the rather large invasion and the repeling/viewing of it. Of the five times I played it, I found using 'POLO' (and NOT marco) added greatly to the viewing and my tactical response as well. Adding Map Revelers would greatly improve this map because it would prevent people from cheating just to be able to experience the 'whole' battle.

Balance: 5
What can I say. I gave this map a five for balance because it's truly one of the few maps out there that lets your individual game style make the map harder or easier on any setting. During the inital Objectives you can go foward to fight and help your allies to make the enemy advance flounder in the city or stay back and play it safe. During the retreat you can instantly go to the northern docks to end it or stay and fight at every corner. Any game that has balance at all three settings and puts that choice in the players hands deserves a five.

Creativity: 4
Being the only map I can think of that has a major battle where you aren't the Commander, Hero or an observer is a good, original twist. While it's certainly not the first spwaning map, it's the only one where a sucsessful retreat is the goal(all others end in victory or being overrun and losing). The defense set up around the town was good but once again without map revelers the player doesn't get to see or help out.

Map Design: 4
I like the overall design of the city. I especialy like how having multipule spwan areas puts the player at risk from both sides if he is not careful. I liked the retreat path through the mountains but I felt like there could have been a few more twists and turns to provide the player with a few more cliff overlooks down on the advancing enemy. Looking at the map with MARCO/POLO left me wondering if the upper right dock or the 'top of the cliff' trebuchets were supossed to be involved in any way. Following the intended gameplay left those and several other areas unseen(again the map revelers, or more story).

Story/Instructions: 4
The story was good but not Epic. Being a prolouge kind of means an incomplete story so I didn't mark off for that. What I did mark off for was being left in a position where time is of importance and I don't know where to go because 'I' as the player didn't actually grow up there and automaticly know where everything is. I did like the gravity of the situation. The city is being invaded and there's nothing you can do about it...except kill kill kill.

Additional Comments:
Good Points: Fun to play...player decides how to play, quick or defensive.
Bad Points: It will probably take two plays and 'POLO' to get the full effect of the magnitude of what's been provided

Great Map to Download.!!!...

[Edited on 11/23/06 @ 03:07 PM]

lord vader1
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This is an execellent map and worth while downloading... the playability is amazing and puts you right in the siege .. a bit like real life!

Balance: 4
The balance is good as the troops dont stop coming and keeps you moving around a giving orders! good job

Creativity: 5
The creativity was very nice .. the buildings and people in the fort or castle was . life like .. just in the places most of them would of been like
Map Design: 5
This is a perfect design for a fort or castle battle and is very excellently made

Story/Instructions: 4
The story is nice but could be better with a bit more history ... the intructions are very good and simple but would be better if they could tell you where the people are or the places are
Additional Comments:
A very well done map i suggest you download now everyone! (My first ever review this is... i hope it was good :) )
Map Design3.0

The game itself was wagonloads of fun: no lag, despite the huge amounts of men, a nice battle which goes on throughout the scenario and lots of other enjoyable stuff. I liked seeing the progress of the siege, how the enemy advances layer by layer into the city till a "last stand" where you retreat, fulfilling tasks in the meantime.


Well balanced for me. As there aint much more to say about this, I'll leave it thus. It wasnt perfect though: some parts were too hard/easy/required no effort or whatsoever (the docks defense part).


First of all: I have never seen something of this genre before. The scenario is held together by the main thing, the battle, in which you play one single scout (!) and have to actually individually help with the defenses, instead of preparing them all by yourself like most things. Usually also only fixed force, B&D and defend the spot scenarios include "preperations" and stuff like that, but here an RPG features it, and thats a great plus aswell.


I wish I could give this a 4, but alas, 'tis not good enough: the city, although well built with realistic defenses and some degree of primitive map design, still doesnt deserve a 4. The terrain mixing is quite weak, the buildings lack variety and the mountains, although attacked, suddenly end in an impossibly climbable cliff, which looked very unrealstic.


Now the story is the good part of this part of the review, and the instructions aren't. The story features the diary (quite original) of a solitary, very human soldier, who by a series of events ends up playing a major role. The instructions were not quite clear and didnt tell WHERE to fullfil those tasks while a usual scout would surely know that (and therefore it would be likely that it would be considered realistic to provide the player with that knowledge, too) the cavalry division resides there and there, and the archers there etc.


An excellent scenario, DEFINATELY worth the play, but with some weak design and instructions.

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Map Design4.3
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