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Adventure Series III Doran

Author File Description
Jas the Mace1
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
This is for all you B&D addicts out there...It also has some FF and RPS...You start with an established settlement, have two Heros, three objectives,several enemies and quite a bit of challange and killing on land and sea...Enjoy!!

Jas the Mace
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dantares IV This is VERY challenging. I hope to rate this once I finish it. However, that might take a while.
Jas the Mace1
File Author
The begining has a difficult three-phased attack that your already established settlement should be able to repel 'almost' without you...I just made it so it's a little more heart pounding than the usual...after that the map is a B&D; with a mix of FF and B&D that has opponents that actually attack you...there are also objectives to achieve...

[Edited on 11/09/06 @ 11:19 PM]

Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
Jas, I'll continue my tradition of commenting on your designs. Thanks again for this one, I enjoyed playing it and I definitely got my money's worth. It seemed even more epic than the others but perhaps that's just because I took it quite slowly. The end section was some struggle but overall this didn't seem as difficult as the others. It wasn't long before I was in an insurmountable position with vast reserves of gold.

A couple of points: firstly, am I right in thinking that if you don't get the brothers you can't finish the game (because you can't get the boat)? If so, perhaps you should mention that because getting the brother on the island can be quite tricky (if you click on him by accident). Now I can't remember my other point - going senile - I'll come back if I remember.

Thanks again. On to IV...
Jas the Mace1
File Author
Thanks Steven Richards:
That is correct. You need to complete the 3 brothers Objective to be able to finish the game. I played with the positioning of that one brother quite a bit. I thought I had him in a place where you wouldn't be able to see him untill after the gate was destroyed, and by that point you should be able to finish off the last enemies without losing him. If someone is playing with Marco/Polo and clicks on him to early he will die...I would reccomend reloading. I made this map to be more B&D with lots of fighting (the end is kinda Warcraft II style gameplay)

Thanks for playing and commenting :~)

Edit: Oh, I thought he was far enough for that not to happen. You still have to click him to activate him...and that turns the other heros to #1...I thought it should still be enough to defeat the last of the enemy...It's always the little things that turn out to be big...Play testing is definately one of the most important steps...As good as I am at personal testing my results are always corrupt...Because I made it myself...

[Edited on 11/29/06 @ 09:36 PM]

Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
I wasn't using marco polo. He was revealed before I'd destroyed the towers or the gate and I'm afraid he was dead meat. Perhaps if he was right in the corner...
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Adventure Series III Doran is a Build and Destroy map with lots of fighting, humour and jokes, challenging sidequests and several creative and funny aspects.
You play as Doran, a commander under a king who's wife has been kidnapped by a Highlander Priest. The king sends Doran north to retake his wife and kill the priest.
And that's where the scenario starts off...

Playability: 5

Playing the scenario is hard. Not that its hard to get it to work or to understand how to play. The scenario is very hard to finish and it takes many hours, even when you play on standard. Gathering recourses takes much time and you have to build up an army before the next wave of attackers come. This is however a good style and something I dont always enjoy. This time I did, much thanks to all jokes and things to do. The map held many surprises and secrets to unveil, a part where you played RPG, several side-quests and many comical apsects and pure jokes. Even going through the triggers was a little fun since the triggers where named after the action within them, mostly made funnier than the game would allow in itself!
So the game play is, more or less, pure enjoyment. However, the game might be too hard for newer players to win, but since that's a question about Balance, I'll write more there.

Balance: 4

As usuall, your maps are very balanced. Its hard to win the scenario and the enemy forces are strong and their attacks come when you least need them! It takes many hours to finish playing and while you do you get a few smiles on your face thanks to the jokes smuggled into the fighting and building. As it's a Build and Destroy map, mostly but with a few parts with Fixed Force and RPG, its hard to win. You must gather recourses to train your army, and even when your ecenomy is in full bloom your enemies can attack at any moment and destroy every gram of self-confidense you had! Even when you go offensive you get bashed by the enemy and have to retreat to the small base you have. These two combined makes the game hard and very balanced. Even very skilled players will have a hard time trying to win. I see myself as a rather skilled player and it took me several hours, on Standard difficulty, to win! Therefor, to sum, you're a very good designer when it comes to balancing your game.
That said, I have to bring up what made this not score 5. It is the thing I said in the Playability cathegory: it's too hard for newbies that maybe play AoK for the first time ever. As I said, the standard difficulty should be easier to suit more players than this does already. So it gets a 4.

Creativity: 3

The game does include several creative aspects, but not many or good enough to give the scenario a high rating in the cathegory.
Some good examples are all jokes that were hidden everywhere and the mixing of different game styles, Build and Destroy, Fixed Force and RPG. Then there's several all different terrain types that have good transitions to each other, desert & palms in the south, open grass and dirt areas in the middle with oak forests and mountains with snow and rocks in the north, the Highlands. Every fort had jokes in the speaking of it's own commander, like a warrior commenting his guards why they didnt do their job and commanders that go mad if you click them.
However, apart from these, who actually in game do take small place even if they come up often, there are few creative aspects. The jokes can sometimes get repetative and the terrain mixing is not always that good as in some areas.
The game has creative apsects, but they are too few to give a high score, even if the game is very enjoyable.

Map Design: 4

The map design of this scenario was very outstanding in a few places. The transitions between the different areas were often very nice and the map is filled with surprises and mixed terrain. Even plain places look good when you play and walk the map from place to place. There's eye candy, even it it's pretty sparse in some locations and some places are very empty, only grass 1 or 3 and a forest surrounding it. There is also a lack of elevation in some places. Not saying that you use to little in the map in general, but some spots look strange without some elevations. In a few places the nature is very concentrated into unwalkable forest with only grass around.
But even if it sounds like I gave you a million bad points here, I'm only referring to a few places on the map. The most of the map looks terrific and could hardly be done better, other could need a fix up but still looks good as they are, and in general the map design is high-class.
So summing it, a 4

Story/Instructions: 3+

The story is clear and it's very easy to know what and how to do things. The instructions you get are clear, but few. If you're not careful you'll go towards a certain death after only a few minutes. If you're more careful and wait for the enemy to attack and instead of going offensive immdeiately, start to gather recourses while you train a defensive force, you'll survive the first attacks easier than usuall. Its still challenging and might be hard if you just rush in and kill like mad.
The story in the game instructions is quite brief and not very detailed, even if it explains shortly who you are and what your task is. It's filled with dots everywhere and that annoys me.
But even if the story is brief and the instructions few, the jokes spice it up and makes it both funnier and more rewarding to explore the map, since you'll hear more comical talking if you do!
Therefor it gets a strong 3

[Edited on 01/02/07 @ 04:16 AM]

Official Reviewer
Hey Basse,

Below is a quote from your review,

"The game lacks a feeling like "Wow. This is something new!"

This is a definate big no, no. You should never, and regardless of what the review guidelines say, judge a game on how new its tricks or what not are. Judge the game on what it has, not if anything you see is new or not. A fair few people do this, including professional reviewers. I do not like it one bit. It is biased and unfair. Please do not come to this fault and judge on what is new (and I am not saying you have done this just giving you a heads up). Judge on what the scenario has. The review guidelines say this, that everything, from map design to tricks to story, factor into creativity. No one is to judge on what is new and what is differant. Just because you have seen things before, does not mean it is subject to marking down.

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Edited that out
Thanks Mash' :)
Jas the Mace1
File Author
Thanks for the review Lord Basse :~)

I agree the terrain isn't up to my usual level. It was the quickest map I've made and some area's were certainly lacking. I wanted the focus to be on fighting as well as allowing the player to conquer as they saw fit. I'm glad you liked it :~) I certainly enjoyed smashing it!

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Map Design4.0
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