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The untold truth

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
No Description Available
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
PLAYABILITY: The playability is poor, as you mostly walk long distances on an unappealing map, with no challenge as your hero has more than 8000 HP and over 100 AP. 1
-Boring long walks and a super hero is really what you should avoid.

BALANCE: Few enemies and you never get below 8000 HP. 1
-Let a friend play-test and if he has about five reloads, the balance will be better.

CREATIVITY: The creativity is the best part of this campaign. A relic appearing out of the water, appearing trebuchets and whenever you get back to your King, he changed location. 2+
-Three mentionable things are not enough. Besides tricks and triggers, which do not have to be new, objectives, story, map and units (no 8000 HP) and other aspects of your campaign go into this rating.

MAP DESIGN: Two towns and small paths through wood on a large flat map. 2
-You should start on a computer generated map, which you alter to your needs and by the laws of this site everybody has to give you at least a three for the map.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: A small story and instructions. The instructions were not clear, as I went first to the “ice palace”, which was actually a hill covered with snow. 2
-As your story is developing from the sword to the palace, you should have given directions.

Overall: The creativity is the good thing to mention and I guess, that the next campaign will be better, but I can not recommend to download this campaign.
Map Design1.0
For a start this campaign was pretty poor. Rodrigo says about how crap Kestrel's campaign is (despite it being much better than Rodrigo's) and this is really bad. Especially when he reviews his own work!

Creativity 2: The tricks used here are pretty old, but they appear a bit interesting. Although the king moving location got annoying because you weren't told he moved location or to where.
--Read some design articles showing interesting trigger tricks

Map Design 1: The whole level was flat with no elevation, and your forest was a bunch of impassable trees with a simple path of leaves going through it. Lots of the map was Grass 1, and when I got to the ice palace... wait, what ice palace? I mean man-made mound of snow!
--Create a random map and make a few modifications to it. Use objects from Gaia.

Story Instructions 2: There is a bit of a story (though rather mediocre) and slightly vague instructions such as "Go to the king". or "Find the grave of shang".
--Add twists and turns your storyline, and make the instructions easier to understand.

Balance 1: After completing your first objective your hero will have 8410 HP and 132 Attack. Your enemies, on the other hand, are archers with 30 HP and 4 attack, and unmodified pikemen. I never got below 8200 HP, ever.
--Decrease the amount of HP given to you from 8000 to 100, and modify attack by +5 not +111. Give the scenario to a friend for playtesting, and if s/he never loses then increase enemies HP by 10-13 for each time playtested.

Playability 1: The first bit of the campaign appeared to have an eerie similarity to the El Cid campaign. You didn't have anything fun to do, no side-quests or even any quests, nor any pop-up surprises like thieves suddenly surrounding the "ice palace" after the conversation.
--Add some side quests and give your player something fun to do and not just walk over an empty map with nothing to do.

Overall: 1.6 I can't guarantee your safety if you download this. If you see another 5.0, this is just Puneet/Rodrigo again making it look cool. But it was rather creative, the story was alright but it wasn't really displayed much. I'm sure the author can improve on it a lot.

+ points:
Bit of a story
Some trigger tricks

- points:
Map design...... map design....... map design
Too easy

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Map Design1.5
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