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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Antaros- Eternal Throes of Winter -

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Antaros- Eternal Throes of Winter -

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Antaros was once a bustling, prosperous town, until Aelred the Sorcerer, under the banner of the Franks, came along.

Aelred devastated Antaros, causing eternal winter around the city.

Crops died, and farms failed. Now, it is up to you to lead the Antarosian Army and defeat Aelred, or risk starvation and the elimination of a civilization.

Now, it's up to you. Fight or starve.

The choice is yours.

Read the Hints, History, Scouts and Objectives page for more information

EDIT AS OF 16th October 2006: File updated to be actually winnable. Now Included: Mills, Updated Age Advance system, added neighbouring friendly tribes, downgraded the security of the Frank stronghold Please download again!
-(C) Musether 2006-

P.S Thanks all for your comments, that helped improved the game and reveale a fatal flaw.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Warmaster Jash Right, I liked the sound of this as I am quite a sucker for fantasy themes like sorcerors, eternal winters and such (as you will see when my own first scenario is up), but so far I have't a clue what to do!

I am still playing, so I haven't quite lost my patience with it, but I'm coming very close.

I just don't get it, I can't advance into the Feudal Age - fair enough. But I can't build MILLS or MINING CAMPS? Additionally, I can build nothing but militia, who are considerably less effective than the pack of hunting wolves I found which up until now have been my only 'troops'.

I am getting fed up of running through a forest crammed with, way, way too many dire wolves.

I have finally found some sort of enemy settlement, but with the amount of towers there, I don't think there's much either my ridiculous lupine pack or my feeble militia will achieve!

Sorry, you clearly spent some time building a huge home city (which takes up nearly all of the map), but there is no playability in this so far.

I will keep running around with wolves until I get bored, but with very little clue of what to do, I can't see myself carrying on much longer.

Edit: also, this is only my personal view on the matter, but if you are going to choose a fantasy theme (which at first sounded cool), then I don't think it really works basing it in medieval England. I'd rather you made it up.

Especially as you claim that the sorceror is sent by Charles Martel, and yet my opponent is labelled as Charlemagne!

More work needed.

[Edited on 10/14/06 @ 05:32 PM]

Warmaster Jash Right, I got too fed up and did marco polo - this is clearly some sort of joke map.

There are no "neighbouring tribes" like the instructions say, merely a Frank camp defended by a silly amount of towers and castles - the relic in the centre - which would be absurd to break through purely with Militia - the only military I am able to build.

Time waster.
File Author
Warmaster Jash.

Thank you for alerting me to these terrible flaws. However, I have no control what so ever over the opponents, and it was not to my knowledge that the opponents would change.

Once again, I apologise profusely for this obvious and glaring error, and I hope that as I have edited it, you will redownload it.

I will, in the future, regard your comment "Perhaps make it up" as an invaluable tool. Thank you for your committing a few minutes of your time to alert me to these obvious and fatal flaws.


Warmaster Jash No problem, I think getting feedback is the best way to improve our scenarios!

It still puzzles me how you managed to write in the Instructions that there would be "neighbouring tribes" that would help me, and yet the only neighbouring tribes to be found, after doing marco polo, were Dire Wolves!

Did you just forget to create them or something?

In a similar way, surely you must have physically disabled the ability to build Mills and Mining Camps? I don't understand why.

But anyway, I might check out your changes at some point.
File Author

The 'neighbouring tribes' were, indeed, supposed to be Gaia units I placed down in the forest, hence the village you see to the west of the city, in the forest.

I did not realize, of course, that Gaia units would act in this way, this scenario being my first to use Gaia units.

Also, I disabled the Feudal Ages and beyond, thinking that you could produce troops in the Dark Ages, apparantly I was wrong.

I did disable mills and farms, and mining camps, because you weren't supposed to build farms in the city, and I assumed there would be no real need for a mining camp.

These errors have all been addressed and ammneded, so perhaps, if you want to, download the file again...

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