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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of players: 8


In bloodsport, there are 7 rounds of fighting, every 5 minutes. In between these you choose an army, by deleting units. The relic in front of a unit says it's gold price. After 5 minutes of choosing units, you have a round of fighting. After 7 rounds, the team (it's XvX) with the most wins wins the game.

It's a very simple map, almost anyone can get how to play it after a few rounds. However, there is much strategy in it. Getting an army that the enemy can't easily counter, outsmarting the enemy, and very heavy micromanagemnt.

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Official Reviewer
Watch out for that 5.0 for Story/ Instructions, Basse. Instructions maybe worth a 5.0, but the category deals with Story as well. If there was no story the rating goes down inevitably. Maybe a 4.0, or 3.0. I haven't actually played the game, or downloaded it for that matter, but just giving you some heads up. ;-)
File Author
Thanks a lot for the review, Basse. =)

Mashek is right about the Story/Instructions, though.
However, you said that this game is very, very creative, and that you have never seen anything like it, and gave some reasons to support that; yet you gave it a 4 in creativity. In Map Design, you said the Map Design is not the strongest point, then you said it is some of the best design you've ever seen in a blood, and give some reasons to support that, yet you gave it a 4.

[Edited on 12/03/06 @ 10:30 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Thanks for the critisism guys. I changed the review a little abd I hope its better now.
If I still forgot something then just tell me
Official Reviewer
You just have to be careful, Basse when doing several reviews all at once. Because, as I have experienced, your judgement keeps varying too much. You need to keep consistent with every review, regardless if you think it is only worth a certain rating.

The points MeGaIdiot brought up are worth looking into. Why give creativity, let alone map design a 4.0 when you said they are "very creative" and "one of the best designs a blood has ever had". If you are intent on keeping both ratings a 4.0 I would suggest wording it properly so that it suits a 4.0. You could give it all the positive info you wish and then conclude with "however" and explain why the category gets a 4.0. Here you would talk about the aspects of both creativity and map design for why they do not get a 5.0, what is stopping them from being perfect. You need to tell the author this as to be productive for him and so that he may improve in his future designs. ;-)

Remember that in the Reviewing Tutorial found above, the author says that you are writing this review for two people. One for the player, so that he may see if the game is worth downloading and two for the author so that he may gain something from it. As it stands the author does not gain anything from your review, except that he sees what someone else thought of it. You need to tell him all or most bugs, most problems etc. THAT is the key to being a good reviewer. ;-) Anyway, like I'd know, I fall prey to problems all the time in my reviews. :p

[Edited on 12/05/06 @ 06:52 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I've updated the review again. I didnt change the scores, but I put in more arguments for my scores, as you adviced me to :)

Anything thats wrong now? ;)
File Author
Thanks for updating, Basse. The review makes much more since now.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Thats good. No we'll just wait for Tanneur to approve it
Official Reviewer
Hey Basse, I just found this out. Tanneur said, quote, "It is maximum 3 without story". The multiplayer had no story, but had instructions, therefore it gets a 3. Retract one rating from Story/ Instructions please.

[Edited on 12/07/06 @ 07:12 AM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Thanks for telling me Mashek. I had totally forgot that! Review updated, hopefully for the last time ;)
EssenceOfEnigma was it tested? because whenever i play online, each team has its units switched with another team member.
and another problem, i just had a 1v1 and my units converted as soon as red saw me, looked like a good game, shame i can't play it.
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